Liz jumped as the 5mm round punched through her calve like paper, the bullet ripping her tendons and muscles and exited out to drill into the soft wet dirt ground in a spatter of bright red blood. She stared dumbfounded at the tiny red hole where blood was starting to flow out of her wound, and slowly her mind caught up with the situation.

She looked so shocked that Tyrier felt bad shooting her, and turned his attention back to the Hero who paused and had a curious expression on his face. "What is that artifact?" The hero asked.

"This? None of your business," Tyrier kept his pistol trained on the two girls. "Leave and you and your party can walk away when we are in a safe distance."

"I am really curious about those wands you have," The Hero narrowed his eyes, his normal smile no longer shown, and instead his face bore an expression of emptiness. "Well, if you don't wish to tell me, I just force it out of you then." And he charged.

"Keep dreaming asshole!" Tyrier knew that the Hero doesn't care about the lives of his party and dropped the signal for the rest to fire at the Hero. Clouds of gun smoke, thunder and fire erupted in the forest as the rest fired at the Hero who swung his greatsword up, ignoring the bullet impacts.

"FLASH OUT!" Tavel yelled a warning and tossed a flashbang at the charging hero, who brought the flat of his greatsword up, shielding his face from the burst of sudden light and eardrums bursting blast.

"Petty tricks! Let me show you the power of a real light!" Dante screamed as his ears rang from the after-effects of the flashbang, "Hear my words, thy God of the Sun! Show the might of the Sun!" And his body burst into a blinding light that was like a mini second sun in the forest.

"Ahh!" The men of Claymore One and the two girls cried out in pain as the light flare from the Hero blinded them. Loke covered his eyes with his hands and still found that he could see through his flesh to see the bones in his hand from the light of the hero!

"Back!" Tyrier kept his eyes closed, yet a light spot stayed in his vision that almost made him tear. He followed the sounds of the screaming girls and reached down as his leg kicked a thrashing body. He reached down and grabbed the person and started to drag the kicking body along. "Grab the other one!" He yelled.

A sudden force slammed against him and sent him flying and smashing into a tree trunk, cracking the wood. His magic shield flickered wildly as the damage taken overloaded his shield. Tyrier's vision slowly recovered and he saw a brightly glowing figure standing before him, with a blurry long object raised up overhead. "Ahh, fark..."


The forest in front of the advancing Marines suddenly lit up, and the Marines froze before Lt Joesph yelled, "That way! Double time! Go, go, go!"

The Marines quickly ran through the foliage, ignoring the danger of tripping over a tree root or breaking an ankle in their mad rush to the scene.


Dante smiled, "I just take your legs, so be good and stay there for me ok?" And just as he swung his greatsword down, someone tackled him from the side, sending both of them rolling over the undergrowth. He looked at who was it and found one of those mercenaries had wrapped his arms around him and shoved him away. He slammed his elbow down sharply at the mercenary, causing the person to give out a yell of pain and his hold loosen.

Bunching up his knee, he lashed out and send the cursed mercenary flying away, smashing through trees with bone-crunching cracks. He smiled and stood up, and felt something with his foot. He looked down and saw two dark olive green spheric objects rolling on his feet. And the ground exploded into flames and smoke.


Tavel coughed up blood as his laid in the ruins of the tree he was stuck in, his left arm and leg dangling in a weird angle that a body shouldn't be doing. He smiled at stuck a middle finger up weakly as the two grenades he dropped at the Hero blew up, before fading away to the darkness.


"Tavel!" Loke yelled as he saw his teammate broken body. The twin explosions of the grenades jerked his attention back to the Hero, only to see the Hero stood there remaining almost unscathed, "Son of a bitch!" He raised his M1 and fired round after round at the Hero.

To his surprise, he saw his rounds sending the Hero jerking back, and realized that the grenades must have deleted his magic shields or something. He keeping his fire up, emptying all shots in his rifle, and dropped his rifle to its sling and quickly drew his Glock, pumping all 30 rounds in the pistol's magazine into the barely standing Hero.

"Is that all?" The Hero suddenly spoke, his clothing in tatters, several bruises could be seen and his ears and nose were leaking a small trail of blood. His usual cheerful mood was gone, replaced with a chilling aura, the golden glow turning bluish as he stood up and wiped the blood off his nose.

He looked down at his mithril greatsword which had several cracks on its blade, and cracked his knuckles, as he stared down at the lone man with the thunder wand in his hands. "Die!"

He punched out, sending a shockwave that ripped the soil up and blew away the trees in its path. His opponent rolled away at the last instinct, barely dodging his attack. He threw another two punches out and charged forward, closing the distance to the madly dodging mercenary who sent several spells his way which he slapped away with ease.

