My Orange Glove

by Pef

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

An adventure, through worlds filled with savage barbarians, beautiful scenaries, and vicious monsters.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
001 A cabin in the woods ago
002 Glove ago
003 Flying high ago
004 Frog ago
005 Soul smith ago
006 Spirit Guardian ago
007 Bloodline ago
008 Lobster ago
009 Druid ago
010 Wind ago
011 Journey to the west ago
012 For want of a nail ago
013 Lady Di ago
014 Tang Citadel ago
015 Dropship ago
016 Citadel ago
017 Sky ago
018 Fire ago
019 Papers ago
020 Wives ago
021 Dire wolf ago
022 Wong ago
023 Lost soul ago
Four weddings ago
Veteran ago
Badass ago
The other woman ago
Twin Xia ago
Twelve Heroes ago
Reunion ago
Context ago
Steam ago
Revenge ago
Gutted ago
Higher ago
Sea Guard ago
Apprentice ago
Palace ago
Mirror ago
Arrival ago
Emperor ago
Gifts ago
Tournament ago
Network ago
Staff ago
Pixie ago
Another Wall ago
Police ago
Poking the bear ago
Armed Bears ago
For want of a hammer ago
Nepotism ago
They see me rolling ago
Golden ago
Erin ago
Air Tyrant ago
Capital ago
Sharp as a knife ago
Tangled web ago
Deep mountain lake ago
Blue pill ago
Old goat ago
Lara's choice ago
Petty revenge ago
Small brick in the wall ago
Best gift ago
Swans and cranes ago
Three witches ago
Radiant justice ago
Snake eating its tail ago
Tyrannical cultivation ago
Ardent ago
Divine intervention ago
Painful hugs ago
Good life ago
Climbing the waterfall ago
Fire and ice ago
Bear hug ago
High altitude ago
White is purity ago
Fire Circle ago
Taking risks ago
Incendiary war ago
Learning the sword ago
Incineration ago
Air conference ago
Entangled ago
Tyrant tournament ago
Tangerine ago
Half the man ago
Permafrost ago
On wings of light ago
True friendship ago
Double trouble ago
Pillar of light ago
Winter is coming ago
Icy, cold and frozen ago
Monarchy ago
Moon landing ago
A friend in need is a Saint indeed ago
Ragnarök awaits ago
Aftermath ago
Sprite ago
Thirteen divine steps ago
Door into summer ago
Vitruvian man ago
Ascension ago
First strike ago
God conference ago
New World Order ago
Recruit ago
Life experiments ago
One in a million ago
Soultrader ago
Anticipation ago
Name of the trade ago
Elves in tha house ago
Objective ago
Safe mode ago
Mana pit ago
Hellsreach ago
Chosen ago
Crushing victory ago
The Truth ago
Not a real puppy ago
The Archdemon strikes back ago
Master of puppets ago
Hard lessons ago
At all cost ago
Crime and punishment ago
Tier 4 ago
Maiden made of light ago
Just another day at the beach ago
Why not both? ago
Home sweet home ago
A big happy family ago
Behind blue eyes ago
Machines ago
Sword training ago
Reason ago
Devil ago
Magrave ago
Challenge ago
Lasciel ago
Veritas ago
Yamon ago
Drake ago
Auction ago
Count ago
Faith ago
Devour ago
Return ago
Allies ago
Like Father... ago
Paragon ago
Godmother ago
Mandate ago
Spider egg ago
Church of Pef ago
Pope ago
Voidbeast ago
Demon trader ago
Jackpot ago
Red dust ago
Adamantite source ago
Blind promise ago
Expansion ago
Cultivation ago
Gate ago
Exit ago
Halo ago
Indigo ago
Anything ago
Victory ago
Fog ago
Eye of the storm ago
Vindictive ago
Generation ago
Matter of time ago
Scoundrel ago
Pill God ago
Justice ago
Barter ago
Warning ago
Shield ago
Golith ago
Pond ago
Sun ago
Duel ago
Idle ago
Valiant ago
Flesh Trade ago
Folly ago
Red Menace ago
Invitation ago
Ten seconds ago
Reunion ago
Avatars ago
Cauldron ago

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Needs work, but great for a first draft

The storyline itself isn't unique, but the author injetcs some humour and keeps it factpaced enough for it not to matter that much. The grammar itself is fine, with only occasional errors, but the biggest problem of the novel in my eyes is the style. It lacks flow and the formatting doesn't help. There is nothing that couldn't be improved by some editing.

The world building is the usual wuxia style, with cultivation levels and the usual accoutrements, mixed with hints of scifi.

Like I said in the title, it isn't polished, but the core is good.



Not trash but needs serious work

Disclaimer: contents are based on first few chapters. In essence the most important ones as they set the tone and quality a new reader can expect. Take with a grain of salt if latter part of the story drastically changed in writing style.


Although amusing here and there, the first few chapters feel extremely bland once you get past the surface. It's as if I'm reading a travel journal written in first person, but the traveller couldn't be arsed to make a full journal or include his personal opinions.

The story starts alright, then some time skippy skips because nothing changes, and then he finds the glove his dad left him. No period of wondering, not even a 'what the donkey Dorking shitnuggles is this?'-moment. Nope. He just puts it on, asks a question or two and proceeds to act as if he lived his previous life surrounded by tech like that.

In a way it feels as if you're condensing 5 chapters into 1 or 2, at the cost of pacing and character development. The mother had some character, and could very well be developed over ti-aaaaaand she's dead. The boy feels like he has a personality developed that the reader is supposed to know and love already. However, he doesn't have that. He's effectively about as shallow as the story is rushed.


A journey of Pef, as a character and as an author

Reviewed at: Blind promise

This a 'feels good' story, where everything seems to work out for the character eventually. The setting is quite unique, at least for me. I suppose the main problem of the story is choppy storytelling, where events seem to jump at a random, hectic pace, especially in the beginning. That being said, the quality only improves with time and by what is currently the latest chapter (blind truth) the story is top quality work. Would deserve 5/5 if the author ever decides to comb through the old chapters.


Good job with this , easy to read story , interesting perspective , and relatively comfortable world building .

Nice ideas too like introducing nice people among a xianxia like world , while the overall setting is more universal rather than xianxia limited , good luck with writing 


not bad for a rewad but not the best.interesting story need a rewrite about the lost wives but pretty good. the lack of detg into xias demoness and the non caring over the first set of wive almoat had me dropping but not too much else to say.