Skeleton in Space

by WeirdWhirl

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Sci-fi LitRPG

Douglas is a simple summoned skeleton, formed from an old battlefield when some ancient fossil of a necromancer raised him without even asking. His memories are a bit foggy, but who cares about some people he barely remembers when there is walking to be done! Or stabbing cows! Douglas loves life, the simple joy of doing repetitive tasks - like battering down this large tower door - is all that's needed to keep his clacking bones satisfied. But just when he was done with these rapidly changing tasks, the wizard he was mobbing took some weird crystal out and now there are stars everywhere.

Come join Douglas the magical skeleton as he tries to live a fulfilling life in a sci-fi universe!


Updates every friday.

---[Cover art by ssddx]---

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As of chapter 3.1
I like it. The chapters are somewhat on the shorter side but it still packs a decent amount of info.
It is really well written as in it makes you wonder what will happen next but not in make what is happening now unimportant.
It is still the beginning but from what there is it is really interesting what was he while he was living, why does he know his name, how did he get on that "ship" all of this unanswered yet interesting question will be answered in the next episode of the skeleton in spaaacccee... Jokes aside taking into account that alkaliho also wrote Dao of magic I'm expecting it to be good if not decent.
As if said often on this site there usually aren't any big grammar or spelling mistakes. with a stray missing letter here or there, there is nothing that would break your immersion of the story.
As this is the very beginning i can't say much other then he is mysterious yet relatable he questions stuff but also repressed other, maybe, important questions. but as we have not seen him interact with anything but himself and a tv there is not much to say here.
Bone info
A lot unless you know the human skeletal body you might need a diagram on what is where. 
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It is good so far, but this is only the beginning so we shall see how this story progresses.

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That there’s not more to read, oh I need at least 50 characters apparently so.... yeah!

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Nice quality of writing

Genuinely interesting premise with a good sense of grammar and pace means this story reads easily and conveys the events in the story in an easy to understand manner.

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Refreshing and well thought out

The world building is really spot on. I haven't had any moments where I thought differently. The concept it's self is new and refreshing too, not the game like system, but that too has a fresh feeling to it as well. 

Anyways, I would definitely recommend this, you don't normally see authors go outside of the 'norm'. Especially so well, and I can actually visualize my self in the main characters shoes. 

One thing I always look for is the ability to envision the world that is being created with each new word, and the author has done a wonderful job of bringing this to life. It didn't feel rushed, or to drawn out either. With enough information to keep you informed but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. 

If there is anything I can critique, it would be that some of the mental imaging for the magical system are hard to understand and visualize. But I can't really say how to alleviate that. Because I don't know what it is you are trying to envision. I can only get a rough outline and it's frustrating to have to go back through and re read it. Mind you I did say some. 

The Vale
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Basically, it's a skelleton who has no mind - a complete moron in every way, with no personality, doing a dungeon crawl. That's it. Things get a palet swap for the sake of making things sci-fi, but all you have to think is "what is the dungeon crawl equivalent?" and realise the answer is "the exact same thing with a non-technological name" (as of chapter 016). 

Much like the other work by this author things becme disorganised - a jumbled mess - fairly quickly. That's this guys style.

If you're looking for something mindless, this will do. Personally, the moron mc, the trolling by the author and the lackluster trope based humor gets stale.


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This is well written and interesting. 

It is a fairly unique plot and seems to have a lot of potential. 

However, this is only the beginning, only 20 pages so far, so we shall have to wait and see how it progresses. 

Rattus et Draconic
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Pretty bood start very intrested to see where this heads, hope author stick with jt.


Ps would love either longer chapters if possible thanks

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18 chapters so far and looking forward to more

The writing style/ storytelling ability keeps me interested and sometimes laughing which is just right. Very little has happened so far, but what has happened ifs fun to read so I have a good feeling this will be a favorite of many as the story progresses.

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The outsider, the dark horse, the skeleton in spa~a~ace! This is just too well-written and fun.