UNS Singapore, Captain's Quarters

Lieutenant Tavor knocked on the hatch and entered, "Sir."

"Close the hatch," Blake replied as he saved his documents in his computer. "Sit down."

"Now, Tavor, let's start," Blake finished up his work and turned his attention to the Intelligence Officer.

"Sir, as of the past week, the Mage girl and the Hunter girl has not displayed any signs of rebellion," Tavor started his report. "We will continue monitoring their activities but I suspect that the Hunter girl might have some kind of mental block or issues."

Blake nodded, "Keep them under your eye."

"Yes, Sir," Tavor replied. "Here is the list for the executed prisoners."

Blake took a deep breath before he picked up the soft copy document. "Is this the only copy?"

"No Sir," Tavor replied, "I have the other only copy under lock and key in the secured vaults."

Blake nodded and leafed through the lines of text. "268 goblins prisoners executed under the context of being unfit for civilized duties. They have gone too far feral to be able to integrate into any civilized society."

"4 forest trolls and 2 rock trolls also terminated as they were also deemed too feral and dangerous to release," Blake continued reading. "The bodies were given to the Hospital for autopsy and harvesting of their adrenal glands."

"68 Empire prisoners of war executed for war crimes or deemed too dangerous for release," Tavor said coldly. "Also another 13 citizens imprisoned under the Sedition Act, all of them pro-Empire supporters."

"13?" Blake raised his eyebrows, "That's all? I thought we might have more."

"There are some, but most are just normal people with complaints and minor grievances." Tavor replied, "We interviewed them under the pretext of doing a simple survey and they were released."

"What do you plan to do with 13 hardcore empire supporters?" Blake asked mildly.

"Under the Sedition Act, sedition acts and speech, and the printing, publication, sale, distribution, reproduction, and importation of seditious publications that undermine the administration of government are deemed as traitors and criminals," Tavor cited the law by heart. "Such being found guilty will be punishable by death of a firing squad or life imprisonment."

"Than you better make sure you investigate thoroughly," Blake leaned back on his chair.

"Yes Sir," Tavor nodded, "As for HUMINT, I have recruited and trained several native operatives and had dispatched them to the town of Falledge."

"If all goes went, we can start seeing results in a couple of months," Tavor said. "The agents will be using a covert signal radio set for comms."

"HUMINT(Human Intelligence)?" Blake sighed, "Damn, sometimes I really wish for advanced technology with all our spy planes, satellites, and drones."

"I did take the liberty to see if we can access the two satellite survey probes that were launched before we landed here," Tavor said, "No luck. We would need a very powerful signal booster or direct laser the probes as they orbit over head."

"Then we will need to hack into their systems as we lost all the codes and access when we crashed the ship," Tavor added.

"The IT guys are still trying to retrieve and hopefully restore the damaged ship data core," Blake sighed, "But good work."

"It is my duty, Sir," Tavor replied without any expression. "Sir, I also like to inform you that Claymore One under the orders and initiative of Lieutenant Joesph has taken out a number of slaves that were sowing dissent."

"Oh, really?" Blake was surprised, "How did you find out?"

"Lt Joesph reported the incident to me and I covered up their disappearance to prevent anyone from finding out," Tavor replied.

"I see," Blake nodded, "Is that all?"

"Yes Sir," Tavor replied again.

"This meeting is adjourned," Blake stood up, "You know what to do."

"Aye Captain!" Tavor stood up and saluted before exiting the cabin.

Blake watched Tavor close the door before he picked up the stack of documents and reread everything. By the time he finished the whole report, it was late, with the ship's clock showing 2347 hours.

Blake dropped the whole report into the laser shredder, watching the paper report turn yellowish than black before turning into shredded ashes when the shredding jaws spun up.

He sighed heavily and poured a finger of scotch from his dwindling liquor store before downing it down in a single gulp, feeling his insides burning. He placed his glass down and picked up his communicator and sent a text message to Sherene.

<I miss you...>


Northern Forest, Hydro Dam Power Station

Corporal Bartley frowned as he walked towards the makeshift pen for the wind wolf family. He saw two uninvited 'guests' looming tall and imposing over the fence and one of them seemed to be licking her chops at the wolves.

"What are you two doing here again?" Bartley asked as he stood before the two dragons, Blue Thunder and the female red dragon, Rastraz.

"Erm, just showing her the sights!" Blue Thunder rumbled good naturedly. "I heard that the Marines had adopted some Wind Wolves! So we came to see!"

"Didn't you guys saw enough in the past two days?" Bartley gestured around him. "You are scaring the pups!"

"Really?" Blue Thunder gave a surprised wide eye look at Bartley as he tossed one of the wolf pups into the air with his front limbs, making the wolf pup bark in happiness. "They seemed to like it?"

"Kids..." Bartley shook his head, "But the mothers don't like it. Especially with your lady friend drooling there."

"I not drooling!" Rastraz straightened her body, posing as majestically as possible with her massive serpentine body. "I- I'm just... hot, its sweat! No! I mean... Urghh! Why do I need to explain to a meat bag!?" Rolling her eyes she pouted her large lips and turned away in a huff.

