Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

by MDW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

 A troll wakes up in the "forest of beginning" of a fantasy world with only faint memories of his past human life and unable to speak. The human realm will spare no expense to bring down this monstruous threat. While clinging to his humanity, the troll must use his cunning and modern knowledge to survive and evade the hunters.


It is a dark age in a world of swords and magic, ruled by superstition and iron-clad rules. Tradition and conformity are the absolute cornerstones of society. There is no calendar, people count time by seasons, or days. Death, famine and vicious monsters are everywhere. People clutch in their communities, afraid of what is outside.  Here and there, a Hero rises, his tale brief like a shooting star.


Powerful monsters that drift too close to human's realm must be eradicated at any cost, or society might crumble. The Troll comitted this sin.


This "isekai' LitRPG novel is an experiment in writing. We commit to the "Adventure" and "Fantasy" genres, but it might have comedy, romance, and both dark and light tones.


Some events in this novel are drawn from random encounter generators and others are decided on a die roll just like a tabletop RPG. Things take a unpredictable tone!


Non constructive / offensive comments may be deleted without previous warning.


Daily Updates: One each monday through friday, two on saturday and sunday.


As of september, the updates will be every even-numbered day.


Cover Credits: "Ett gammalt bergtroll" - John Bauer, 1904 (with modifications)

