UNS Singapore, Conference Room

"Output of our current mines has risen by a total of 4%, while saltpeter output has dropped by 12% as military demand for saltpeter has dropped. We are reallocating manpower from the saltpeter mines over to the mines. Estimated transfer of manpower will take roughly three working weeks." Chief Engineering Officer Gale reported.

"A third of our all our M1 Magelocks have been recalled back to the factory for retooling to the newer 6.5 mm smokeless cartridge and will be issued out to the frontline troops first, while the Militia will still use the original black powder M1s till the Marines have all switched over to the new ammunition."

"Production of the new smokeless propellant is moving smoothly, but we had a couple of accidents. Thankfully all minor injuries," Chief Gale paused and looked towards Dr. Sharon. "Dr. Sharon and my team have worked out some SOP* (*Standard Operating Procedure) and safety measures for the workers in the factory. We will also be conducting more safety courses to ensure workplace safety for all our works in the entire production sector."

"Also the new slime factory for processing slime for use as raw materials is scheduled today, at 1100 hours," Chief Gale gave a nod to Captain Blake and the Princess. "This new factory will be able to process up to 4 tons of slime daily, with more room to expand should we need to."

"Slime captured or harvested will be gutted, cleaned, sterilized, and sorted out to either as a food product or raw material." Chief Gale explained the purpose of the Slime factory to those that were clueless about its usage. "Slimes like the Green and Yellow variants will be dried and processed into food. Honey Slimes will be sterilized and milked for its nectar, while Black Slimes found in the northern swamps will be sun-dried and aired, before being processed into bio-rubber."

Bio-rubber were made by using the rubber-like bodies of the Black Slimes, stacked together and heat bonded, before been shaped into the tires, gaskets, soles, or linings and many other products. The demand for Black Slimes rocketed, and teams of hunters ventured into the swamps to hunt for the Slimes, while farmers attempted to breed the Black Slimes in their own backyards.

Blake gave a nod, "We will be there for the opening. What else?"

"The vehicle factory output currently far exceeds our needs, so I might cut its production to half, we have sufficient vehicles like trucks, tractors, buses, harvesters, jeeps, and half-tracks to support a population of fewer than 10,000 people, not to mention the need for bio rubber for tires." Gale added, "On the other hand, the market for consumer products has risen, and I most likely will focus on that instead."

"Ok, work with the Princess on what the population needs most," Blake replied. "Next?"

"Sir, I had the boys comb over the entire ship and found dozens of hairline cracks in the main structural frame of the ship," Matt said as Gale finished his report. "The ship took quite a beating when it landed, but firing the main guns finally cracked the spine of the old lady."

"What can we do?" Blake asked.

"Either we refrain from firing the guns, or we brace the main structural frame with patches which will barely do any good once you fire the guns again. Alternately, we can remove the guns and site them on stable ground." Matt listed out his suggestions.

"Give me a detail report," Blake replied, "I take a look later."

"My team has fully surveyed the shipwreck and will commerce salvaging operations in three days once the Isles's Fleet has left the area," Matt said, "We will strap and secured the self inflating flotation devices we salvage from the lifeboat and wait for high tide before we attempt to float the ship out. Pumps will also be installed to pump out the flooding in the bottom hull."

"Great, make sure the Isles don't spot the wreck!" Blake said. "I don't want them to claim it."

Magister Thorn gave a cough, "I will have my best students cast a shimmering spell over the wreck before the Isles ships can spot it. I will also be there to oversee it." Thorn gave a grin, "Always wanted to pirate a ship!"

"Hahahaha," The people around the table laughed and smiled at Thorn's joke before Blake gestured them to cool down and listen to Matt's report.

Matt nodded, "Next, Ordnance have come up with a new weapon, a simple dual purpose breech loading cannon, 3" 23 monobloc gun design using a vertically-sliding breech block, firing a 76.2 mm or 3" shell. It can be mounted on a fixed pedestal or field carriage."

"So far, tests results are quite favorable. Its range, firing at a 45.3 degrees angle, it can land a 5.9 kg shell at 7,315 meters away." Matt read off the numbers from his notes as the display screen showed a video clip of the weapon being test fired. "At an anti air angle of 75 degrees, laser calculation recorded the shell reaching heights of 5,181.6 meters."

"That's pretty impressive," Blake whistled, "Give my thanks to the team."

Matt nodded and continued, "The R & D on the fast craft is still proceeding, the team is currently testing out a 1:10 scale model, once their results are refined, they should be starting the next step of testing."

"Good, we need at least some presence in the waters around us," Blake grinned. "And with a light gun, we can at least have more firepower on the field or at sea against large sailing ships like what the Isles have!"

"Sir, why not develop torpedoes?" One of the naval department heads asked. "Won't it be more devastating against their ships?"

"Yes, it will, but we know nothing of building a torpedo, and the amount of resources we need on developing a torpedo is not worth it as it can only be used at sea," Blake explained to clarify the doubts of his people. "While a dual purpose light gun, it can be used at sea, land, and against air targets."

"Also. mounting a light gun takes up less space than a torpedo," Matt added, "A 3" gun can carry more ammunition than a torpedo launcher, and sink or damage more ships per gun than what a single torpedo launcher can do."

