I go pale and lose consciousness when I realise that I never heard any voice, my ears have only heard me speak so far.

I bolt up in a cold sweat, let out a breath and then freeze. Pure darkness check, cold stone check, unknown voice that speaks to my mind..... "Hello?"... good no voice. I release another breath and steady myself. I get up and conclude I have been here longer then I think and it has already caused mental problems or I have a weak mind that goes into hallucinations only after a few hours, who knows if this is normal or not. I have to get out of here and see some daylight.

"Hello again."

I jump up in fright and shortly crash to the ground. I mutter to myself "no, no, just voices, concentrate, I will get out of here" and start calming myself to resume my search of the floor.

"I am not a voice inside your head, I am talking to you using telepathy."

"Meh, I have never had any mental problems before, is it the darkness?"

"Why is telepathy something that you try to deny? Do you not know about the existence of magic?"

"Well, maybe because it does not exist!"

"I am using a spell to send my thoughts to your mind, I am sure high ranked human mages have something similar."

"Magic? Bahahah, magic does not exist and you do not either."

"How about a demonstration?"

"Sure, sure, just teleport me back home or make yourself disappear." Gallons of water splash on my head, I sober up from my previous muddle headed state and my mind goes into circles again.

"Is that to your satisfaction."

A few minutes pass before I calm down, I start to feel the back of my head, maybe telepathy is possible? Using some kind of implant or something, I deny the possibility of magic.


"Why not?"

"There are many different ways to pour water on somebody in complete darkness." Especially considering I did not move from the spot where I woke up, it could be set up before hand.

"Let me show you something that you will not be able to deny."

I hear an overwhelming noise of clinking coins, I turn over to the noise. I feel the ground tremble and something large moving, then I see a giant fireball overhead, but what really catches my undivided attention is the origin of that fireball. I gaze upon 2 blue orbs that are staring right at me, I se...

*Unknown POV*

Not this again... but it is expected of a mortal human. Where has he lived for him not to know of magic?... But the manner in which he appeared is beyond my knowledge... Did a god send him to me? Whatever his origin, this human is not as simple as he seems... Oh, he has urinated himself... I think it is best to suppress his fear from now on. Hmmm, I can examine him closer under the excuse of cleaning him...


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Seventus Almagar @Seventus Almagar ago

One of the best ways for me to tell whether or not I will like an authors writing is if the main character often passes out at the end of a chapter like a transition. My warning bells go off immediately. I am telling you this in case you wish to improve upon your writing, but I'm gonna stop reading here. Best of luck with your story though.

    Tony Ippolitov

    Tony Ippolitov @Tony Ippolitov ago

    Yeah, passing out 2 chapters in a row does not set a good precedent for the future. I failed to take notice of this matter when I was editing my work yet I feel like this is the natural course of events the story should follow. For what it's worth the MC does not go unconscious for the next 50 chapters I have written and most likely the whole first book. Anyway, thanks.

      Seventus Almagar @Seventus Almagar ago

      Yeah no problem. I should've mentioned that it's the same kind of thing as when the MC always wakes up at the beginning of the chapter and then goes to sleep at the end of the chapter. It's a common problem for newer writers and I remember writing that way a long time ago. Just wanted to mention it in case you found it useful.

BarriaKarl @BarriaKarl ago

*The MC pissed himself and passed out, his fall was cushioned by the dragon. The dragon is annoyed by the MCs involuntary actions.*

This doesnt fit the story mood IMO. Sounds amateurish.

I suggest writing it out in 3rd (?) person view and having the dragon mutter something or sigh. Maybe some thing like: "Not this again..."