My lesson with Rai continued for a while longer, touching upon a few ideas I wanted to impart into him. A big one was that anything could be used in combat. If I threw a pretty flower at my opponent, distracting him for a moment and I used that moment to attack and kill him, then the pretty flower had been a lethal weapon. He needed to learn to not only focus on his opponent but also everything around him. It was that lack of awareness that had led to both of his injuries against the nymphs.

Another habit I had to break him off, was to meet force with force, it worked against people of similar strength but if I tried to block an attack made by Sigmir, I would have a bad time. And that was not even taking into account the fact that her both, her Lok’nar and her axe were a lot heavier and carried more momentum. I had made some progress on that front with him, as he quite naturally took to the air-path, which relied on either not being in the way of the opponent's attack in the first place, by using feints to make him attack empty air or simply dodging out of the way. If neither worked, it was possible to use a parry, similarly to the moves of the water-path and if that was impossible, you were in a bad spot. Blocking, what he still sometimes tried, was simply a bad idea for us agile, speed-types. My current plan involved letting Sigmir smash through his blocks again and again, beating into him the need to dodge. Luckily, he was able to fight for a short time using practise blades made out of ice, or Sigmir would likely break the beautiful blades given to him by Giro.

Another thing he needed to learn was to use the force of your opponent against him, it was another, easy trick for weaker beings to overcome a stronger foe. It didn’t always work, especially against someone experienced, but against untrained or non-sapient beings, using their own strength against them was the easiest and best way to deal with them. One of the easiest ways was by luring them into a situation that their own momentum hurt them if they charged, for example by letting them run into a tree, or by using snares to attack a leg at the right time. Spears were another good way, but neither of us used one. Adra was already aware of those tricks, so I didn’t need to train her.


After the lessons, I continued my own studies, mostly trying to learn more about magic. My current fascination was the strange liquid, the ‘Liquid Moonlight’, it was insanely cold but creating it took an equally insane amount of Astral Power and if I wasn’t careful, it quickly evaporated or something similar. I had no idea what happened to it after it disappeared from my grasp. What was interesting was that once it had bound Hard Ice crystals together, it no longer disappeared, it remained behind, minimally weaker than the Hard Ice-crystals themselves but still easily as strong as steel.

And it had the interesting ability to take in Astral Power between slowly shedding it, similarly to my own blood when used with Blood Magic, but I had yet to find a way to control the flow-rate with either material or simply store Astral Power for a longer time in a rechargeable substance. I was experimenting with a mixture of Blood and Liquid Moonlight, sadly the extreme cold of the Liquid Moonlight made it next to impossible to mix them in a meaningful way. While I kept them in strict control using their respective magic-skills they could mingle together, but they were still their own substance and my control could easily pull them apart again. Mixing, creating a substance that was both and neither, was sadly impossible for me.

But I had a feeling that there was more to the Liquid Moonlight, something I had yet to learn and understand. Comparing it to the Earthen Staff, I had a feeling that it might be part of the substance needed to create the core, possibly used with some other material to regulate the flow, or maybe with the correct runic-inscriptions around it. Or maybe there was some sort of material that could hold it in, without letting it evaporate or warm. Normal physics told me that encasing an extremely cold liquid would cause incredible pressure onto the casing once the material warmed up and tried to evaporate. But I somehow doubted that normal physics were all that was at play when it came to magic materials or the amount of energy needed to create anything would be insane, just as the amount of energy set free if something was annihilated.

Just thinking about that, I wanted to find out if it was possible to create true annihilation-reactions with proportional energy release. It was an idea I was willing to respawn for, if only for the knowledge that it was possible. And who knew when you needed a seriously big bang?


Later that night, when everyone, but our guard, Rai at that time, was asleep I logged out and spent a bit of time in the real world.

Just looking at me was rather funny, due to the amount of time spent ingame and indoors, my previously pale skin was now heading towards snow white. My regular work-outs and very controlled diet kept me slim and moderately fit, but without either going out or into a tanning-salon, I would quickly be as pale as Morgana ingame, only without the bluish skin-tone. Well, and the long ears.