"All clear?" Blake looked around the table, "Good? Ok, what else do we have? Magister Thorn? Dr. Sharon?"

"Captain," Magister Thorn stood up and gave a slight bow, "Dr. Sharon and I have actually discovered something strange and disturbing about the origins of the Hero."

"What is it?" Blake frowned when he heard it was about the Hero.

"We are unsure as of now," Magister Thorn replied, "But we will like to request some help in finding out more before we release the information."

"What help do you need?" Commander Ford asked.

"We need some people to help with our research." Dr. Sharon spoke up. "I like to access HR's records."

"You need HR records?" Blake looked at Ford in confused, "Ok, sure."

"Thank you," Dr. Sharon replied. "We will give a full report once we have finished our investigations."

"Eh... ok, next?" Blake looked around the table.

"Sir," Major Frank spoke, "Search operations for the missing platoon is still ongoing, but there were reports of what appeared to be gunfire, therefore the platoon is most likely engaged in combat, I took the liberty of deploying a third platoon in for support into the area and also increase the search radius."

"Ok, keep me updated." Blake nodded.

"Master Sergeant Pike has also revised the troops' loadout to maximize their firepower out on the field after the incident with the Hero," Frank loaded up a chart on the main display for everyone to view. "1st and 2nd Battalion will be reorganized into the following, Three infantry Companies, One Weapon Support Company, and One Motorized Support Company."

"Infantry Companies will have an HQ company and four rifle platoons," Frank further detailed, "Each rifle platoon now will have an additional machine gun section attached." Previously, each platoon only has four seven-men sections.

"Each section will now consist of an AT (Anti Tank) and assistant AT, a grenadier, a marksman, a point man, and finally the section IC and 2 IC (InCharge)," Frank continued, "Machine gun sections will be a three-man team, consisting of the IC, machine gunner and assistant gunner. An ASAG will also be supporting the MG section."

"Under the Support Company, four 120 mm mortar platoons with three mortars in each platoon will provide heavy fire support for the Battalion, while the Motorized Support Company provides logistical support to the Battalion."

Blake nodded, "Looks good, when will it be implemented?"

"Within the month or longer," Frank replied, "Depending on how fast we resolve the current issue with the missing platoon."

"I like to nominate the whole of Claymore One for Silver Valor Cross, another other merit awards," Frank pushed a list of recipients and nominations over to Blake. "Also for a few outstanding Marines."

Blake nodded and looked towards, Commander Tommy, "What's the Air Force status now?"

"We lost two pilots and three aircraft from the fight with the Hero," Tommy reported, "Our current manning is at 27 F/A - 1 Cobra and 6 T-1 training crafts." The T-1 training aircraft were the original two-seater prototypes that were improved and turned into trainers for the pilot trainees.

"I am also recommending Blue Thunder and his crew for a Silver Valor and also confer them the title of Ace pilots for their efforts for taking down six confirmed aerial dragon kills." Tommy handed over a list of names to Blake. "As for the injured Blue Thunder, he is recovering well and will be flight capable in a couple of weeks."

"Next, we are working on a heavy rotor lifter," Tommy added, "We are designing a helicopter that will allow us to transport troops and supplies. The Valkyries are overworked at the moment, and if any one of them goes down, or is down for maintenance, our lift capabilities will be seriously screwed."

"Not only that, we are looking at designing a cargo plane for short haul air transportation purposes," Tommy said, "This will be useful not only for the military but also the industrial and civilian sectors in the future."

"Also, we are working on a parachute course for the Marines," Tommy gave a nod towards Frank, "It will improve our combat reach in the future."

"Great work people, good initiative all around!" Blake grinned. "How's about the civil side, Princess?"

"Rebuilding of the city is still underway," the Princess replied, "Shelters for civilians are also being planned out."

"On agriculture, we are expecting a large bountiful harvest, and with the new harvesting tractors, we do not expect large spoilage. So food will not be a problem for winter this year. Also with the trade agreement with the Isles, we will be able to start our own fishing industry which will also increase our sources of food." Sherene read off her notes.

"There has been some unrest due to the damages in the city caused by the cannons, but we managed to pacify the affected parties," Sherene looked up from her notes and said, "Issues now is the production of winter clothing."

"Matt and Gale. Can you work out a heating system to the city?" Blake asked, "Or some heating stoves for those outside the city grid? And also see if you can start up a proper clothing manufacturing process. We got like, five months roughly before its winter? Work with the Princess on it."

"Got it, Captain!" The two nodded.

"Anything else?" Blake asked.

Quartermaster Chen raised his hand up, "Sir, I have a proposal here."

"Go," Blake gestured to Chen to speak.

"Sir, the rail gun has actually left a small trail of destruction directly into the Uncharted Forest," Chen said, as he pulled up some UAV imagery onto the screen which showed the blue-green canopy of the forest and a somewhat pencil straight line of destruction could be clearly seen from the over top view. "While it is not a straight line from Sawtooth Pass to the town of Falledge, it at least covers a third or more of the distance."

"Look, what I am saying here is that we can actually make use of the destruction to carve a highway into the forest!"

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