"Heavy infantry to the front! Destroy that shield wall!" Knight-Captain Yoles of the Empire's 3rd Lancer commanded, riding his war dragon. "Lancers are to pull back to 50 paces, once the infantry breaks the shield wall, We charge!"

Cries of acknowledgment reply to his commands. He observes the battle, savoring the smell of blood and enjoying cries of fear. These damn defeated Goldrose soldiers fight well for a destroyed kingdom, but too bad, they met me and my 3rd Lancers. Yoles smiles and yells over the battle. "We are the Third! Elites of the empire! Drop your weapons and surrender, or we will kill every single one of you!" And we make slaves out of you all! He smiles inwardly at that thought.

The golden shield wall quivers slightly upon hearing his words, and for a moment both sides stay at a standstill. Knight-Captain Joles smiles, knowing that the enemy morale has dropped, he raises his right fist upwards, ready to command his formed up lancers to charge into the shield wall, even with such short distance, they will still be enough to cause enough chaos to break the wall.


Thunder and fire suddenly erupted from the rear corner of the Rosegold lines. Yoles jerked his head in surprise as his war dragon suddenly flinched from the loud sounds. He struggles to keep his mount from panicking and getting it back in control.

Pvt Drake lays prone at the pass with several of the golden boys watching him, wondering what is he up to laying there taking a rest when everyone is fighting. He ignores their stares and whispers, carefully set his bipod firmly onto the rock floor, and scans through the scope looking for targets.

He almost immediately spots a full armored soldier in blue, with a red plume on its helmet in the sea of grey armors. He smiles and checks the distance, 237m, and zeros his scope in. He places his crosshair over the target's "triangle", which is from the shoulders to the navel of the body, forming a triangle; rather than going for a fancy headshot. He calms and slows his breathing, keeping his cheek snuggled tight against the rifle stock and gently squeezed the trigger.

Knight-Captain Yoles finally manages to keep control his war dragon, he glares at the Goldrose lines and raises his fist and strikes it down, "CHARGE! FOR THE EMP-!!!"

The 6.5mm tungsten core armor piercing round traveling at 1,005 m/s took less than a split second to travel the short distance before punching through the plate mail's upper torso and into the leather under armor, before entering Knight-Captain Yole's chest. The armor piercing bullet spiraled deep inside his body rupturing organs and shattering bones before exiting out from his armpit, and tearing out a huge chunk of tissue, exited his armor at an angle before penetrating through an unlucky heavy armored soldier nearby, sending him crashing down.

"One..." Drake whispers as he sweeps for other targets.

"In the name of the gods!" Sherene and Joesph stood stunned behind the strangers who weld mighty magical thundersticks. With each boom of thunder, fire spits out and an enemy drops, sometimes more than 1! It does not seem to even care how heavily armored the soldiers are, it cuts them down like wheat! "What kind of magic is that?"

"It is as powerful as a level 5 spell! Maybe even more!" Sherene exclaims, shocked at how powerful the strangers are. The rest of the Goldrose soldiers and civilians watches in amazement, at the 8 strangers cutting down an enemy over 50 times their size!

SGT Collins and his team advanced in a tactical wedge formation, firing aimed shots into the mass of blue infantry and cavalry. As only he and Drake are marines who uses the M7 series, the rest of his team are mostly naval crew and 2 others from the security section, they are armed instead with the fully automatic 50 rounds, H&K AMP-11 Personal Defense Weapon firing 5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds.

They swept fire into the ranks of tightly packed soldiers, mowing them down in twos or threes. The 5mm FMJ rounds rip easily through the ranks of soldiers like paper, shields or plate mail that can stop a spear, sword or arrow are nothing compared to its power. The Empire soldiers cluster even tighter together in confusion, which makes them into easier targets. The blue coats seeing death coming from afar held their ground bravely at first, but as the officers and commanders started dying one by one, and with Knight-Captain Yoles death, they start to panic and slowly fall back. What kind of magic is that!

Once the first step backward was taken, more and more steps backward followed before the blue-coated soldiers turn and ran, some even abandoning their shields and weapons. Sergeants and officers screamed for their men to form up or hold their ground were picked off by Drake from afar. The Lancers seeing the deteriorating situation also turned and retreated ignoring the panicking men, trampling those unlucky to be in their way.

Cheers erupted from the Goldrose side, and some of the hotblooded soldiers even started pursuing the routed enemy to cut them down. "Hold, you idiots! HOLD!" Lord General Joesph roars at the chasing troops. "Form up! Flag bearer where are you! Get the men to form up!" He storms off towards the shield wall, cursing and swearing at the hotheaded soldiers.

Collins watch the backs of the blue coats running away in fear and felt a sense of extreme satisfaction. "Alright guys, good job!" The rest of the team started to chat excitedly and bragging among themselves over the firefight. "Ok, enough! You guys are like gossiping wives! Go police up all the spent cartridges!"

Sherene walks towards Collins and kneels down in gratitude to him and his team, and the rest of the Goldrose people also follow suit and kneels down thanking their saviors. "We thank you from the bottom of our heart for saving my people." She said sincerely to Collins.

Collins who was halfway reporting back to base, jolts in surprise as the crowd of elves suddenly kneels down to them all. "Erm... Base... they are kneeling down to me! Ah... What do I do now! Base, over?"


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