Burger Shack

A massive shadow descended down rapidly from the skies and with a sudden flurry of flapping wings, the dragon nimbly landed on the ground. Rastraz carefully tip toed her way around the strange moving machines and stuck her head next to a window opening and tapped the window with her claw politely.

"Yes? Burger Shack! How may I help youuuuuuuuu.....??!" The serving girl at the drive through window stepped back with surprise as Rastraz plastered her face as close as she could to the window. "Man- manager! It's the dragons again!!!"

"I want an extra extra extra large serving of cheese fries!" Rastraz said. "Also give me fifty of those fish burgers! Please?"

Another shadow covered the fast food restaurant as Blue Thunder's large body swooped over the building before he flared his wings and landed on the parking lot. This was the only Burger Shack in the city that had a parking space large and empty enough for the dragons to land.

"WAIT!" Blue Thunder yelled in panic at Rastraz. "What are you ordering?!"

"Cheese fries! And fish fillet burger!" Rastraz turned her head and snapped at Blue Thunder. "And you are paying for all that!"

"Oh my god!" Blue Thunder blinked in shock. "H- how much did you order?"

"A super extra large cheese fries and fifty burgers!" Rastraz grinned. "That's cheap for an apology!"

Blue Thunder's shoulders slumped down in defeat and he picked at the velcro bag he wore over his harness. The bag normally would be a good size for a humanoid creature, was like a small pouch for the dragon. He shook it and heard the sad tingling amount of credit chits in his wallet before he removed a silver black card and lamented his fate, making his way to the drive-through.

"Give me another super extra large cheese fries and another fifty muffalo burgers..." Blue Thunder carefully handed his credit card over through the window to the girl. "You accept card right?"


"Lyonel!" The Manager yelled and once skin and bones boy jerked up from his cook station.

"Yes, Manager?" Lyonel yelled back as he dropped a frying ladle filled with strips of frozen potatoes into the fryer. "What is it?"

"The damn dragons are here!" The flustered Manager came stomping into the kitchen. "They want 2 sets of super extra extra extra cheese fries and 50 fish and 50 muffalo burgers!"

The kitchen crew hearing that the dragons were here and the order they made groaned. "Stop whining!" The Manager yelled. "Lyonel, that means you need to fry a twenty bags of fries! I will get someone to help you."

The Manager quickly distributed the workload among the kitchen crew who despite complaining was pretty experienced in making dragon sized servings as the dragons tend to patronize them. In a way, they felt proud inside compared to other Burger Shake branches that they can claim that only the dragons dine in their particular branch.

Lyonel quickly went to the freezer with a trolley cart they specifically had gotten because of the dragons. He started piling 5kg bags of frozen french fries onto the cart and a helper quickly helped push the cart to the frying station.

Next, he quickly turned on the unused fryers and poured sunflower oil in while his helper tore open the bags of french fries while the oil was slowly heated up with a heat rune.

The hardest part was making the cheese fries for the dragons due to the amount of french fries to be fried and the sauces to be properly poured over them. Four large barrels used to store cooking oil were used as the containers for the cheese fries. The dragons typically returned the barrels for them to be reused.

Once the fries were nice and golden brown, they were tossed into the barrel while a cook ladled in cheese sauce, mayonnaise and some chili. Another kitchen staff will pour crispy fried lard into the barrel. This process kept repeating until all four of the barrels are filled.

The burgers were slightly easier to make, meat patties were grilled while frozen fish fillets were fried and an hour later, the meal for the dragons was completed.

Lyonel helped wheel the packed food out to the dragons who were waiting at the car park. At first, when he first saw the dragons, he was frightened and in awe like many others. But over time, he found that the dragons were actually very gentle giants and at times a goofball, like now.

He recognized Blue Thunder from his bluish red scales but didn't know the red dragon's name. He saw her a few times with Blue Thunder and that was it. The food was packed into crates could be attached to the bottom part of Blue Thunder's harness.

After having secured the crates to the dragon harness for a few times before, the veteran kitchen staff deftly secured the load-bearing straps under the crates and latched them tightly onto Blue Thunder's harness.

Blue Thunder gave a lopsided grin at the kitchen crew and even exchanged a few pleasantries and jokes while the red dragon quietly sat there and judged everyone with a superior expression.

The Manager personally thanked Blue Thunder for his patronage while Blue Thunder tried to ask if there was a VIP card or discount or something to which the Manager sadly said there wasn't such a thing but he will refer his suggestion to Management.

Sighing dramatically, Blue Thunder gestured to the red dragon and they left, flying back to the Airbase where Lyonel heard that was where they lived.


Dijon, Megan, and Akron stared wide-eyed at the scene of the dragons flying away from the table where they sat. When the dragons first came, they flinched in reflex with Dijon going for his sword which he forgot he didn't carry it out, while Megan had a mage staff appeared out of thin air.

Even the quiet Akron without a weapon snatched the fork and brandished it, ready to defend himself from the dragons.