Bartley shook his head and went to check on the mother wolves who welcome him by licking his hands. He pushed away the thick fur of the wolves to check their wounds and gave a nod, patting the sides of the wolf and said, "Good, looks like you two are healing well."

"Weeeeee ~" Blue Thunder tossed another pup up, while another wolf pup gnawed at his wings.

"You don't have to worry about them," Bartley assured the two mother wolves, "Blue is a good guy."

"Hehe," Blue Thunder looked slightly abashed, "You sure know how to make a dragon happy!"

"I think you are here for the food," Bartley retorted, "Aren't you on active duty now?"

"I am to escort and keep her highness company," Blue Thunder puffed up his chest proudly, "Besides, Marine chow is better than Airforce!"

"Please don't let your commanding officer hear that," Bartley whispered. "Anyway why come here? You can bring her to the Airbase or even Camp Alpha."

"I think it is something to do with negotiations?" Blue Thunder scratched his head while using his wing to fan the puppies playing at his feet.

"They want to recruit me or something," Rastraz gave a snort, her command of English was almost magical, most likely due to her racial traits or something. "As if I am some sort of object that can be easily bought!"

Blue Thunder gave a look at Bartley and did a very human shrug. "Oh well, she wanted to stay around the country side, and agreed to keep her powers down and not burn down the forest as long as we can keep her fed..."

"So... here we are!" Blue Thunder gave a big grinned and started to play with the wolf pups.

"I think... you wanted to play and eat more than anything..." Bartley frowned at Blue Thunder who acted like he didn't hear Barley's words.

"When's lunch?" Rastraz suddenly asked as she pushed away one of the pups that tried to lick her. "I'm hungry..."


Goblin Coast, Far Harbour

A crane rumbled and the operator expertly lowered the 3" gun down over the superstructure of the Floatin' Wreck. A cluster of workers and techs reached out to grab the ropes and gently steered the gun into the No. 2 mount.

Once the gun was in place, the ropes were untied and a team of welders started to weld the gun into the deck while others bolted the mountings into place.

Commander Ford stood inside the cramped wheelhouse and watched the ongoing onboard his ship. "How long more before we can take her other for another sea trial?"

Lieutenant Grayson looked at his tablet and said, "Work is still ongoing to retune the engines, while the No. 2 gun should be installed within the hour, I say, before noon today, we should be able to depart for another round of tests.

Ford nodded, "Supplies and fuel?"

"Currently we have two weeks worth of food and water already stored in the new refrigeration holds for the crew of 85 including 11 officers," Grayson reported, "Ammunition for the guns are not loaded till before departure."

"We are currently carrying 79 kilograms of waste mana stones," Grayson continued, "These will be used for the Magic Heat Exchange System, and the Dragonite fuel bunkers are at 20% capacity."

The Magic Heat Exchange Systems uses waste mana stones that were either badly chipped or leftover parts after being cut.

"Due to safety concerns, fuel and ammunition will only be loaded when yard work and before departure only," Grayson said.

Ford nodded and turned around when a sailor knocked on the bridge door, "Sir, Air Force Commander Tommy is here to see you, Sir!"

"Where is he now?" Ford seemed surprised by the sudden visit and he gestured the sailor to lead the way. "Grayson, watch the ship."

As Ford walked down the gangway, he saw the skinny ex pilot looking up with awe at his ship which gave him a proud sense of ownership. "Tommy? What wind blew you here?"

"Ford!" Tommy turned from his gawking and grinned, shaking Ford's hand happily. "Nice ship you got there!"

"Thanks," Ford grinned back and lead Tommy away from the bustle and noise of the dry dock. "This way."

Ford led Tommy into a side office and they sat down and catch up with each other area of expertise before Tommy grinned and reveal why he came down.

"Look, I know the pressure is on the Navy now that pirates are pillaging all over the area," Tommy said, "And the proper air strip on Far Harbour is still months away from completion."

"My A/F-1 Cobras could land and take off from a flat grass field if needed," Tommy said, "So I am dispatching a squadron over to support you. I will put them under the Navy command, but you will need to pave the ground for the planes to land and take off and also provide hangers and bunkers for their ammunition, fuel, and spare parts."

"Thanks, Tommy," Ford nodded gratefully, "That would help a lot. I will get the construction crew to prioritize the basic airfield for the planes."

"No worries," Tommy smiled, "There is one more thing, I got a new experimental plane and I like the Navy to take it."

"A new experimental plane?" Ford frowned, "Why would Air Force give it to the Navy?"

"Well, it's just a simple redesign of the existing Cobra," Tommy said and he took out his tablet and transmitted a file over to Ford who opened the file and whistled.

"A sea plane version of the Cobra?" Ford looked at the plans and the specifications.

"Yup, The A/F - 1N Sea Cobra," Tommy cheerfully presented his new plane. "The wheels are replaced with hollow airtight floats, giving it the ability to land and take off from the water."

"This is still in an experimental phrase for this aircraft," Tommy warned, "So its max performance and stats are still under review and testing. But I think this will help the Navy in establishing its presence over the ocean."

"Damn," Ford's eyes glowed and he laughed, "I think the Marines are gonna be pissed, we took all the 3" guns and now we even got a new plane to play with!"

"Please don't break it..."

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