Suddenly at his side, more thunder and fire rain on him, Dante glanced to the side and saw the leader of the mercenaries throwing spells with his thunderstick at him, and a wave of anger grew in him. Can't they die already?" He thought angrily. "AHHHHHHHH"

He roared out, send out a shockwave of pure energy, that sent both the mercenaries tumbling down and the girls crying in fear. He saw the leader of the mercenaries crumbled down, coughing and vomiting blood as his magic shields were unable to tank the damage he dealt out. Dante quickly turned to the last opponent who still looked back at him with defiance in his eyes.

"I will gorge those eyes out, pretty boy!" Dante sneered and leaped forward, each step sending him several meters forward, his right arm raised back, and his two fingers hooked back, ready to claw out Loke'e eyes as he kneeled down the ground.

"Fark you!" A voice suddenly came from behind and thunder roared, making Dante jerked as bullets impact against his back. He rolled to the side to avoid the spells and glared at the newcomer.

"Hitsu!" Loke cried out as he half crawled to cover, dragging his suddenly heavy rifle along. "You lucky son of a bitch is still alive!"

"Lucky?" Dante cocked his head, "I don't think so. For he will die soon."

"Yeah, tell that to that crazy bitch who tried with over 500 magic missiles," Hitsu laughed.

"Liz? Baah, useless!" Dante spat out a gobble of blood from his mouth. "Enough talk, time to die!"

"Okay!" Hitsu shrugged, "You first!" And fired his M2 at the wildly dodging Hero charging at him. "Here have a present!" He lobbed a grenade before the Hero and hopped down the tree root he was on and quickly scrambled away.

Dante's eyes grew wide as he recognized the olive green colored ball and he quickly swerved out of its way, as the cursed spell ignited, his already badly weaken shields catching some of the blasts and flickered wilding.

"You will pay for that!" Dante gave a curse and threw a punch through the tree where he guessed that guy was hiding, causing the tree to explode.

"Missed me!" Hitsu cried as he ran to another tree for cover, taking a knee and popping a few shots at the Hero. "Damn, how do we stop this crazy asshole!"




The land shook, the mountains rumbled as a presence as ancient as the mountains suddenly bore down on top of the Hero. A golden outline of an eye manifested over the skies and a warm glow covered the land. Dante laughed as the glow recovered his wounds and mana, "ALL HAIL THE SUN GOD!"

"Uh, that is bad, right?" Hitsu said as he cast a recovery spell on Loke, "We are so screwed..."

"Mortals! I, Dante the Hero is the chosen of the Sun God! I have lived for over 200 years!" Dante half floated in the air as power from the divinity filled his body. "Be proud that this is the second time, I used this spell on a mortal, and I will wipe you out, and I will find the girl and kill her and you can't stop me!"

"ONE ROUND AWAY!" A sudden loud crack and a wooooosh screamed out, and a Dante was suddenly covered in an explosion. Loke and Hitsu turned in surprise and suddenly saw dozens of camouflaged figures emerging from the undergrowth, and laughed madly to themselves. The Marines has come!


"Hit that wisecracking ass hole again!" Lt Joesph commanded, "All RPG-1 teams to mark target!"

And the RPG-1 tottling teams shouldered the bazookas and waited till the smoke cleared, exposing an indignant Hero who was coughing and waving away the at the smoke. "ONE ROUND AWAY!"

And the RPG blast rocked the forest, followed by another and another. The glowing manifestation of the Eye of the Sun slowly diminished and disappeared as the Hero was hit by at least seven bazookas.

"ENOUGH!" The Hero Dante roared, sending a shockwave out, and sent most of the nearby Marines flying away from the force of his powers. "I AM A GOD!" Only to be answered with another rocket in his face, sending him tumbling down. "Noo!"

Dante felt his powers reclining and he looked up and found the spell he cast had disappeared, "How could divine powers be matched by ants!?" He gathered all his energy into his right fist and punched out, sending a golden beam of energy directly at a team of strange clothed soldiers who confounded his eyes as they seemed to blend in and out of the forest.

"You will not defeat me!" He raised his hands to gather energy again. "I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL LIKE ANTS!"

"Hit it with the MGs!" Lt Joesph ordered next, and the gunners armed with the new MG-1 Magebreakers fired up, sending lines of tracers at the madly dodging Hero, "HIT IT WITH EVERYTHING! Kill that son of a bitch!"

"HORAAH!" The Marines let it rip, rifles, machine guns, and even an occasional RPG slammed at the frantic looking Hero. Sparks and smoke erupted all around the Hero, the force of the concentrated barrage of four machine guns, and at least 20 rifles, forced him to be able to focus on defending only.

Dante growled as the strange thunder spells were seriously draining his recovered magic, his previously recovered wounds started to hurt again and those strange but deadly powerful spells had further weakened his body and magic a lot. "STOP THIS NONSENSE! I AM A GOD!"

"Orcs smash god!" Private Onetooth had braced his MG-1 at on the head of Asagi, the spider tank and fired in a controlled burst, guiding his tracers into the path of the retreating Hero. "Wahahahahaaa!"

"Run you puny god! Run!"

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