I stepped out of my car into the sidewalk before and looked up at the 60th floor of the building.

My condo was on the topmost floor and I have to admit that I was really exited for what was about to happen. I was planning to lay back and binge watch/read/eat to my hearts content.

Let me introduce myself. I am Xiu Yan, the richest and most sexiest person on Earth if I do say so myself.

Call me vain but it's true, there's no one alive that can top this hot bod. Pun intended.

Anyways, as I moved to walk into the building a shadow emerged out of nowhere and reached me before my guards could react to the intruder.

I saw the figure pull out a knife and stab me dead in my heart before I could register everything that happened.

Cursing, I fell to the ground convulsing, blood pouring out of my wound staining the the ground. As my life was slipping away, all I think about was never finishing that novel I've been reading since years ago.

As chaos ensued around me, my eyes finally sealed shut, regret still coursing through me.




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Bio: Sup, I love to read novels, especially Bl. I also love to write my own stories. I'm also an extremely lazy person who loves to procrastinate. So if I don't update for a long time, it will most likely be due to that.

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