The Red Dragon stomped mightly towards the pathetic meat bags and the confused looking youngling. It gave another roar, wanting to impose its dragon fear to the lesser creatures when suddenly a few jets of cold liquid and some thick foamy substance landed on its body.

Instantly steam erupted out as the water got into contact with its superheated scaled while the firefighting foam thickly coated its body. The Red Dragon gave out a yelp in confusion as tried to back off away from the water jets sprayed by those meat bags.

It raised its wings to block the water sprays and tried to spit some fireballs out only to swallow a large mouthful of water and foam. It started to cough and splutter in shock and distaste, and in its haste, it tripped over its own tail and flopped backward in a tangle.

Blue Thunder laughed and quickly muffled his laughter by burying his head with his wings when both Pike and Stamford glared at him. "Is it so funny?"

"BWAHAhahahaa!" Blue Thunder nearly rolled around on the ground in glee, "Serves it right!"

"Alright, cease fire!" Pike roared out, commanding the men to shut their hoses off. "We only got so much water to waste!"

The drenched Red Dragon sneezed and shivered, looking like a wet dog. The surrounding temperature had dropped drastically like someone just turned off the heater. It glared resentfully at Blue Thunder who quickly avoided its glare and swallowed the laughter boiling out of his throat. "Ahem..."

"Sooo... what do we do now?" Blue Thunder whispered, "I thought we are not gonna piss it off? It looks mightly pissed off now!"

"Can you just shut up?" Stamford felt a major headache coming and it wasn't due to the increasing humidity. "You are not doing any better!"

Blue Thunder covered his mouth with his wings and ducked low, "Sorry~!"

In the meanwhile, Pike had strolled up before the wet and indignation looking Red Dragon which was baring its teeth at him. Pike looked pretty chill and unconcern, while Blue Thunder whispered in awe, "Does Top doesn't feel the heat? Is he really cold blooded and made out of ice inside?"

Stamford gave Blue Thunder a 'wtf' look and asked, "Now where did you hear all that nonsense?"

"From the Marines!" Blue Thunder's eyes were as round as giant saucers as he gazed with awe and worship at Pike. "They say he once walk through hell and fire as if it was just a stroll in the park! Truly!"

"Stop listening to those Marine's housewives gossips and nonsense!" Stamford rubbed his aching head. "Gods... you are older than all of them yet you still are so gullible!"

"But they swear its true!" Blue Thunder gave a gulp, "I even remember seeing him at the walls! He ordered those firefighters to spray their magic at one of my old wing mates! Scary!"

Stamford shooked his head at Blue Thunder's adoration and awe to Pike, thinking that Pike was just wearing an environmental suit that regulates temperature underneath his camo fatigues. He didn't have the heart to break Blue Thunder's image of his idol.

"Stop listening to gossips! Or I cut your cheese fries rations!" Stamford warned sternly.

"Oh, noes! My cheese fries!"


Pike stared eye to eye evenly with the Red Dragon and growled, "You bring the heat up again, and I get my boys to give u a nice dose of fire foam. You clear?" while he gestured to his men with the hoses.

The Red Dragon eyes narrowed and it followed the gestures of the strange meat bag to the sides were several more similar looking meats were holding on some long wiggling things. It remembered that they spray some sort of liquid and water that made it cold and wet!

It growled back at the strange unfearing meat bag, who alone stood before it speaking in some strange harsh language. Did this puny meat bag dare to try to threaten it? What insolence!

The Red Dragon braced itself back on its fours and was about to pounce again when the strange meat bag yelled something, and water sprays hammered it from several sides. It squeaked in surprise and discomfort, backing away from the water sprays before the meat bag gave a wave and the water disappeared.

Pike gave a sigh, "Blue! Go pin it down!"

"But... Sarge... I don't like getting very wet too!" Blue whined back.

"Blue... You wanna know how wet you can get when I get my hands on you?" Pike growled.

"YES SIR YES! Wait! I mean no, NO SIR!" Blue Thunder felt a chill down his spine and he quickly stood at attention, mimicking the Marines parade stance. "I go pin that dragon down, but please don't spray me too!"

"5... 4... 3..." Pike started to tap his feet in annoyance while looking at his wristwatch. "2..."

"I'M ON IT!" Blue Thunder cried out in panic and with a wooosh, he leaped over the heads of everyone and with two bounces, he landed on top of the shocked Red Dragon. "Excuse me!"

The surprised Red Dragon barely managed to resist when all 40 plus tons of weight landed on it. It screamed out in shock and pain as Blue Thunder tried to saddle on its back. "Keep still! And it will be over soon!" Blue Thunder roared as he tried to hold down the struggling Red Dragon without seriously injuring it.

"Ow!" Blue Thunder cursed as an errant red scaled wing slapped his face. "You nearly took my eye out! Urghhh!" The Red Dragon managed to squirm ontop its back. and face Blue Thunder, snapping at his face with its powerful jaws while Blue Thunder managed to pin its arms and legs with his own.

"Stop that!" Blue Thunder suddenly got enough and roared mightly directly at the Red Dragon, who surprisingly flinched back from his roar. "Stop... ?!"


