Tearha: Titan War

Tearha: Titan War

by aden_ng

A war had raged on for centuries in an isolated part of the world. Under a smog of burning rust, the continent of Katoki tore itself apart with Titan battles between mechs and golems.

With Adelaide Wiltkins and Joashden Stalewaver at her side, Lucinda Baerrinska returns to the Titan War she escaped from in hopes of finding a doctor to save her comatose sister, only to arrive to a new threat.

Elsewhere, deserter Shou Kenta performs an experiment that could change the outlook of the war and put an end to the conflict but finds himself back in the crosshair of the army he had escaped from.

As the players move onto the board, the wheels of the eternal conflict begin to tremble.

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Group Leader (III)
4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
50 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Regalia ago
Chapter One: Leviathan ago
Chapter Two: Badavard ago
Chapter Three: Peuchen ago
Chapter Four: Ohmir ago
Chapter Five: Ampyre ago
Chapter Six: Muspell ago
Chapter Seven: Gnome ago
Chapter Eight: Praise Nazarene ago
Chapter Nine: Rushtae ago
Chapter Ten: Greater ago
Chapter Eleven: Harvestfall ago
Chapter Twelve: Death Toll ago
Chapter Thirteen: Umbra ago
Chapter Fourteen: The Eighth Plague ago
Chapter Fifteen: Wyndham ago
Interlude: I, Mecha ago
Chapter Sixteen: The Long Slope ago
Chapter Seventeen: The First to Run ago
Chapter Eighteen: One-Way Trip ago
Chapter Nineteen: Citidale ago
Chapter Twenty: Girls Night Out ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Titans May Die ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Reality Marble ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Gasp ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Corlyle ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Shou Kenta ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Second Wing ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Flashbang ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Lachesis ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Story of Alone ago
Chapter Thirty: Drums of War ago
Chapter Thirty-One: To Kill Innocence ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Ball of Hope ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Grumblehorn ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Rescue ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: I Was Dead, Now Alive ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Roll Out ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Trashsite ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: E.M.P ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: 48 Seconds ago
Chapter Forty: Vayngue ago
Chapter Forty-One: No Redemption Ergo ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Titan War ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Coins ago
Chapter Forty-Four: The King at End Time ago
Chapter Forty-Five: Eccles ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Galia ago
Epilogue: Titan War ago
Afterword ago

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