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Table of Contents
205 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Troll and the Beginner's Forest: I met an angel. ago
Intermission: Reincarnation is a tough business. ago
Troll and First Battle ago
Troll and Language ago
Troll and Status ago
Troll and Campsite ago
Trol and Clothes ago
Troll and Ambush ago
Intermission: Angel's World I ago
Angel and Troll ago
Troll and Flight ago
Intermission: Sniper's Anguish ago
Intermission: Town's Savior ago
Arc 1: Forest of Beginning Status Page ago
Bonus: Regarding the social stigma of Helen ago
Troll and Survival ago
Troll and Gear ago
Troll and Naga ago
Troll and Monkey ago
Troll and Crate ago
Angel and Prison ago
Adventurer's Worries ago
Intermission: Angel's World II ago
Angel and Will ago
Adventurer's Awakening ago
Intermission: Angel's World III ago
Adventurer's Struggle ago
Troll and Power ago
Troll and Bro ago
Troll and King ago
Angel and Visitor ago
Troll and Community ago
Adventurer's Missions ago
Interlude: Snake's Ribbon ago
Troll and Assault ago
Angel and Shelter ago
Adventurer's Homecoming ago
Angel and Siege ago
Escape ago
Hunger ago
Arc 2: Equinox Stats Page ago
Hero's Resurgence ago
Hero's Justice ago
Hero's Audience ago
Angel and Newcomer ago
Angel and Interview ago
Angel and Holiday ago
Hero's Dilemma ago
Troll and Conference ago
Troll and Boots ago
Troll and Picnic ago
Troll and Tactics ago
Troll and Meta ago
Troll and Jekyll ago
Troll and Vault ago
Reunion ago
Arc 3: Reunion Stats Page. ago
Regarding Jobs at the Adventurer's Guild ago
Intermission: How to screw up a reincarnation. ago
Troll and Scolding ago
Troll and Chalice ago
Troll and Crystal ago
Troll and Cherub ago
Troll and Trip ago
Troll and Guild ago
Troll and Contract ago
Troll and Engagement ago
Troll and Tour ago
Troll and Duel ago
Troll and Reward ago
Not a chapter: Technical Issues and world map. ago
Troll and Guildmaster ago
Unlocked! ago
Arc 4: Unlocked stats page. ago
Intermission: Devil's Rebellion ago
Interlude: Magician's Apprentice ago
Troll and Readiness ago
Troll and Spittlebug ago
Troll and Bugland ago
Troll and Teaching ago
Troll and Foyer ago
Troll and Pet ago
Troll and Pillbug ago
Troll and Descent ago
Troll and Terror ago
Troll and Hive ago
Dungeon Crawlers ago
Not a chapter: Finally, the map. ago
Arc 5: Dungeon Crawlers Status page ago
Troll and Town Life: Merchant ago
Troll and Town Life: Parade ago
Troll and Town Life: Report ago
Troll and Town Life: Steam ago
Troll and Town Life: Family ago
Intermission: Seraph's Suspicions ago
Troll and Town Life: Shopping ago
Troll and Town Life: Souvenirs ago
Arc 6: Town Life Stats Page ago
Interlude: The big book of jobs ago
Intermission: Lecture on Stat Points ago
Troll and Homesickness: Road ago
Intermission: Sleepless Night and Skill Evolution. ago
Troll and Homesickness: Submission ago
Troll and Homesickness: Scouts ago
Troll and Homesickness: Awakening ago
Troll and Homesickness: Prejudice ago
Troll and Homesickness: Thieves ago
Intermission: Angel and Resistance ago
Troll and Homesickness: Giants ago
Troll and Homesickness: Passage ago
Troll and Homesickness: Return ago
Troll and Homesickness: Curse ago
Troll and Homesickness: Pledge ago
Troll and Homesickness: Meddler ago
Arc 7: Troll and Homesickness Status Page ago
Intermission: Who cares about rank? ago
Intermission: Roster of the Seraph ago
Cast of Characters ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Candidate ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Initiation ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Return ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Tycoon ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Foundations ago
LitRPG: Job Compendium. ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Chains ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Patrol ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Exploit ago
Not a chapter: NaNoWriMo entry ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Underground ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Undercover ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Kidnapping ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Cap ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Choices ago
Troll and Monster Settlement: Nobility ago
Arc 8: Troll and Monster Settlement Status page ago
Troll and Insurrection: Prison ago
Troll and Insurrection: Mother's Skin ago
Troll and Insurrection: Evacuation ago
Troll and Insurrection: Daughter's Skin ago
Troll and Insurrection: Viscount ago
Troll and Insurrection: Madman ago
Troll and Insurrection: Duel ago
Not a chapter: John Bauer's Death Centenary Celebration ago
Troll and Insurrection: Wrong Reasons ago
Side story: Alice in Monsterland I ago
Side story: Alice in Monsterland II ago
Side story: Alice in Monsterland III ago
Troll and Insurrection: Evolution ago
Troll and Insurrection: Conquest ago
Arc 9: Troll and Insurrection Status Page ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Recruitment ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Defense ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Aftermath ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Mourning ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Payback ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: That ancient tradition nobody respects. ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: G.T.W. ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Promoted ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Bombardment ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Dungeon ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: Spoils ago
Intermission: After-Evolution Skill Update ago
Troll and the Battle Spring: New Friend ago
Arc 10: Troll and The Battle Spring Status Page ago
Troll and The Three Realms: First Contact ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Second Contact ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Guerrilla ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Capital ago
Intermission: Threat assessment ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Best laid plans... ago
Troll and The Three Realms: About Time ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Not Again ago
Troll and The Three Realms: 400% (part 1) ago
Troll and The Three Realms: 400% (part 2) ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Interloper ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Exposed ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Negotiation ago
Troll and The Three Realms: Interviews ago
Arc 11: Troll and The Three Realms status page ago
Troll and Loose Ends: It's the fourth ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Little Star ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Contractor ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Retry ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Scapegoat ago
No sympathy ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Rescue ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Drafting ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Builder ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Legendary ago
Troll and Loose Ends: LFG ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Bro Time ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Ultimatum ago
Troll and Loose Ends: Wrapping up ago
Arc 12: Troll and Loose Ends Status Page ago
Arc 13 Ch 1 - Angel and Siege: Wavering Viscountess ago
Not a Chapter: 100% money back guarantee. ago
Arc 13 Ch 2 - Angel and Siege - Mandatory Mulan Theme Song Reference ago
Arc 13 ch 3 - Angel and Siege: Coming Together ago
Arc 13 Ch 4 - Angel and Siege: Collapse ago
Arc 13, Ch 5 - Angel and Siege: Explorers ago
Arc 13, Ch 6 - Angel and Siege: First Contact ago
Arc 13, Ch 7 - Angel and Siege: Night Proclivity ago
Arc 13, Ch 8 - Angel and Siege: Elemental Fury ago
Arc 13, Interlude 1 - Angel and Siege: Meanwhile, in Heorot's punitive expedition ago
NOT A CHAPTER - Sorry, Royal Road's new Dashboard made me screw it up again. ago

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starts off great but goes quickly downhill

Started off good and remained but as soon he gained a human body it becomes utter shxt. All the cool monster stuff stops, alll the cool combat stops, the world lore stops, the interesting side character povs stops. The monster camp building stops. Monster life stops. Everything that made it fun interesting and unique stops and it becomes a very shit take about an OP boy travelling with two dense babes. The originally powerful girls with their own personalities and developments become nothing but boobs on legs for the MC’s greatness. Trash.

