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I just don't know how to get a dropped tag. 

Lilly just does her job and she doesn’t ask questions, she doesn’t have to, after all, she gets paid. But when she is requested to do something that crosses her bottom line, what will she do? And how will it affect her future?

So I'm back in school now and I'm not busy at all, my teachers are awesome and we have no homework. But I'm lazy and I've got no motivation so I'm sorry to say that the book is dropped.

And I know that I'm saying this almost a month after the latest chapter was posted but I feel so bad about it that I kept putting it off. I have chapter 8 but it's terrible and part of why I ended up dropping it. I just can't get it right and my motivation is gone. I'm saying this now because I'm done beating myself up over it. I tried, that's better than most.

To all my 27 followers and 3 favorites, I'm sorry. You're not many, but it means a lot to that you enjoyed my story while it lasted. Thank you.


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DK Safdar

I like it and it's only at chapter 3~ (7 now)

I can't say it's top of RRL, More so I'm Reviewing from  CHAPTER 3 (EDITED on Chapter 7) Clearly, This isn't going to a too long review (DKS: In retrospect I realize I rant a LOT). I like the start of it. Assassin? Check. Female Badass Mage AND Witch Assassin? Check. Seems to have a personal Moral compass that can somewhat be called hypocritical? Check, but ignored, the story is decent enough for me to ignore that. The Main Character is certainly an interesting person (personal opinion Most likely not the same as others) She gets drunk like normal people, and it's obvious she has personal flaws. Oh, and her sarcasm is quite something I like. On the writing side... It's not the highest of quality, but I basically have no care for that type of quality (I/E- grammar(Ignored by me), Dialogue (Which as of chapter three was fixed so you might not see it.)). I've forgotten anything else I had to say cause I just realized I've been ranting, so I suppose that's all? The author is a noob so It'll just get better from here on out (I hope, and I did not mean noob in an offensive way)

As of Chapter 7: The Dialogue got much better, but there may be a need for more spacing of the dialogue between the lines instead of directly above each other like the paragraph above this one.

Note that this is just from chapter 3 (7 now) so be free to berate me for jumping on a few planks, when the boat basically isn't even started being built

Now it's a flimsy raft made of a few logs and lacking rope. 


This Eternal thanks you for reading to this point