by YesorNo

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  • Traumatising content

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adult audiences. You should not read this if you are under the age of eighteen.

"I was born with an extremely prestigious but combat-weak logistics class. As the son of the clan head and the next heir, that just wasn’t enough of an excuse to spare me from my father’s grueling training. For in his creed the only strength that mattered was that grasped in one’s own two hands.

In my journey through the lands with my harem, I was grateful for his training as it saved my life multiple times when my girls weren’t there to engage in combat. This is my story."

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Volume 1: Wind and Shadow ago
Volume 2: Shadow and Magic ago
Volume 2: Chapter 1 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 2: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 3: Charm and Violence ago
Volume 3: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 3: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 4: Violence and Flame ago
Volume 4: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 5: Flame and Trial ago
Volume 5: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 16 ago
Volume 5: Chapter 17 ago
Volume 6: Trials and Tribulations ago
Volume 6: Chapter 1 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 6: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 7: Calamity and War ago
Volume 7: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 7: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 8: War and Heroes ago
Volume 8: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 8: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 9: Heroes and Martyrs ago
Volume 9: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 9: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 10: Foxes and Dungeons ago
Volume 10: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 10: Chapter 16 ago
Volume 11: Dungeons and Daemons [Ch 1-3] ago
Volume 11: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 11: Chapter 16 ago
Volume 12: Daemons and Beasts ago
Volume 12: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 12: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 13: Transition ago
Volume 13: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 13 [1000 pages!!] ago
Volume 13: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 13: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 14: Flight and Steel ago
Volume 14: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 9 & 10 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 16 ago
Volume 14: Chapter 17 ago
Volume 15: Steel and Soul ago
Volume 15: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 16 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 17 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 18 ago
Volume 15: Chapter 19 ago
Bonus: Capital Tour ago
Volume 16: Souls and Bonds ago
Volume 16: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 16: Chapter 14 ago
Interlude 2:- Epione Felidae ago
Volume 17: Chapter 1 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 17: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 1 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 2 ago
Art Post: Kitsune under the Rain ago
Volume 18: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 18: Chapter 15 ago
Volume 19: Settlements and Journeys ago
Volume 19: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 19: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 20: Dreams and Nightmares ago
Volume 20: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 10 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 11 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 12 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 13 ago
Volume 20: Chapter 14 ago
Volume 21: Unexpected Journeys ago
Volume 21: Chapter 2 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 3 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 4 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 5 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 6 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 7 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 8 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 9 ago
Volume 21: Chapter 10 ago

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Detailed world building, strong plot. Disturbing morals (personally)

Reviewed at: Volume 16: Chapter 11

I've read up to volume 16 chapter 5 and this story has kept me intrigued with how detailed the world is as well as the convoluted plotting of various characters. There is enough character development of the tertiary and secondary characters to make up for the relatively flat main character.

However, I am going to stop reading at this point because the core premise of their society has become too disturbing to me personally. I still believe readers should at least read until they come to their own conclusions about this core premise. The author has at the very least succeeded in making me examine my feelings on the subject thoroughly.

Spoiler: Core Premise Details




Interesting cross between harem and monster tamer

The novel is unique in that humans, or hominum as they are called in the book are extremely rare unlike most novels. The primary sentients are beastmen and women who all show animal traits of some kind or another. The main character is a rare pure human due to his recessive genes and that makes him weaker in magic and physically but allows him to form more bonds than a normal person. Through these bonds he tames 'feral' beastgirls and adds to his harem. It is also kind of nice that the author put a limit on his harem. He can only have up to 6 girls bonded, so many harem novels just keep adding more and more people till you can't even remember all their names or even how many their really are.

All in all the story is a good fantasy novel with heavy erotica elements and better character development than most novels.

Edit: Pretty much the entirety of Volume 3 is told from the POV of a side character that tries to get one of the MC's lovers raped as a prank, might up my rating back to 4.5 if I like how future volumes look. (After reading more I decided to go back up to 4.5.)

2nd Edit: Not really sure about this story anymore. So far it seems like a generic harem where the mc wants to be king. The spoiler is a major spoiler about the end of volume 5 and I would suggest not reading it till you are caught up but I kind of derailed into a rant.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Zombie Unicorne

I disagree with those that thinks it's all filler. What I see is just settup and not all story needs a immediate goal to save the world or something.

That said, what drives this story is that all characters motivations are to get ahead of others and I find that ammusing as it's rare.



The biggest thing I have a problem with. Description ends up with a considerable amount of "poetic" descriptions, leading to boredom whenever a new place or sometimes, a new person, is described. Poetry is dead because hardly anybody enjoys it.

Sex scenes suffer a bit of trying to sound "classy" but instead they sound like fantasy. It's a problem where people who see sex as "dirty" wants to "fancy" it up, leading to unrealistic and overly sensual sex. It's sex trying to "arouse" the reader instead of it being another way to convey characterization.

