Back in the white fog inside the universe gate, Pef glanced around for the Tier 7 god he knew had to be around.

After a minute, the fog once more concentrated into a human shape, only the process didn't end there. From inside the fog a man stepped out, clad in a magnificent emerald robe with golden trims and beasts painted on it. As he measured Pef with stern eyes, he stared at the spot where the sting scar used to be.

"You healed it?" Lord Mu Feng asked a bit surprised.

Pef glanced down and poked his belly. "Ah, you mean that old scar?" he wondered in fake confusion.

The other god grimaced at the annoying deflection. "Anyway, tell me about this Desolate Beast plan."

Our hero smiled gently. "Isn't it just another beast? We go there and kill it. Simple."

"I've seen that perilous beast once. That thing is ten times stronger than me and even worse, it's invulnerable to any damage. Do you think you can defeat me, Veritas Soldier?" the Tier 7 god asked while pressing on Pef with his powerful aura.

But Pef just shrugged unconcerned as his Voidshield sprang up to withstand the pressure. "I cannot defeat you, Lord Mu Feng. You're a Tier 7 cultivator with thousands of tricks and techniques that you've polished over billions of years."

"At least you realize that." the man muttered and stood a bit straighter.

"However, if it came to it, I could kill you in 10 seconds. The question is, would you manage to kill me first?" Pef wondered with a far away look.

The man's eyes glinted with combat intent for a second, before he sighed and nodded to himself. "Perhaps it is so. My skill is not a combat technique, nor is my cultivation oriented towards killing."

"Yes, my skill is not meant to chop wood. I learned that when I was 7-years-old." Pef said with a sad smile.

"Anyways, about that Universe Pill. I thought about what I could offer in an even trade. How about this?" Lord Mu Feng proposed while taking out a giant violet weapon shaped like wood board, with a long handle ending in a glowing yellow crystal.

Pef held his hand out, and the large buster sword dragged his hand down for a second, before he strengthened himself with more qi. Instantly, the weapon's blade changed color to a dark-blue shade, and the crystal as well.
However, the giant weight still remained, making Pef sweat as he held it in his right hand.

The heaviness was so absurd Pef had to think for a moment how it could be possible. He could juggle entire planets, even lift a star with pure physical strength.

"Some type of special metal?" he asked curious, while testing the edge and cutting his palm with a mere touch. The blood vanished into the sword, and the handle hummed pleasantly into his hand.

"Very special metal. But the weight comes from the runes inscribed on it by the Jade Emperor. I heard it took him a million years to forge the Heart Dividing Ruler, and he even used it to fight the Taotie, long ago. I suppose you know who that is, by now." the man explained with a pained voice.

"I heard about the Jade Emperor, and the Taotie as well. The beast locked in the final realm of the Mausoleum, which got released and then locked again. Quite fascinating that last part. How did he manage that, when nobody could even hurt the beast?" Pef asked with a gentle voice.

He also noticed the metal was indeed similar with Yue's ring, also changing color depending on the user. This sort of proved the weapon had indeed a link with the famous Jade Emperor as the ring was able to restrain the powerful badger, somehow. But runes, he already had a modicum of knowledge about them, from his time in the devil galaxy back home.

"The Jade Emperor sacrificed himself and his soul, and in his final act forged the new prison for the Taotie. Next second, a giant black tribulation came down and shattered his body and soul. All he left behind was a paper fan and this sword. I heard the fan is even stronger though." Lord Mu Feng whispered in a barely restrained sob.

"You knew him. He left the sword for you...why give it away?" Pef demanded a little confused, as he suspected he had already seen that paper fan in the Fay Realm. Though he would have never guessed it was such a powerful weapon, especially without wearing his glove.

"I could never use the ruler as it was meant, or as it wants to be used. It took me a billion years just to achieve that, having the ruler accept me as a user. While it is not a Divine Artifact yet, it has the capacity to grow and to ascend beside its wielder. Just like your glove." The Tier 7 god said with a knowing glance towards Pef's right hand.

'You're here?' Pef asked inward, surprised at having forgotten his friend.

'Obviously I am here, where else could I be? Damn sword broke my concealment.' the orange glove grumbled like it wasn't too happy.

Pef folded the sword into the glove pocket, and the glove vanished, leaving instead a Universe Pill in his palm.

"It's a deal then. I am curious how strong the ruler is, but I also think it's worth a Universe Pill." he decided in a second. Surely it had to be at least a Tier 7 weapon, and that would help him unleash even stronger Voidswords or Voidcutters.

The next second, a white corridor opened to allow Pef to leave the gate, no doubt signaling the meeting was over.

Pef just flicked the pill towards the green-robed man and skipped away towards the exit. "See you later, Lord Mu Feng!" he quipped out loud as he waved goodbye without turning.

In a second, he was out and among friends and family.

Behind Pef, the white fog closed once more and the gate resumed its crystal aspect. However, inside the gate a warm wind blew gently and announced a new visitor.

"I've done as you asked, Fairy Kalima." Lord Mu Feng spoke with a deep bow.

Another cloud appeared beside him, hiding the person inside with the exception of a paper fan. "Yes, but you didn't gift him the ruler. You actually sold it, like a bazaar trader!"

The man just remained bowed. "A gift may be seen as suspicious or even ignored and forgotten. A precious weapon that costs an entire universe will be seen as valuable." he replied in a restrained voice.

"Hah. Perhaps if you sold it for a Dian Pill, it would have equal value, and not even then." The Fairy Godmother exclaimed in disgust.

"That was the real trade, my lady. Lord Xi intends to go after the Desolate Beast soon and...refine its organs into pills. I just supplied the proper tool for that job, if he lives." Lord Mu Feng said gently while raising straight again.

"Oh? That beast? I guess it was time for that thing to finally die. I wonder how many seconds it will take..." Lady Kalima whispered softly as her cloud shape dissolved like a mist in the wind.

Lord Mu Feng gulped at the unspoken warning. "Hopefully more than ten seconds." he murmured with a deep frown.

That kid wasn't kidding after all.


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