Hi guys, just wanna share something about my health/medical condition.
I got diagnosed with two cancers during 2012, a tumor in my left lung taking up 2/3 of its space and thyroid cancer.

Went through the usual chemotherapy and operations to remove the remaining mass of tumor and my entire thyroid. Which 2 weeks after my chest op, I went back to ICU for having heart and lung infection, they reopened my stitches, re cut my chest up again, cleaned and removed what ever they forgot to take out in my chest ...

Fast forward to 2015, I got diagnosed with severe clinical depression, nearly died from overdose of sleeping pills and then ...

This year 2018 I got hit by two heart attacks. First at mid Feb and the second just a couple of weeks back and I still got 3 arteries at 60-70% blockage but the doctor is scared to touch them as they might shift and worsen my condition. (They removed 5 blood clots at my 1st bypass and 3 more blood clots at my 2nd bypass)

Frankly I am broke with all this medical bills. My insurance went over the limited, government support in the form of Medisave which I have had all gone into my hospital bills and whatever savings that I had. The current support at $79 from you guys is enough to pay more than half of my monthly medicine which I have to take for life. ( My daily cost of meds per day is the cost of 1 happy meal...less the toy and happiness... @ SGD $6++)

Therefore I am very grateful for the support you guys gave to me. Please be patient if some days I fail to deliver/post chapters up. Thanks for the support!

*** aaaaaaand my laptop have to die at this point ... have to use my workplace's PC. I am back to work aldy ...No rest for the wicked ***


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