Battles are overly flashy with not much substance. It's the usual cultivation bullshit of "you are tier 5 and I am tier 4, I literally cannot defeat you in any shape or form". There's a distinct lack of strategy elements, revolving in the typical shounen bullshit of pulling attacks out of your ass. Hardly anybody uses weapons and armor, it seems, they all focus on a small amount of spells, making fights very limited.

The author comits the cardinal sin of cramming paragraphs of exposition during battle. It becomes even worse because a good deal of it was simply what the MC was training on a few chapters ago, which could have been better foreshadowed so the exposition could have been shortened greatly and improved the flow of the battle.

There's an overuse of "dramatic phrase" and then a flashback to explain the reason of that dramatic phrase. It's unnecessary and keeps yanking the timeline of the story around. It's not a big deal but rather, it's an annoyance.

A few timeskips it would be interesting to see the character interations.

Spoiler: Spoiler

There's a bit of an overuse of real life names. A fantasy world were you have Greece, Egypt, Rome, Shogunate, Vikings (poor vikings, reduced to only pillagers and pirates) and other blatant copies of cultures feels like a waste. It's just a minor complaint though.



Perfect, nothing to complain.



Slow moving, seems interesting but the world is kinda bonkers due to the power levels, requiring quite a lot of exposition for us to understand why things are this way. In the end it doesn't convey much the danger and tension of getting yourself involved in the machinations of the nobility. It's average I would say.



The better part, they have some good variety and some personality. A bit too much focus on the side characters, though. Re-reading the same events from multiple perspectives is not enjoyable.



A good story plagued by some inexperience, no masterpiece but worthy of a follow.



Harem + wixia. Plain and simple. Good grammar and reading level for  reader of this site I think. MC isn’t OP and the harem aren’t airheads that all throw themselves at him when they first meet. Characters are still being developed when I am writing this but it appears that they will be rounded and the antagonists aren’t bad just to move the story along. 


A good read. Would like a anime version Mr. Author. I think it would go over well. Just keep writing here though because it is as aforementioned a good read. 


Harem? You've come to the right place.

Started it because of the title, harem and the sex......

Well....this story isn't noteworthy JUST because it's a Harem story but it's there and the Author has so far i.e. V6C5, done a splendid job at it.

At Royalroad and further beyond, Harem stories are a waste of time. Some have lots of Sex, others have a wide variety of girls and how the Mc catches them all like Pokemon, but NONE of them have a realistic feel to it.

Over here, the story starts off with two girls who seem to be past lovers so there, a harem with no possible friction except for what comes from the Mc winning over their hearts. When the third one comes, we're finally seeing the change in the dynamics of the relationship between the first two,

Some interesting consequences come off from the latest marriage and like how the Mars has come out from it. Truly hope the Author can churn him into someone who can be both liked and disliked by the readers, cause after all, a true character will always have some flaws.

While the Mc does get them without any difficuly, their actual story doesn't end there. Their thoughts and feelings, still play a major role in what could be the status of the Harem. I hope the Author makes it so that each new addition till the limit of six for the Mc, won't be smooth sailing and will actually consider the feelings of all the members of the Harem.

So basically, characterisation has been done very well. Each and every single character, that actually says something, become notable because that person's feelings are transmitted to us....or atleast that's what I think LOL....

Style of writing has been done well. It reminds me of Savage Divinity and I have no qualms about it. Grammatically error free.

I haven't really seen or maybe "felt" any major plot so far. There doesn't seem to be a proper 'finish' line so the story can head in any direction that the Author wants to. Our Mc is human which is actually rare while the world has all kinds of species of Lore though it hasn't been explored much. As a human, he can form a contract with six beast-girls, hence the Harem. The story has been about his relationship with his Harem and the troubles that come off of it, especially the third girl. I'm pretty sure, the Author has some plan in store for the readers and I can't wait to find out.

Kudos for giving out one heck of a story..... Here's hoping for a continuation of your great work.


it's neither a harem nor a monster tamer story. It's no wuxia either.

It's ... a blend of many genres,  unmarketable thus unpublishable.

the science vocabulary is especially jarring, as it is used all over the place.


but well, i enjoyed Hei Lian character, so here we go !

Macrendil Ysmir

So I found out this novel is also being posted on here. I think that is a good idea to get this awesome novel more of the attention it deserves. 

The writing is good, as are the characters and worldbuilding while the story itself also takes proper routes to proper results.

All in all a very good story I look forward to reading every time I see an update.


All my fetishes and dreams put into one novel!

This novel introduces a fun concept and has just the perfect amount of "plot" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Jokes aside, it is really well written and has a proper reason for his harem. All in all, a great novel to sit back and enjoy!


A novel worth your attention.

This novel is similar, yet disimilar to Game of Thrones.

It is similar because you come for the sex, yet stay for the well written story, developed characters, and unique world building.

It is disimilar because the sex sences are actually good, and there is not constant dramatic heaviness. Also, the author has yet To kill off characters just because people love them.

Overall, is a well-developed story that I, for one, am certainly looking forward to reading as YesorNo continues to write into the future.

Tl;Dr;dc: give it 10 chapters to get your pallete whet on what this novel tastes like.