As I did my work-out, I let the video-site I used run in auto-mode, selecting content according to my normal tastes and happened upon a GNN-panel show. It featured some of my least favourite people, Acrasia, whom I disliked for the fact that she had been the one pushing me out of Amarantine, Mason, because he was a creepy jerk and had once ridiculed me at Hailcon, asking if I was lost and where my parents were and that self-important Katerina, who I disliked for her inability to simply play a good game and not make a scene about some perceived sexism in that game. I think she mostly did it to stay relevant, but sadly that need to self-promote was harming good and great games.

On the other hand, watching them getting ridiculed by Tobiuno, whom I saw as a competent and dangerous opponent, was somehow satisfying and listening to a Pantheon-employee was always a rare treat, even if they tried to pack as little meaning as possible in as many words as they could get away with. It reminded me of the clichés about elves, a people trying to say nothing and everything, without saying anything. I wondered if that trait was included in Road to Purgatory or if they had kept that behaviour for their employees.

Sadly, there was little of real substance, mostly partisan behaviour, one side disliking Road to Purgatory and trying to undermine it, on the other side people hyping it to the stars. I personally enjoyed it a great deal, so I was on the side for it, but I felt that the format was a bad one, and inviting employees of both, Pantheon and hailstorm was just trying to stir the pot. But it made for entertaining videos, even if their antics were overshadowed by Tobiuno making fun of Acrasia and Amarantine’s loss-streak, even if there was a slight sting, hearing how the mighty had fallen.

Out of some sort of masochistic curiosity, I pulled up highlights from their recent matches and quickly saw the problems. The biggest was undoubtedly that they lacked teamplay, which only came with experience. Switching out a central position disrupted the team, no matter what. And using a relatively inexperienced person on that position, well, inexperienced compared to someone who had played for over a decade, it was a recipe for disaster.

Another problem was that the current team-composition simple and direct tactics necessitated, which could be exploited. My old class had been able to lure the opponent into miss-judgements and mistakes, making them waste strength in a way that did not show up in any statistic, making it seem as if I did less than anyone else. That part of the class was almost entirely unknown, the quest to gain that skill had been removed years ago. It was a legacy-skill and one that I had used and abused to great effect. Legacy-skills had been a big controversy back then, the question if it was fair to let people use them in organised play, but the crowd that felt that they were part of a unique character and experience won out. Hailstorm countered that by making them either incredibly hard to use and next to useless if not used perfectly, allowing the new classes to take over the reins.

Oh, well, I had a new game, a new love and there was no way I would go back to CoW.


With a smile on my lips, I finished my business in the real world and returned to Mundus, finding myself in Sigmir’s arms and, for a short moment, wondering what the future would bring. After that moment, I slipped into a comfortable sleep, dreaming of future adventures.

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Punster lv1 @Punster lv1 ago

Thanks for the chapter

That her, both her -> that both her

To make them attack empty air

Immolation970 @Immolation970 ago

You know, it is probably unhealthy how much I enjoy hearing about her old teams suffering. I would be happy having a whole interlude focused on watching one of their matches go horribly wrong and the locker talk afterwards. Thanks for the chapter!


    Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

    Would so not fit the story or rather my style of writing. Do you think Samantha would intentionally go looking for something of that sort? She is more the type to act on a grudge but would not waste a lot of time nursing such a grudge.

      Immolation970 @Immolation970 ago

      I know Samantha wouldn’t go looking, but there have been interludes with content that was from a different view point than Samantha’s, like the ads for the game, or the rangers blog. If all of those were things Samantha watched in her spare time, I can understand keeping with that and as such ignoring the previous team. But if it isn’t necessary for it all to be Samantha related, I just think it would be fun to watch the team crumble like a sand castle to the tide. Of course, you are the author, not me, and I hope you take my comment as a friendly suggestion instead of a request or command. Write the story how you want to! It has worked out for you previously in this series.


      Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

      I made a poll a while back and the majority wanted the viewpoint to be limited to Samantha's Wink

      While it would be fin to write what you allude to, there is a bit of a problem, I would have to basically make up an entire game with some sort of good, competitive format, just for one chapter. I'd rather use the time needed to craft other worlds that I can play in longer.

      Immolation970 @Immolation970 ago

      Fair enough. I always viewed it as a virtual reality form of league of legends, but that might just be my bias towards the question of “what team based competitive games where gamers choose characters to play as have global competitions?” In any event, I look forward to the next chapter.


      Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

      More a mix of counterstrike, league of legends and world of warcraft, so coming up with something good would be complicated Wink

      Immolation970 @Immolation970 ago

      I’m not even sure how to conceptualize a game that is a mix of those three, which probably proves your point of it taking too much time to be worthwhile.

Mearhena @Mearhena ago

"[...] that need to self-promote was harming good and great games." - The real issue I see is that those people/antics don't just hurt good games. They also hurt the position they ostensibly represent because they undermine constructive discussion. Though that way the underlying issue remains unresolved and they stay 'relevant' longer.


    Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

    Well, one of them problems is that a lot of them paid tremendous amounts of money to get a degree in, let's say, Gender Studies, so there is a huge impeteus to find something to critisize or their degree becomes just a piece of fancy toilet-paper that they can flush after their money.

    That does not mean that there is no sexism or racism left in the world. It just means that a huge amount of the western, first-world activists are tilting at windmills and that's only funny if a spanish guy obsessed with books does it.

      Mearhena @Mearhena ago

      And that's why you don't turn Gender Studies into a degree of its own. Go at it from a psychological or biological angle if you have to, for yikes sakes.

      Or an economical/business angle, if you want to "fix" sexism effectively (with a flanking attack from, oh my gods, social studies)... though not misrepresenting (or misunderstanding) the numbers might be a good start. But that would require the majority to get better at math and asking the right questions, so I'm not counting on that.


      Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

      They don't want to fix anything. Just look at the often repeated myth of the gender wage gap in western countries. They are not just comparing apples and oranges, they are comparing last years apples with this years oranges and realising that they are not the same. At that point, I can only cover my face with both hands and say, "No shit?"

      Mearhena @Mearhena ago

      As I said ^^ "(not) misunderstanding or misrepresenting numbers".

Icewolf88 @Icewolf88 ago

I must say im a little disapointed as well as suprised.

I were kind of expecting them to go back to the village and expose a big conspiracy regarding Rai and that elder who want to be leader.
that it was all set up by that elder to have rai put in an important position on his first hunt and fail, when youd normally expect hte least experienced person to have the least important role until he get some experience. that it was done to kill rai and put the current chief in a bad light. how this elder was behind the ambush and perhaps starting a big fight when this elder is exposed and want to fight for his life or something like that after being exposed as a traitor to his own kind/people.

instead they simply leave and continue on their journey after finishing off the ambushers.

Zedicous @Zedicous ago

What would happen if she inserted the liquid moonlight with a fresh large bone (mixed in the cells in the bone marrow and tried to animate the bone into producing blood in the liquid moon itself.)


    Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

    You need some sort of living being to gather Astral Power from the surroundings unless you have another source that provides the power. (Blood taken with Blood Magic for example, or Divine help)

    A bone by itself can't gather power, if you want to animate a corpse, you need to provide thw power for it in advance and the corpse atays animated until power runs out. The more better the Necromancer, the higher the efficiency and thus the more animated corpses can do. Similarly with the use of Spirits to animate golems.

      Zedicous @Zedicous ago

      What if it is done to the bone of a still living being through blood magic.


      Tsaimath @Tsaimath ago

      Unless it is a being able to use high level body-magic (Flesh, Blood or something similar) and mid-level Ice-Magic, the Liquid Moonlight would rapidly freeze the bone and the surrounding fleah, killing it off. A being with the ability to control and extract the Liquid Moonlight would be able to make it without going through the trouble of using its bones for it.