Pef sat in an armchair as soon as he entered the apartment, and then 5 exact copies of himself appeared in front.

"I'm going to enjoy this" he said softly as his Avatars pounced on the wives and smothered them with kisses.

Of course, he felt every single touch now, because after Tier 5 everything inside was the same outside, if the cultivator had enough skill and care.
And since the glove made sure the Avatars were in every single cell identical with his own, they were basically extensions of his brains now, like extra arms.

The weren't selves, or whatever Rejin claimed to have, but close enough.


Deep in the Mausoleum, the father of our hero glanced around, but the Voidswords had killed all the Yellow Beasts for miles. He barely felt any increase in cultivation, despite millions of killed beasts.

'Guide me towards the next realm, Reason. We're wasting time here.' Wixtal muttered inward while he collected the corpses for later smithing. He didn't need Tier 2 bones, but he did have a million recruits in his regiment back home. Resources should not be wasted simply because he was stronger now.

'Wait. Head south about a thousand Blinks.' the weapon demanded for some obscure reason.

Wixtal had learned not to argue with the weapon, as it did think a billion times faster and saw things from far above.

He began Blinking at high speed until he also saw what Reason did. A large number of cultivators, at least a thousand, all wearing metal armor and long swords, getting sort of demolished by a giant but strange creature with nine heads and ninety-nine tails. Only the durable adamantite kept those people alive, but they wouldn't last long anyways, as their cultivation didn't reach Saint realm.

The gun appeared in his hand and he simply uttered "Hold"

A bright beam of golden light struck the beast, freezing it in temporal amber.

'You have 300 seconds, Soldier' Reason advised him as a mental timer began running down.

"Bloody idiots! What are they doing here with this crap cultivation?" Wixtal wondered out loud, as he lined up nine Cutting skills and release

d them at short intervals.

'They are ours. Well, not exactly ours. They were conscripted by your son, not long ago.' Reason said with a faint tinge of amusement in her voice.

As the heads fell and Tribulation clouds began to form, Wixtal Blinked forward and stuck his fingers into the still-living beast. A second later, Heavenly Lightning began to fall onto him, and then struck the beast nine times as well, until it twitched and fell to the side.

'It's not dead yet.' the weapon warned him.

'Yeah, I can see that.' Wixtal grumbled as he began shaping Voidswords and then mincing the creature into tiny portions, until all the flesh was cut away cleanly and only a distorted skeleton remained.

Then he poked the remains with the tip of his Word Gun, and waited for the analysis.

'Huh? It is almost a Godbeast. Only the heart and eyes are valuable though. For you, I mean. The recruits could use the rest for their next ascension.' Reason concluded after a single second of contact.

"I am Wixtal Xi of the Veritas Legion! Ten people come here to collect the beast parts." he demanded in a qi-infused voice, just to make sure every armored recruit around could hear.

After a minute of indecision, ten older men stepped forward, eyes down to the ground.

"Are you related to Pef Xi?" the leader of the ten asked in a fearful voice.

Wixtal sighed inward and stepped forward to raise the man's face towards him. "My son is called Pef Xi. I take it you know him?"

"Yes, sir. He sent us in here to loot the place." the man answered in a calmer voice.

"Here, in the Yellow Realm?" Wixtal asked a bit confused and angry. What the hell was Pef doing, sending these people to suicide?

"Errr. The Orange Realm was too easy. We all voted to cross into the next realm for better loot." the man answered while scratching him head in shame.

"So, you were greedy and stupid. And also, votes? Since when Legion soldiers vote on their target?" Wixtal asked with a louder voice.

"...We're not yet in the Legion proper. Only if we prove ourselves in here. We did get nice equipment already." the leader explained while showing off his adamantite armor and sword.

Wixtal sighed and sat down in mid-air, while he formed Voidpalms to collect his own precious loot. Pef had been correct about one thing. If such beasts appeared even in Yellow Realm, then the Green or the Blue would be quite a treasure trove.

His eyes passed over the group, while considering what to do. It was obvious they were so far into trouble they had no idea.
After a single glance towards Reason's Avatar in his inner world, he brought the beast's heart close and took a large bite, then gulped the entire thing raw.

He continued with the nine eyes, ignoring the surprised or outraged faces before him.

'Try pushing onto the Void now, gently.' Reason advised him after raising an eyebrow.

The air around him wavered and stretched, almost like crafting a simple Wind Shield. But it wasn't air shaped into a shield. It was space itself.

"This is good, right?" Wixtal asked curious, as he gathered a dozen Avatars and began testing the new Voidshield with various qi techniques.

'It is a beginning. Pef can already block Tier 7 hits with his Voidshield. You have a long way ahead, Wixtal.' the weapon answered with a gentle smile.

"You could help me. Teach me how to make it stronger." he asked in a desperate voice.

'The how is quite simple. Complete the Void Dao. So, you want to hear the not-so-easy part?' Reason asked with a teasing tone.

Wixtal slumped and dropped the new shield aside. He had barely finished the Wind Dao after being born with wind essence, and he trained for 20 thousand years.

"I get it. Another 20 thousand years of miniscule advancements." he muttered with a dejected voice.

Reason glared at him for a second, then spun around and punched all the Avatars straight into the nearest moon. 'We don't have so much time to waste, Soldier. There are two ways forward for you. Killing more Godbeasts or buying pills. And your Green Jade is not worth much out here. We'd need Blue or Purple Jade for any decent trade, or maybe even Violet Jade if we can find any.'

"I could barely kill this thing, and it was only at Tier 2." Wixtal complained with a sad tone.

'Take these people back, and then we go into the Green levels. You need to ascend to Tier 4 before we can actually fight a real Godbeast.' the weapon's Avatar said with a sterner tone.

Raising his eyes towards the potential recruits, Wixtal pointed at the flopping bits of flesh spread around. "Quickly. Gather everything before it gets cold. You can eat on the way back to the Orange Realm!"

The people ran to obey, and began to store the minced flesh and the larger bones into their storage rings, bracelets or even pouches.
A thousand people were enough to eat an entire horse at a meal, but this thing was much larger.

Wixtal flew ahead, and began clearing the way slicing through beasts of every kind to ensure the followers arrived safely. After three days of constant sheepherding and force feeding, the group finally arrived at the Orange portal and some of the Monarchs even showed signs of reaching the ascension threshold.

"Split in squads of 10 and spread around guys. And make sure every squad has a Water Dao expert among them!" Wixtal shouted after them, as the cultivators jumped onto the hot sands of the Orange Realm.

'Nine thousands Blinks north east.' Reason demanded as the last group vanished through the portal."Yeah. Let's hope we don't die before we reach that Blue Realm" Wixtal replied grumpily.

Reason just pointed the way, not caring to utter more words. She wondered instead if she chose the wrong user after all. Pef used to be so much fun.


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