The 2.5 stars are for the first half of the story, which was fun and a decent read. It’s almost like two stories in one. The human transformation ruins it & it becomes shit

The Spectator

Read 161 chps. There is too much plot armor. The whole being a troll is irrelevant after 20chps. Now its all about stat ginding to a stupid degree. No tension or surprise, only a story with subpar scenes. A lot of cool things were left unfulfilled. He ditches the dungeon, his seals go 30+ chps with out mention and the village building was pointless. This novel isn't bad, only needs a solid plot to follow; along with less status screens and constant character pages. He posted around 100pg worth of these info dumps breaking emersion. If the author figures out what story he wants to make, would give the book more depth.

Rate: 3.7


the beginning was really good but it dropped really hard at the point where our main character is able to transform into a human, it takes the complete "monster tag" away, its just now boring and the same as every other average novel


Overall it's worth a read, but has many ups and downs in writing quality. Also, quite a few typos and grammar problems.


Entertaining and has potential

I find the story entertaining and it has potential to be a cool world being created.

The quality of the writing, the grammar, etc. is lacking.  It seems to be improving a bit and that is part of why RRL exists so authors can learn and experiment so I don't really want to tear into the author with criticisms of those aspects.

If you are any sort of grammar nazi or technical snob this is not the story for you.  If you like sampling various litrpg stories then you might well find this worth reading.


I like the story... 

I do.

It is just that the Author frequently goes on extended tangents.

It honestly feels like there are more story and depth to the side characters than the MC.

Probably because there are just as many side character/POV chapters as there are MC chapters... the story is getting dull with the incessant tangents.


Starts well, develops poorly.

Started out okay, but the grammar goes downhill pretty fast, and ends up being bad enough to put me off reading further (as of Troll and Jekyll).

Start of the story was good, but the constant change of viewpoint and change of focus from monster with a conscience to basically just a pervy human with OP skills. Basically a complete 180 on what the story was originally about to become the standard isekai LITRPG with nothing new to add.


Amazing begin, but now At  "troll and trip" (chapter ~50) I have a felling as if the author care much less. First the grimdark tag just have no reason to exist anymore, the humanization skill is boring-> à bit of interest with the "cost" of said skill (death) but totally irrevelant thanks to the chapter with the intelligent orb of light. And for the last our MC say way too lightly that he is human from earth it's boring, frustrating, enerving can the author try to rely less on "im reincarnated so problem solved"

If you like to read story with a monster taking the hate/discrimination of the society, exploring the world in being something else than a human than the beginning of this story is for you but not the rest for now




My views on novels are kinda stereotypical, but a lot of other people have the same views. Bear that in mind.


The writing was good, no obvious mistakes or errors. That’s a good sign. But the author, for whatever reason, has a weird fixation on changing POVs. I mean from where I read up to, there were maybe 3ish chapters before a POV change. Half the time, it was just giving the same scene but with different people, which I find to be pointless.


The big controversial bit was the weird and once again pointless torture scene. I don’t know how many people would stop reading at this point, but it’s atleast one. The townsfolk were just a cliché which was unnecessary, with the whole ‘tainted’ thing and being disgusted without verifying anything. This was the first major hole, which I had just about been fine with, until... Another fucking POV change. I had to stop because the story was taking one step forward and then, having another character take the exact same step forward. And then another character taking the step forward. 



Overall, not unreadable. But, if you are like me and don’t like a massive amount of POVs which do nothing for the story I recommend you don’t bother reading. 


Also so why there a ‘multiple POVs’ tag?

Matthew Nielsen

A burgeoning LitRPG from a new Writer

The story has an interesting dynamic between monters and humans. The plot regarding the humans provides a good side element to push the story where I think you want it to go. The recent direction following the end of the first town has left me uninterested.

I'll be honest the grammer is not good along with occasional misspellings in the middle chapters. While at other parts the grammer seems more than decent. The biggest crime of the bad grammar is that it detracts reader understanding from the some of the characters when you are trying to express their thoughts.

Lastly, the character score for the story would naturally be low, as I am sure you know, but you wrote the story for the fun of it and the enthusiam shows through some of the character actions. In addition, there is good development between the troll and the other monsters. However, the interactions involving humans need some work and could benefit from better writing in grammar, comprehension, and motivation to better depict them.