"Captain, Dog 5 is requesting instructions." Ensign Clara sitting on her console waits for Blake reply. "Do we render help?"

Blake frowns as he looks at the tactical map of the area. A large number of unknown natives has appeared over the mountains, estimated numbers at around 2 thousand. He looks at the UAV imagery, showing a group of soldiers in eye-catching gold ending off another group of soldiers in blue while trying to buy time for their people to retreat.

"Sir!" Ford looks at Blake, "I advise we help them! There's women, children and elderly in that group!" He zooms the image to the running people, even with a top-down image, clearly shows children
and elderly among them.

Blake looks around the bridge, seeing everyone looking with anticipation at him. He noticed some of the female crew have tears in their eyes from watching those people getting butchered. "Alright, do it! Tell Dog 5 to provide aid as much as possible, but do not endanger themselves! Deploy the rapid responders."

"Yes, Sir!" The bridge crew hearing his orders jumped to it with a fervor. Ford nods at Blake and smiles. "Sir, helping them will boost the crew morale."

Blake nods, but he wonders that if helping these people, will it bring calamity in the future?

Sherene shouts encouragement to her people, pushing them to move faster and into the safety of the pass. Soldiers and civilians alike work hard to roll stones and boulders to create a choke point against the Empire soldiers. She sees the rear guard doing their best to stop the Empire soldiers from advancing and losing their lives for it.

"Its the Empire 3rd Lancers!" A soldier yells. Joseph looks at the banners, 3 red slashes on a dark blue background, carried on the backs of the dragon riding lancers, the dragons look like a large Terran crocodile, with a longer neck and legs, while the snot is shorter.

Damn. I don't have much dragon lances to stop them! Joseph orders his soldiers carrying the dragon lances, which is basically a lance magically enhanced with anti-dragon properties, enabling it to pierce the tough scales and hide of a dragon, it is a one-time use weapon, as after piercing its target the magic inside will detonate, killing the dragon.

"Lord General!" A soldier rushes up to him and salutes, fist over his chest. "The magical wagons are coming our way!"

"What?" Joseph turns his attention away from the rear and pushes through the crowd to the front, he looks down the slope and sees the 2 wagons making their way up the slope. What kind of magic is needed to do that! He looks on in amazement.

Sherene quickly joins Joesph as the crowd parts away from the approaching magic wagons. As they approach nearer, she could make out the features of the people driving it. Most of them were in grey or black clothing that covers most parts of their bodies, while some are wearing a helmet of some sorts, the rest were wearing some sort of hats.

The wagons stopped several meters away from the soldiers who formed a defensive line in front of Sherene and Joseph. She pushes the men away, and stood in front and said, "Greetings, I am Princess Sherene Goldrose, we greet you, strangers."

Collins signal the driver to stop, and watches a very very pretty lady walks out from behind the armored plated soldiers dressed in gold, pointing their spears at them. He drops his jaw in amazement and was stunned for a while, in fact, the whole team was stunned by her looks. They look human, except for the color of their hair and ears!

"*********, * ** ******** ******* ********, ** ***** ***, *********." The lady spoke something and gave a curtsy of sorts. Her beauty was incredible, with a top model body, heart shape face, large blue eyes, everything is prefect!

Collins scratched his forehead and looks around, "Anyone speaks... alien?"

"Elves!" Drake half shouted, his mouth opened wide, "I can't fucking believe it. Fucking elves!" Being a gamer, he recognized distinctive features, that are so familiarly the same as in the games he had played before.

"Pvt Drake, you know how to speak elf?" Collins turned around and asks. "If not, watch the language!"

Damn, Collins cursed, how are we going to do this. Urgh, I just smoke my way through!

He leaps off the jeep and removed his helmet, and held his hands up to show that he came in peace. "Erm, we are here to help? Can you understand?"

The lady tilts her head in confusion to his words before speaking in that flowery language to a tough looking veteran soldier beside her.

"What kind of people are they? They look like us, but their ears are so short!" Sherene turns to Joseph, "Are they, enemies?" She looks at the man dressed in a weird green-brown colored pattern.

"I don't think so, he is standing there with his hands purposely held to the sides to show he is unarmed." Besides, if they have the magic to power those wagons, I don't think we can stop their magic from killing us all here, Joseph thought.

Collins points to their rear and tried to sign that they are here to help, he waves the rest of the vehicles and walks slowly to the pass.

The surrounding soldiers nervously point their spears and swords as Collins approaches. He turns and looks at the Lady and gestures again to the rear urgently.

"Joesph! I think they meant to help us!" Sherene pulls at Joesph's arm. "They are trying to go to the rear!"

Joesph frowns, he couldn't be sure what these people are, nor why are they wanting to go to the rear where the battle is. Are they friend or foe? Should he chance it? Finally, he sighs, "Let them pass, I think they meant to help us." He orders his troops to lay down their weapons.

Collins seeing the old veteran gesturing and speaking, following that the soldiers lower their weapons, he knew that they have given them the green light to pass through. "Come on you pukes! People are dying are we are not the ones doing the killing!"

His team of 7 follows him swiftly through the pass, accompanied by the old veteran and some soldiers. He noticed that the lady was following behind them too, and he wondered who is she.

As they exited the pass, they saw the battle raging on, scores of civilians were still fleeing and trying to climb towards the pass, some of the unlucky ones, slip and roll down the steep slopes.

"Alright, we are gonna hit them from the flanks! Drake, you snipe, engage all officers or what you think are officers!" Collins orders and the rest of the men formed upon his sides, armed with 5mm PDWs. "Ignore those big lizards like things, kill the riders!"

They advanced down the stone path, waving the fleeing civilians out of the way. The soldiers in gold were holding a shield wall stopping the enemy at a bend in the path, denying the dragon calvary distance to charge through.

"Watch your front, don't hit any of the golden boys or civilians! Aim for the blue coats! READY?" Sounds of weapons cocking replied back.



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