Kaga and Billy laughed at their poses and quickly assured them that the dragons were harmless. They told them that it was fairly common to see the dragons coming here to buy food for themselves or even for their crew at the Airbase.

They watched the dragons and even forgot about the appointment with their driver who came and waited for them to finish gawking. Only after the dragons left did they come back to their senses.


Draco Air Force Base, Dragon Pen

Rastraz frowned at Blue Thunder who was humming a tone while he carefully using his claws to poke several runes on the hooman device inside Blue Thunder's dwellings. She curled up her body against the wall and rested her head on her forelimbs as she waited impatiently for Blue Thunder to start the "pro-jecter" up.

Lights appeared on the wall and Blue Thunder hummed a victory tone before he crawled his way next to Rastraz and settled down into a cozy spot for himself. He used his tail to pull the barrels of cheese fries before him and happily sighed as he breathed in the yummy aroma.

Rastraz frowned and pushed Blue Thunder away from her and unwrapped her burgers while Blue Thunder slurped his cheese fries.

Music soon played from the surround sound speakers as the show started and Rastraz forgot about her irritation of Blue Thunder as she glued her huge glossy eyes to the projected images on the wall as the intro of Game of Thrones started.


The Colony, City Hall

Sherene looked at the pile of paperwork littering her table and her busy staff regarding projects for the coming spring and other civil matters. At the same time, they have to ensure that the coming Founding Day celebrates were all in order. Food stalls, performers, the parade, safety, everything had to be planned out and cater for. And also what to do should there be a change of weather, where would the VIPs sit and all that.

As the day went on, she buried herself at work till suddenly someone reached over and took the pen she was holding away. Startled she looked up and saw Blake standing there with a mischievous smile on his face.

"What are you doing?" Sherene asked, slightly annoyed. "I still have many things to do!"

"Look outside, it's dark already!" Blake shooked his head. "Your staff told me that you haven't had dinner and I'm here to make sure you eat something and not overwork."

"Oh, is it that late already?" She quickly glanced at the time and looked outside the window. "Oh my, its almost eight!"

"I told your staff to return home since it's so late," Blake sat on the side of her table. "Come, finish up and let's go out for dinner."

"Why are you here?" Sherene asked as she sort and tidied up her documents.

"Well, I finished my work and I'm free," Blake smiled before taking out a large bouqet of sunflowers from behind.

"Flowers!" Sherene happily giggled. "They look very pretty!"

"Well, I think sunflowers fit you very well," Blake explained, "Sunny and cheerful!"

"Why thank you!" Sherene tiptoed and kissed a smiling Blake.

"So what do you want to eat?" Blake couldn't stop smiling at the happy Princess.

"Slime ramen!" Sherene smiled. "And 'bar-be-que!"

"Sure!" Blake took Sherene's coat and helped her wear it as they left the office and headed down to a small shop where Sherene always ate at.


"Boss!" Sherene entered the shop and quickly. "Two slime ramen and two "bar be que" special set!"

The owner seeing the Princess and the Captain quickly came over to greet the two. "My Princess and my Lord, it's an honor to have you here!"

"Boss, why so courteous?" Sherene smiled. "I come here to eat almost all the time!"

"Hehe," The owner smiled wider and quickly added. "I will quickly prepare your food, please wait!"

"So you always come here for meals?" Blake asked as he looked around the small cozy shop, ignoring the stares of the customers as they started to whisper among themselves excitedly.

"Yes!" Sherene smiled as she helped herself to the teapot and poured a cup for Blake. "Their slime ramen is the best!"

Black grimaced, thinking back to the first time they ate slime ramen, cooked up by their own cook. "Well, I haven't had any slime ramen for quite some time."

"Wait," Sherene paused in her act of pouring tea. "I- is this a date?" She leaned closer and whispered.

"Haha," Blake laughed. "In a way, I guess so?"

"Hehe" Sherene smiled happily before she poured tea and sipped it. "Blue Thunder came down today and he was like some fishmonger wife, keep asking me about the two of us and Fleet Master Dijon."

"Ahh, I heard something about two dragons appearing at city hall and causing some ruckus," Blake said. "So what happened?"

Sherrene narrated out the whole story and they both laughed at Blue Thunder getting bitten by Rastraz, enjoying each other company. Soon, the owner returned with a clay pot filled with red hot coal with a mesh over it.

Plates of raw food appeared and Sherene rubbed her hands excitedly at the spread. The owner bowed and retreated, leaving Sherene and Blake alone. "Hehe, you should try this! This is ant meat, that is muffalo, this is claw fish..."

The two laughed and joked throughout the dinner, having a relaxing time and forgetting about all the issues and stress of the day. After the meals, Blake held Sherene's hand as they walked the streets, enjoying the night and watching the flakes of snow drifting down over the city.

They strolled happily along the streets watching the warm orange light from the street lamps cast over the city. They stood at a small rise that looked over part of the city that glowed in the dark and snow.

Blake held her hand and suddenly took out a ring and went down on one knee before asking in a serious tone.

"Princess, will you marry me?"

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