I drew this on my phone. Next chapter I have it already planned somewhat in my head. Spoilers, there will be fluffing involved. Enjoy!



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theberg @theberg ago

Looks more thug than the last one :3

dan @dan ago

interesting story, but suggest you change the names so it doesn't match overlord exactly. it'll be fine if it's close enough for people to recognize. this will allow the reader to treat your work as set in the overlord world, or NOT set, based on the readers' preference. doing so will avoid the 'you are butchering canon' mess. example: yagazrill.


    Yuri Fanatic @Yuri Fanatic ago

    The thing is that the timeline in Overlord a 100 years prior is all shrouded in mystery as there is no official lore for it yet. It grants me the ability to make my own spin on the story without ruining any consistency within it.

    I plan to expand my story to the east where the Draconic Kingdom and Beast Country are, since that's never been delved upon before. There's so many Overlord fictions where people just add self-inserts as Momonga's friends, I just want a fresh start.