Nameless: Ascent

by WinglessDragon99

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Everybody has a Name.

Names are a path to power, a gift from a god. When a child receives their Name, they learn the path their life will take, and they can see the strictly defined system that lets them rise beyond human limitations.

When Maiz receives his Name, he has the chance to become something he has only read about in history books--a God Chosen. But his path will force him to serve a dark master, and question what he will do to gain power.

Shadar is the Dungeon King, a man who spent years earning the right to lead an army of monsters in their struggle against humanity. He holds immense power, but he is constantly plagued by unrest among his subjects.

Two men poised to create new legends with ancient powers. Two men who must learn who they are in a world of Names.

(Contains an RPG-based magic system)

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  • Overall Score

Excellently written with a fascinating system. The premise and storyline brought me in, and the flow and lack of grammar mistakes kept me. Would highly reccomend for anyone looking for a well done LitRPG

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Great as of chapter 36, has a fairly unique take on the litrpg genre, the main character isn’t over powered at all as of yet, but with his “special” talent there might be some power creep as he builds up his repitore of abilities. Besides the occasional typo grammar is great and the story has good flow. Looking forward to more!

  • Overall Score

10/10 Writing, 8/10 story, yet somehow it manages to be so goddamn boring.

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(as of chapter 42)

During his divine naming day ceremony, the almost-slave Maiz rejects the normal titles (=professions) he is magically offered until he finds himself reaching the real divine trial where he then earns the unique title "Nameless" and becomes a God-Chosen. Back in the normal world he has to keep that a secret and is sent to military training because he poses as a spellsword. At the same time Shadar, powerful God-Chosen of the god of monsters/dungeons starts an invasion of the human lands...

Style: The story is told in third-person style, mostly from Maiz's point of view but sometimes the POV changes to Shadar or lately Hugan.

Story: This is a "poor youth gets a powerful ability and sets out to become a legend" type of story. While there have mostly been the expected tropes and the protagonist is gaining abilities rather quickly, there are quite a few interesting developments and the readers get to see some world-building. The system that governs the skills and professions is novel though and rather interesting.

Grammar: Some small errors but mostly well written.

Characters: The characters feel a bit one-dimensional in that they mostly follow their goals singlemindedly without exploring the other aspects or options that are open to them much. Instead of abusing his special power to learn as many powerful skills as possible Maiz just bumbles along.

'Nameless: Ascent' is a nice story if you want to pass the time being entertained but because it (so far) follows an expected course it doesn't reach the highest levels of suspense.

  • Overall Score

What can I call this?

The name is dark and ominous. I can think of several times Nameless has been used in literature in recent years. Its just one of those things. What I never expected from a litrpg is the subtleties that can be brought out.

This story feels like a heavier, more realistic, take on The completionist by Dakota Krout. There are similarities that can be drawn. Yet it stands all alone.

So far this is a well thought out system. Wheather that holds true further on is something to see but I am very much looking forward to it.

  • Overall Score

Really enjoying the story so far

I highly reccomend this story.  It's quite well written, and the system and world the writer is creating is quite interesting. 

  • Overall Score

This is really very good. The characterization in particular really stands out. It's solid all around, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the author takes it.

  • Overall Score

I'm liking this so far. Thanks for sharing.

A good story so far all things considered,  might have a bit of problem with the pacing,but the author has acknowledged this and will work on it.I'm enjoying the character's the author is creating but would like to get farther in the story before I can give a far more in depth review. all said, do give this story a try as while it may not be the creme de la creme of rrl, it's still a good read and who knows with a bit of effort it might just get there.

  • Overall Score

Logical, consistent, and well thought out

The title says it all. The story is logical, consistent and well thought out. People's actions are believable and the story moves at just the right pace. World building is mostly done through action and implication rather than the usual bland way that is done by bad authors. 

  • Overall Score

Just Don't Drop it. Very rearly we some good gems.