UNS Singapore, Captain's Quarters

Captain Blake smiled warmly at the image of the girl who was trying her best to explain the advances made by the Fleet Master over the video call. He felt a warm stirring in his heart at the adorable frustration she was having there and wished he could go over immediately to cuddle and pet her.

"I don't think we need such an alliance!" Sherene stormed, crossing her arms over her chest angrily. "It is ridiculous! But, on the other hand, an alliance with the Isles will help us greatly..."

Blake raised his eyebrows before asking in a serious tone, "Are you afraid that I can't protect you?"

"NO! Of course not!" Sherene glared at Blake through the screen. "And don't you dare say I have no faith in you either!"

Blake raised his hands up in mock surrender, "Alright, alright! Do what you want, but you are not gonna get married to anyone else except me!"

Sherene tilted her head upwards proudly, "Of course! You're mine!"


Blake gave a curse as he leaned back on his chair after the call ended. Damn Islander want to steal his girl? I will show him who is her man! He reached out and hit the comms, dialing for Commander Ford. After a few seconds, the call connected and Ford's saluting image appeared on the screen. "Sir!"

"How's everything out there?" Blake asked as he returned the salute.

"Seas are pretty choppy now, some of the waves are measuring almost 3 meters tall," Ford replied with a hint of static. "The Squadron is en route back to Far Harbor by tomorrow after the weather clears."

"How's the ad hoc carrier?" Blake asked next. "Can you make it back earlier?"

"The Matador sails well but is quite the bitch to maneuver, we can tank the weather if needed," Ford frankly said. "It's quite a stable platform in the rough seas. I can only pity those in the Floatin Wreck if they push through the weather. Hahaha!"

"The Matador so far works as intended to be a tender for float plane and dragon ops over the sea," Ford continued his report. "Only then the twin hull being of an inferior grade and teething issues here and there, I say this ship so far is a success."

"Good, if the Matador works as intended, we can plan to construct a few more to act as an amphibious assault ship with dragon and seaplane support in the future," Blake said. "It can also carry up to four of the PT boats, allowing us to expand the operating range of those fast attack craft."

Ford nodded, "I plan to have another large surface vessel for an additional escort for the Matador first. Just having the Floatin Wreck as a single escort is seriously overworking the crew of that ship."

"Plan your manpower properly," Blake said. "We only have so much personnel to spread out among all the divisions."

"Got it." Ford acknowledged Blake's orders. "So how did the VIPs from the Isles take to Far Harbor?"

"Goddamnit!" Blake cursed when Ford mentioned about the Islanders.

"Huh? Did I miss something?" Ford asked in a curious tone. "What happened?"

"That fucker Dijon proposed an alliance of marriage to Sherene!" Blake growled. "He has the bloody gall to do that! Asshole!"

"Hahaha what? Seriously?" Ford laughed. "Wait, is that why you want my ships back earlier?"

Blake cleared his throat uncomfortably, "It's just a show of force to the Islanders..."

"Ahahahaha!" Ford laughed harder. "Whatever you say Captain! But as a fellow officer and friend, I will make full steam back to provide support fire for you and Lady Sherene! Wahahaha!"

Blake rolled his eyes, "Just don't make it too flashy..."

"Don't worry, the men all support you two!" Ford grinned and saluted. But before the connection cut off, Blake could hear him yelling at the bridge crew to make all haste to rescue the Captain and his girl from invaders of the heart.

"What the fuck?"


Far Harbor, Civic Centre

Sherene puffed out her cheeks after the call ended and stood up from the console where the harbormaster graciously offered her his office to make the video call. That didn't go too bad, she thought. She gave a pout as she hoped to see Blake getting jealous over this matter but it seemed like he wasn't really affected much by this matter.

Sherene sat in the office for almost twenty minutes to sort out her thoughts before she snorted and left the office in a huff. "Hmmph! Men!"

She pushed open the doors and entered the reception hall finding the three Fleet Masters gathered around the coffee table while lounging on the sofas. When Dijon saw her, his normally frowning expression turned cheerful.

Sherene sighed inwardly, wondering how is she gonna reject him nicely without damaging relations between the two nations and still able to get an alliance with the Isles.

"That was fast," Megan stretched out on the sofa like a snake. She eyed Sherene over her long lashes and asked, "So what is the verdict? Are you willing to marry our dear Fleet Master Dijon and ally with us?"

Sherene looked at the three Fleet Masters eyeing her like a piece of meat and felt an uncomfortable chill down her spine. Even Kaga beside her also hissed softly as her ears and tail stood up in agitation from the intense pressure given off by three Fleet Masters.

She looked at Dijon was appeared to be flexing his muscular body at her, while the quiet Akron just sat there and quietly observed Sherene with a critical eye. "Is the only way to ally with the Isles by marriage only?"

"It's the fastest way and easiest way, of course," Megan gave a predatory smile and winked at Kaga on the side who's hair stood up on ends and she quickly hid behind Sherene. "It will also be easier for the Council and people to accept the alliance."

