The bright beams of lights from Karl and James manage to blind the majority of the green skins as they rush into the room. They raise their small arms and hands up to cover their eyes from the bright lights shining in their face and died.

The large creature at the rear bends down and turns away from the glare of the lights and roars in anger. "Ignore that large one!" James yells as he hoses the green skins with his M7A1 crowding at the door.

Karl holsters his Glock and picks up his shotgun, he fires the 12ga. 00 buckshot directly into the middle of the group, knocking the green skins down like bowling pins. Even Kristine at the back, fires into the mass.

Similar like before, faced with overwhelming firepower, the green skins panics and tries to flee from the thunder and fire, while the rear kept the front from fleeing. The panicking green skins attacked the ones behind them that are blocking their retreat in their rush to escape the madness. The host of green skins soon turned into a rout, while the large grey skinned humanoid creature scratches its head in confusion.

It roars out again and bends down to enter through the doorway, only to meet James and Karl's fire. It topples back, with half its head gone and holes in its body and crushes the remaining green skins loitering around it.

"Advance!" James shouted. He drops and slaps in a new mag into his M7A1 and advance tactically forward, firing in short bursts at the routed green skins. Karl follows along, slotting new shells into his shotgun and supports James from the rear.

Seeing James and Karl advancing into the enemy, Kristine thought, what the hell? Are they so enjoying this massacre? But she follows grimly along from behind. Men!

"Why are you chasing them!" Kristine shouts after James and Karl, as she catches up behind. "They are running, we are winning!"

"We are forcing them to run more, not letting them regroup so that they can attack us again!" James explains. "We are putting the fear of god up their arses!" He continues firing at the disappearing backs of the green skins. "Alright, let's go before they form up again!"

Returning to the passageway where they entered the hall, James took the lead, while Karl covers the rear, keeping Kristine in the middle. They rush back towards the intersection only to find it blocked by more of the green skins.

Under the glow of the burning torches, dozens of the green skins formed up loosely in 3 rows, with the front holding crude bucklers and shields made of animal hides. The 2nd row held wooden poles fashioned into spears while the 3rd row, held bows, crooked and ready.

Standing behind them milled more green skins outfitted with all manners of ancient weaponry, from stone axes to crude swords. A particular green skin stood out from the rest. It was dressed in dark feathery robes, with a helm made out of bones with twigs or horns sticking out from the sides, and it also holds a staff topped with a reddish crystal that appears to be made out of the spine of some creature.

For a moment, both sides stare at each other, the shaman looking green skin suddenly shrieks something and points towards the humans and the green skins rushed forward screaming.

"Will they ever stop!" Karl curses, as he pumps shot after shot into the screaming green skins, sending them flying back broken.

James tried to fire at the shaman, but the shaman raises its staff and gestures something, and for some strange reason, his shots appear to hit an invisible wall. In the end, he gave up and fires at the enemies in front of him instead. Even with the tactical lights blinding the green skins, they still keep rushing and dying with no signs of breaking.

"Argh!" Karl grunt in pain, as an arrow pierces his left thigh. His leg suddenly weaken, making him fall down.

"Karl!" Kristine screams, she rushes forward and drags him backward with one arm, while her other arm fires her pistol into the mob. Karl abandons his empty shotgun and drew his G 88 and starts shooting while pushing himself back with the help of Kristine.

James's rifle suddenly locks back, he does a quick tilt to check the bolt, "Shit, I'm out." The mob of green skins just meters away from him, he drops his rifle on its sling and drew his machete from his back with his right hand and held his pistol on his left.

The monomolecular diamond blade is used for cutting trails in the jungle undergrowth, but this time around, it was used to cut down the green skins. The 1 molecular thick diamond edge, slices, and dices all that comes near James. He chops and hacks at the mob surrounding him and fires his pistol when they pull out of range of his machete, his adrenaline causing him to ignore the cuts and stabs from the green skins surrounding him.

He fought like a demon and empties his pistol into the crowd as they held back from him. Suddenly, there was a flash of light and James found himself slammed backward. He falls down and looks down at his chest armor, seeing a smoking crater on it. What? Do they have laser weapons?

James looked up and saw the shaman waving its staff around and shrieking something. A ball of fire suddenly forms in front of the shaman, and it points its staff at James. The fireball flew towards him.
James quickly rolled away, and the fireball left a scorching mark on the stone floor where he was earlier. A plasma gun of some sort?

The mob of green skins, seeing the human taking a hit from their shaman, regains their courage and charges forward again shrieking in excitement. James lashes out with his machete, looping off legs and opening stomaches, manages to clear some breathing space and he gets up to his feet and faces the shaman.

As he was about to rush the shaman, several beams of light shone from the rear of the mob, and thunder and fire rains onto the shocked green skins.

"Reinforcements!" James screams in joy. "They are finally here!" He turns and sees Karl, an arrow sticking out from his thigh, leaning against the wall on the floor, with a large stain of blood on the stone floor and Kristine with her tear stained face, trying frantically to stop the bleeding.

"Oh no..."


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