A voice out of nowhere says: "Salutations"

I freeze up, a few seconds pass and I respond "Hello".

"How have you come to be inside my domicile?"

This raises my right eyebrow, not his strange manner of speech but that he does not know how I got inside his house. "I have not the slightest clue how I came to be inside your domicile. I woke up here and the last thing I remember is falling asleep in my bed" After my answer I hear the sound of coins, most likely the person is there so I turn towards him.

"Where do you come from?"

Should I tell him my home address? "Umm, Bilbao." Damn why did I say I have no idea how I got here, I could have mentioned that my friend told me this would happen today or something. Now he knows that most likely my family and friends have no idea about my current location.

*Silence* What you do not know Bilbao? I am still in europe, right?


*Silence* Is he suspicious of me or thinking on his next course of actions?

"Ehm, Hello? Are you there?"

"Yes, I am present, I do not recognize those names."

"What? How can you n... Ahh, I get it, is this part of the setting? So that the dragon replica has more effect on me? Next are you going to tell me that magic exists?"


"What? I spoiled the fun? Well I am not having fun at all crawling around on cold stone for hours on end. Can you just get on with the joke?"


The silence makes me frown, what if this guy has intentions that are more threatening then just an elaborate joke. I unconsciously take a step back before I realise I am at his mercy. I feel a shudder run through me as I start looking in all directions but all I see is pure darkness as before. I start to feel real fear set in and panic starts to swell in me. My heartrate speeds up as my breath becomes deeper and quicker.

"Calm, you are safe."

Instantly my fear and panic disappears, I am utterly flabbergasted when I realise that I have calmed down. My mind goes in circles trying to understand, first I feel a load of confusion then I feel anger at this control of my emotions finally my mind realises that I can not feel fear. This makes my mind go blank, as I am forced to accept reality of having lost my fear.

"Impossible... what?, what, how?" I can only think of hypnosis as a explanation of his control over my fear.

"You hypnotized me?" How? To have such a strong effect on my emotions... what else has he done to me? How much time is needed for such control over my emotions... how long have I been here?

I am trying to deny what is happening inside my mind when I freeze, I realised something else, something very important. Something that breaks whatever removed my fear and it comes crashing down again ten fold, the thing that removed my fear could not completely control my mind when the situation hits me. I grow pale and my vision goes black when I realise...


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BarriaKarl @BarriaKarl ago

Stop! Dont write who is speaking. If you REALLY want to make it stand out I reccomend bolding it and maybe upping the font? And colors are off-limits too.

Oh, and your cliffs are too steep. Almost as if the chapters didnt properly end. So take easy on those.

    Tony Ippolitov

    Tony Ippolitov @Tony Ippolitov ago

    I think I have just dicovered I have some kind of OCD relating to stating who is curretly speaking... I am sorry if it distracts from the story too much, I will try to remove such direct indicators of who is currently talking and use indirect indicators for a more natural flow of speech.

    Yeah I overdid it with the cliffs during the first few chapters...