Stand in front of the viewports, Captain Blake turned when XO Ford approaches. "How bad is it?" he asked.
With his left arm in a sling, Ford held the tablet on his right hand and replied. "Not good. Lost all main propulsion systems, life support systems, warp drives, reactor B, supplies in cargo bay B and 378 crew members. The remaining 458 men and women are all suffering from some degree of injuries." He sighs and said. "We are basically a drifting hunk derelict in space."

"The computers still can't pinpoint our location? Blake asked.

"No, the computers couldn't match any of the Astro charts that we have. But basic survey sensors classed this system as having a G5 star and 4 planetary bodies." Ford replied.

Blake reaches out for the tablet and Ford hands it over before continuing. "There is no traces of radio waves or any kind of electrical signals. We are in uncharted space."

"How is life support doing?" Blake continues to ask.

"Overloaded. With the main life support gone, the secondaries are doing all they can to scrub the CO2 out of the systems. Maintenance gives 40 hours max, before total failure." Ford said.

"So no chance of a rescue as we don't even know where are we." Blake scratched the bandage covering his forehead. "Less than 40 hours of air, looks like we have to find an ice asteroid or moon to mine some water to convert."

"Captain, I think we can try surveying the planets. With a G5 sun, there is a high chance that there might be a planet suitable for us to land on." Ford reaches over and taps a few commands on the tablet. "The computer has simulated which planets have the highest chance of it being life bearing.'

"But we do not have a way to land on the surface. There are only 2 shuttles onboard, and it is not used for atmospheric travel." Blake said. "Unless we land this ship down?"

"Yes sir, that is what I am proposing. The only way for us to survive is to land with what remains of UNS Singapore." Ford nods.

"Alright prepare a plan for me to review and also arrange for an all department heads meeting at 2 hours time." Blake turns back to watching the stars.

2 hours later, in the Captain's boardroom. The seats are getting filled up as the heads of various departments arrived. Everyone has some kind of injury and looks tired as they took their seats. Blake stood up as the last attendant entered the room. "Alright, now that everybody is here, we shall start. 1st thing I want to say to clear everyone minds is, the ship is crippled and there is no chance of a rescue at all." He looks around the conference table.

The people at the conference table consist of XO Ford, Chief Engineer, Lt Cmdr Matt, Marine CO, 2nd Lt Frank and Marine Senior NCO, SSGT Pike, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon, and from Ship Operations & Maintenance, Lt Grayson. Missing from the command group is Master Chief Cobbs and Weapons Officer Yan Fey who lost their lives.

"We will start by updating each other on what is each department's situation and what resources we have left and ideas to resolve them." Blake nodded towards Lt Cmdr Matt, "Let's start with Engineering."

"As you all know, we lost the engines, warp drives and also a reactor. We are down to 1 reactor running the whole ship now. As for fuel, the forward fuel bunkers are at 46% capacity, enough to keep the ship running for 3 months since no fuel is needed for the engines." Chief Matt reported. "So no issues with power for now." He gestures to Lt Frank to report next.

"The Marines are down from a total of 28 men to 12 effective. We lost almost 60% of the platoon to the Swarm and the explosion." Lt Frank spoke.

"Medical is overwhelmed, I got over 200 with severe wounds and another 100 or so more with minor injuries and 8 in critical condition. I do not have enough beds to look after them all." Dr. Sharon said. "I need more help with the injured. Most of them are just laying in the hallways."

"I can clear the space at the forward hanger bay. It basically almost empty." Ops Officer Grayson said. "We can set up a triage station there."

"Good, that will help." Dr. Sharon replied. "I also need some manpower."

Blake nodded and said, "Ok, Ops please prioritize it. Next?"

"Damage control parties are working in 3 shifts to prevent decompression at Deck 17, 19 and 23. The explosion has weakened the ship's structure but it shouldn't be a problem. Also, we are trying to get the machine shop to fabricate some air scrubbers which will help with the increased CO2 in the air." Grayson looked up from his tablet. "If we use the emergency O2 supplies from the lifeboats, it will give us another 12 to 14 hours of air."

Hearing that, no 1 spoke until Ford cleared his throat. "I have a proposal that might help in regards to that." With that, he activated the holographic display in the middle of the conference table. "Scans show that this system has a total of 4 planets circling a G5 star. The computer has calculated that this planet," The indicated planet starts pulsing. "Is within the Goldilocks zone, which can allow life to be sustained. 1 hour ago, a probe was sent to determine if it is habitable, has returned the sensor reports. Based on the report, it is an exoplanet which can support Terran lifeforms." The holographic image of the planet expands out showing blue seas and green continents. "The computer also calculated with our current amount of thruster fuel, we can achieve orbit in 2 weeks time."

"2 weeks? We do not even have enough air for 3 days!"

"Yes, that's where Dr. Sharon expertise comes in." Ford continued.

"Me?" Dr. Sharon looks surprised.

"Yes. We can use the cryo injections which is used to keep the heavily wounded in suspended animation to slow down the crew's metabolism rate, and also power down all non-essential systems especially the general heaters. We freeze the crew and once in orbit the computer will thaw the men out and we can land on the planet."

"It might work, but I need to manage the dosage properly. Also, I need to fabricate more cryo shots. There is only so much in stock." Dr. Sharon frowns as she mentally did some calculation. "Yes, I should have enough supplies."

"Question, sir." Grayson raised his hand. "Even if the cryo shots work. We wake up all happy at the planet. How are we going to land? The SCT-200 shuttles we have are space haulers! They can't fly in an atmosphere! Even if we use the lifeboats to drop into the planet, we can't squeeze all the crew and critical supplies!" Grayson pointed out.

Captain Blake rose from his seat and said. "Lady and gentlemen, who said about landing on the planet in the first place?" He smiled and said. "We are going to crash land this baby down!"

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