"Let's do it!"Black cracked his knuckles. Letting go of Black the two shameless men walked towards the couple with the intention of ruining their youthful moment.

"Fool, do you really think we have time to play around?" Frey asked as he pressed his hand on Black's arm.

Turning back to face the familiar voice Black replied with a solemn tone "We may be out of time, but Frey, my brother. This is a hundred times more important. It affects the very nature of me as a man."

"But you're not a human, though," Frey whispered.

"Human or demon beast it doesn't matter. When something like this is happening even the male Wendigo would show this fool. Although it would be a very brutal show. Okay, I take that point back."Black shivered up a bit and turned back to join his brother in arms.

"Brother, are you finished?" The shameless man asked.

"My issues are solved, and my resolve is set. Let us go!"Black replied.

Both of them looked like men on a mission walking towards the battlefield with only survival as their goal. Stunned by this Frey began searching for Miko to teach him how to use the mask.

"Teddy, can I stop calling you master now?"Viola asked sweetly.

"Viola, my bitch if you stop calling me master. We will no longer be able to use nicknames for each other. Remember you chose bitch as your nickname and I chose master as mine. If we change it now, it may damage our relationship in the future."Teddy explained as he stared up in sky avoiding Viola's gaze.

"Oh, I would never do anything to damage our love. You mean everything to me master," Viola cried out as water welled up in her eyes.

"I know bitch, I know," Teddy replied.

"Brother, what is this brightness!"

"Brightness! No, it's a barrier! We can't get close, we must not get close to this c-c-couple! The heavens are cruel!"Black shouted creating a chant among the brothers that followed the shameless man and Black.

"The heavens are cruel!"

"The heavens are cruel!"

"The heavens are cruel."

"Master, why are there so many people around us?"Viola asked as she snuggled up closer to Teddy making the men chant louder.

"Don't worry about those guys bitch; it was destined to happen when we found each other" Teddy stopped staring at the sky and watched the men bow down and chant. His gaze like that of a king watching his followers worship him.

"What's happening to you, Teddy?" Viola said as she saw a change in Teddy's eyes.

"It's nothing bitch! Its just nature running its course."Teddy replied.


Hyde and Demios situation

After being dropped off by Frey, the brothers were in the official lines of the army selection that had over 1,500 participating. Touching up his new face Demios felt annoyed by his lack of persuasion in getting information, Frey.

"I could have done more," Demios muttered.

"Done more of what?" Hyde replied as he also felt uncomfortable with his new face, especially the bumps that came with the new face.

"Never mind, you wouldn't understand even if I explained it, "Demios said.

"I know what you mean, if I did more training, I wouldn't need to go through this selection. I would have already been chosen."A teenager behind the brothers added as he felt he understood Demios's circumstances.

"Y-yeah, that's what I mean. Some people wouldn't even get it if I explained it clearly," Demios said as he was caught off guard by the teenager's response.

"I understand! You should have said so Demios," Hyde replied because he didn't want to be left out.

"Ignore him, what's your name brother?" Demios asked wearily.

"Weiss brother and yours?" Weiss put out his hand for Demios to shake it.

However, Hyde grabbed onto his hand and shook it vigorously as he said: "My name is Hyde and he is Demios, and we are the..."

"Reth brothers!" Demios interrupted as he didn't want to give the guy they just met too much information about themselves.

"Right?" Hyde whispered while looking confused.

"Oh, so your name is Demios Reth, what a unique name you got there! So do you guys know about the nobles participating in this selection?"Weiss noticed Hyde's confusion and decided to change the subject to lower Demios's wariness.

"To be honest with you Weiss we don't know a single thing about this selection," Demios said.

"Yeah, our dad just..." Demios stomped on his foot "Ow!"

"Sorry about that Weiss, Hyde hear suffers from too much talk syndrome, "Demios explained as if such a thing existed.

"Oh, too much talk syndrome I've heard about that before. It can be a real issue unless you inflict pain onto the person."Weiss nodded his head.

"So you do know, Weiss I think me and you could be good friends," Demios replied.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Weiss added as they both shook hands leaving Hyde baffled and upset.

"So brother, I am in desperate need of information," Demios said, as he acted like him and Weiss were old friends.

"I got you, brother, I know all the gossip and information you could ever need to know about this selection or even about our army itself."

"Oh really," Demios added.

"Let me start with the selection, this was proposed...

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