Todd woke up the next morning. It was early and the red glow of the sun rising peaked through the slotted windows that adorned the rather bland room. Farm life had drastically changed Todd’s daily routine. He had gotten used to waking up early to tend to the crop. There were only so many hours of daylight and he had learned quickly that is was beneficial to make use of every minute.

Todd was filled to the brim with excitement. He quickly shuffled his way down the creaky steps to the first floor. It had been dark the previous night when he decided to hunker down. He hadn’t gotten a good look at the interior of the building or spend time getting to know his host.

“How can I help you young lad.” stated Lyle, the owner of the inn. He was a large hefty man, standing around 6’5. It was clear to Todd that this man liked his food, and would be easy to spot with his towering bald spot.

“Can I get some breakfast?” Todd asked

“What do you want to drink with it” stated Lyle “I got juice, milk, water and mead. Although I would recommend not starting your day with the booze.”

“I’ll take a glass of water.” stated Todd

Breakfast was brief and quite frankly a little bland. Lyle served Todd porridge with a slice of somewhat burnt toast. He learned from Lyle that the city was in bit of turmoil because of a lack of labor in the city. There are always openings in construction and the local militia.

The doors to adventure guild stood before Todd. The bouncers that had stopped the night before, apparently weren’t morning people. Todd opened the doors to guild and made his way to the job book. All requests were entered into the book with magic and would disappear when completed. This was a preventive measure to stop adventurers from wasting their time on an already completed jobs.

Flipping through the pages and carefully reading the different requests, Todd came across a few that caught his interest. Most of the requests in the book were fetching certain ingredients and resources for people. Todd came across many where he would have to quarry stone and bring it to a construction site. While the book highlighted that these jobs paid fairly well, they didn’t help him gain the combat experience he desired.

Todd ignored many of the outlandish request that he go and slay a mythical beast. There was no way of knowing if these things actually existed and without any information on their whereabouts Todd would spend years looking for some elusive fairy tale. He also wasn’t looking to die. No powers bestowed by a deity would protect him from a giant hydra or a titan.

Few tasks caught Todd’s attention. One was a simple fetch quest that offered a high reward because the ingredients being asked for only grew at the top of a rare type of pine tree. Todd figured this task would be easy because of his new jumping prowess. This task, while tempting, wasn’t what Todd picked since it wouldn’t give him a chance to practice his combat. He chose another promising task. Todd had found an escort task, where he had to guard a bunch of merchants as they made their way to a desolate and remote village West near the Kejar Mountains.

The only stipulations were that he wasn’t allowed to disclose any information on the trip and ask any questions about what the caravans were selling. This was fine with Todd since the adventurer’s guild always looked into the tasks they assigned. The merchants paid handsomely. They promised two gold for a month of traveling back and forth from this small village. No major conflicts took place in any of the area’s they were going to and Todd would be working alongside other adventurers that signed up. He filled out the necessary paperwork at the front desk.

That very same night Todd was set to meet his new employers and the other adventurers who had agreed to transport whatever goods the merchants were peddling. While he had just gotten to the new city, Todd decided this task was worth his time and absence from the city. While it was his goal to reach Cortinth, he had left to find work near the city. This task assigned by the guild suited his needs.


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