"I can offer you anything you want, my dear Princess!" Dijon smiled. "All the treasures in this world!"

Sherene furrowed her eyebrows and winced from the forceful way Dijon was asserting himself.

"The Empire? We can force their economy to collapse easily!" Dijon boosted. "We have our own merchants in all their markets! It will be easy to make them unable to wage war against you!"

If that is the case, why haven't you all stop the Empire in the first place and none of all these horrors and tragedies would have happened! Sherene fumed in her mind.

"I am of considerable rank in the Isles too," Dijon self promoted himself. "I have my own fortress and cartel of merchants all over the New World!"

"I promise to treat you well!" Dijon continued. "We have equal status and you can keep living here in Far Harbor and I will not interfere with the politics of your country!"

Kaga gave a snort as she heard what Dijon was offering the Princess, "That's isn't really very impressive you know?"

Dijon frowned when he heard the beast girl's retort. "Is there anyone out there that can offer more than what I can offer to the Princess?"

"Of course!" Kaga jerked her head up proudly, "The Captain! He is way more powerful and can make all sorts of amazing things! Orcs, goblins, trolls, wolves and even ancient volcanic dragons bow before him!"

"What!?" The three Fleet Masters looked at each other with doubt, thinking is there such a powerful being in existence? "Ha, you are just over exaggerating! Is he some kind of ancient hero?"

"What? You don't believe?" Kaga's eyes narrowed in contempt. "He can slay dragons and heroes with a push of a button!"

"Bah!" Megan brushed Kaga words aside with a wave of her slim hands. "You are just a little girl, what do you know of this world?"

"Me?" Kaga growled angrily, "Let me tell you how great I am! I am the former Guardian Priestess of Beast City!"

Her words appeared to shock the three Fleet Masters, "You are the Guardian of Beast City?!"

"Yes!" Kaga stood proudly, puffing her chest out. "I protect the whole Beast City but sadly the Empire invaded us with a sneak attack!"

"HAHahahaha," Dijon and Megan laughed at Kaga's words while Akron gave a twitch of his mouth. "That is the funniest story we ever heard! You? The guardian priestess? Hahahahaha! Your just a weak little cat girl!"

Sherene frowned and spoke sharply, "Enough, it is your choice to believe her words or not but you do not make fun of my people!"

Megan wiped her eyes as she controlled her laughter, "It's so funny, I guess people who are weak stays together. I don't what you see in her, Dijon."

"Princess, I can assure you that I am the most suitable candidate to be by your side!" Dijon ignored Megan's cutting words. "You need to stop having the illusion that you are strong even if you have those strange short ears people and weapons with you!"

"Stop delusional yourself that whoever this Captain guy is, he can grant you protection from the Empire!" Dijon stood before Sherene and said. "I can offer everything and more than what that Captain guy can offer you!"

Sherene looked at the serious eyes of Dijon and was about to reply when suddenly the loud droning roar sounded outside the building. Frowning, she looked out the full height windows and saw a Valkyrie hoving right outside the windows.

The power of the rotor engines rattled the glass windows as the pilot skillfully hovered the Valkyrie directly over the entrance of the Civic Centre. The Fleet Masters stood up in stupified surprise at the massive construct hovering and roaring away. The streets before the Civic Centre cleared as the Valkyrie hovered lower before settling down with the rear ramps facing the entrance of the Civic Centre.

Sherene without a word quickly left the room with the others in tow. She half ran and pushed passed the gawking workers in the Civic Centre and appeared at the front entrance steps with her heart beating rapidly. As if waiting for her to appear, the two dragons, Blue Thunder and Rastraz landed next to the Valkyrie, flanking it.

The rear ramped slammed open and two ASAG golems stormed out with a troop of heavily armored Marines marching behind. They stopped in unison with a clash of boots before a silent order and turned to face inwards in a perfect parade square drill.

The three Fleet Masters gawked like the others as they watched the perfect movement of the Marines. Dijon had met a few of the Marines before but it was the first time he saw them in heavy armor and weaponry. The strange alien look of the Valkyrie had the Fleet Masters in amazement as they wondered how this clearly man made construct could fly.

At this time, a tall figure dressed in a trench coat with a peak cap walked down the ramp with a slight limp. As he appeared, the lines of soldiers snapped to attention. Even the two dragons at the side appeared to be standing still like statues, eyeing the crowd with all seriousness.

Sherene walked down the steps of the Civic Centre, with people parting the way for her and met the short eared man in the middle of the soldiers. "Why are you here? I thought you have a lot of work to do? How did you come so fast and why the entourage?"

"How can I sit still while someone is trying to steal my girl?" Blake replied with a grin. "Well, I got you a couple of dragons and a company of Marines to back you up if someone tries to take advantage of you!"

Blake reached out and pulled her in his arms and kissed her, much to her surprise before everyone. The crowd loudly wowed and cheered and even the solemn-faced Marines cracked a smile at the scene.

Blue Thunder looked wide eye in excitement and thumped his tail happily against the harbor ground while Rastraz looked around suspiciously.

"Where's the cheese fries?"

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