When that strange youngling suddenly landed on its back, it felt so shocked that it froze for a second which allowed the youngling to force it onto the floor in an embarrassing pose. When it finally regained its senses, it struggled angrily, thinking what a disrespectful youngling who laid its dirty hands on it.

But as it managed to flip itself over, the youngling had pinned its arms down with its superior weight and roared into its face! It looked at shock at the disrespectful youngling and growled, narrowing its eyes and a rumble rose from its chest as it prepared to unleash its breathe attack.


"Oh fuck..." Pike watching at the side saw that the situation was going sour. "SPRAY THAT DRAGON NOW!"

Instantly water and foam were hosed directly at the Red Dragon's face, stunning it and making it choke as it unintentionally swallowed water and foam. It started to struggle wildly under Blue Thunder which tilted his head as far away from the water sprays as possible.

"Erm... guys..." Blue Thunder called out while holding firmly down on the Red Dragon. "I think that's enough water for the day? GUYS?"

"Cease fire!" Pike roared and strolled up towards the two Dragons once the water and foam had died down.

Blue Thunder gave a sigh of relief and peered down at the choking dragon underneath him. "I think it's dying..."

Pike took a look at the slumped head of the Red Dragon and yelled, "Blue, give it CPR!"

"CPR?" Blue Thunder looked at Pike in surprise, "What is CPR?"

"Urghh..." Pike frowned, "Forget it... Just use both your arms, put them like this and press against the chest of it." He demonstrated against the ground. "Press down against the lungs to force the water and foam out."

"Erm okay, I try..." Blue Thunder scratched his head and mimicked Pike's actions and press down hard on the chest of the Red Dragon. "HMMM?!"

"What is it?" Pike asked seeing the expression on Blue Thunder's face. It was surprisingly easy to read his facial expressions, thought Pike.

"Erm... I think its a female!" Blue Thunder appeared to look embarrassed. "Ehh... should I even be touching her... brea... I mean chest?"

"She is choking on the foam, you idiot," Stamford yelled as he came up next to them, "Force it out of her throat and lungs or she chokes to death, you big dummy!"

"Oh yes, of course!" Blue Thunder cleared his throat and went back to pressing the chest of the dragon.

"Roll her over to her side!" Stamford yelled, "Dek, grab the first aid box from Blue!"

Blue Thunder gently rolled the Red Dragon to her side, watching with mixed emotions as the Red Dragon coughed out large mouthfuls of water, foam and some blood. "Oh dear..."

"Since when you cared about modesty?" Stamford asked while he grabbed a listening horn from the first aid toolbox and held it against the heaving chest of the Red Dragon, listening to her lungs. "It sounds clear, might still have some water inside."

"Open her jaws, Blue," He ordered, and waited while Blue Thunder prised open the Red Dragon's jaws, "Massage her throat upwards, see if you can smoothe any trapped foam or water out."

"I watched enough drama to understand modesty and molest!" Blue Thunder snorted while he gently rubbed the dragon's throat, and after a short while the Red Dragon gave a mighty heave and vomited out another large mouthful of water and foam with some blood mixed together. "There now, all good now!" Blue Thunder gently patted the back of the Red Dragon. "I don't wanna get sued!"

"Phew, looks like its all expelled out," Stamford said, as he pressed the listening horn against the side of the Red Dragon which looked around her in surprise at the people and Blue Thunder patting her back. "Seriously, I am gonna ban all your dramas!"

Blue Thunder stuck his tongue out at Stamford before he gave his best dragon smile at the shocked and confused looking Red Dragon which stared wide-eyed back at them before her eyes narrowed in angry and she slapped Blue Thunder across the face with her wing and flipped him off her body.

She growled in anger and stared at the meat bags surrounding her and the disrespectful youngling that mounted her. "Filthy low blood! You dare lay your hands on me! Disgraceful!"

Pike frowned and stopped his men from spraying more water and foam at the clearly pissed off Red Dragon. The surrounding temperature was slowly rising again as the Red Dragon recovered her senses. Pike pointed to himself and said, "Pike." before he pointed to the Red Dragon who glared at his direction with hate-filled eyes.

She turned her head when one of the meat bags she recognized as the fearless one that approached and tried to threaten her with those magic water spells said something while pointing to himself. "Pi-e?"

Are they trying to talk to her? She thought. She knew of those hairless meat bags who used to offer her food and sacrifices in the past and in those days, only a handful barely knew enough of her tongue to communicate properly with her.

She glanced to the side, seeing those strangely dressed meat bags with those strange contraptions that barely gave off any magical powers but were powerful effect to suppress her fire element powers.

She also knew that she blacked out for a while, only to wake up to see them surrounding her and that... disgraceful youngling on top of her, rubbing and touching her body! As she thought of that scene, her anger flared up again and she gave off a growl at the clearly cowed youngling on the side.

She turned and look at the strange fearless meat bag who was called 'Pi-e' started to point at her without any respect in his posture and seems to ask what is her name.

"Rastraz the Red, Pride of the Volcanic Dragons!" She proudly puffed her chest out, despite the pain in her chest, which she did not know how she had gotten injured.

"Ra-taz... Rasta... Rastras?" The meat bag Pi-e, repeated and said. "Rastraz?"

Rastraz was surprised that he could pronounce her name properly after a while tries and nodded with approval.

"Good, you will make a good servant for me!"

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