Darkness consumed me as I felt like I was floating in nothingness.

Then I hit the floor.

"The fuck," I cursed under my breath. I heaved my body up and looked around.

At least I tried to look around, everything was pitch black making it impossible to see anything.

"Hello Host."

My heart jumped and I felt like I was about to die from fright. I whipped my head around and saw a glowing, white orb.

"I apologize for surprising you Host."

The orb said. I tried to move back but couldn't because my body didn't allow me.

Giving up, I asked, "What are you," with vigilance cleared etched on my face.

"I am System 0001." The white orb said.

"That's cool and all, but why am I here? In facts, where am I?" I said in mild annoyance.

"You are in a space Host, and you are here because you were the only soul available at the time."

"Fine, but what do you need me for?" I asked impatiently.

"There has been an influx of world destroying main characters. This is a problem for the inhabitants of those worlds so I need you to go to those worlds and prevent the protagonists from destroying them."

I sighed, "Can I at least ask a few questions before you ship me off?"

"Of course Host," system 0001 complied.

"First question, why should I care?"


"Why should I care what happens to those worlds, I ain't no saint, who do you think I am," I said all snarky like with a snap of my fingers.

"To answer simply Host, you have no choice. You either save worlds or die." The system said with a bit of sass.

"Augh, fine I'll do it," I wined in my most annoyed voice.

"Second question, can I kill, torture, or harm the protagonists in any way?" I asked in a hopefully. Besides bingeing, my favorite pass time was seeing people in misery. It brought enjoyment and a bit of color to my life.

"Anything goes as long as you save the world."

"Great," I said happily, "now my third question, will my appearance change?" I asked with fear evident in my voice.

"No Host, you're appearance will be similar in all worlds but in varying conditions."

I selectively ignored the last part of that sentence and beamed with happiness that I got to keep my sexy looks. If there's one thing I love that's being at the center of attention.

"Host, I'm going to explain to you the rules and awards now," system said.

"The worlds you in will be decided at random and the difficulty levels will also be at random."

"What?! But I'm new to this!," I yelled.

Ignoring me the system continued on,

"The position of the bodies you will be sent in will be at random. Each world you visit will have a varying number of missions that you must complete or you will face the consequences."

"If you complete a world, you will get a certain amount of credit points that can be used to purchase anything from the store as long you you have the right amount."

"What do you supply," I asked curiously.

"Here it is Host," a big screen appeared and showed all the purchase items the store had.

Martial Arts-1000pts
Military strategies-1000pts
Weight Loss Pill-500pts
Beauty Pill-500pts
Cultivation Pill-500pts
Pain Alleviating Pill-500pts
Medicinal Pill-500pts

Looking through the list, I saw a beauty pill which peaked my interests, 'Can I get any more beautiful' I thought to myself as I smiled my favorite cheshire smile.

System 0001 shivered in fright.

"Wait a minute," I said as an important question popped up in my mind, "Will I have to do this forever?"

"Yes Host you will," system 0001 said with a hint of amusement.

Before I could blow up in anger system said, "I forgot to tell you, if you complete enough missions you can rise up in ranks, welp time to go."

"Wait wait wait," I shouted hurriedly, but it was too late because I blacked out.

A note from osuoha

Sup Y'all, author here. This is just a heads up because I might change some things with this chapter later. Just some small tweaks, nothing too major.

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Bio: Sup, I love to read novels, especially Bl. I also love to write my own stories. I'm also an extremely lazy person who loves to procrastinate. So if I don't update for a long time, it will most likely be due to that.

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