Rebirth of the Undead King

by InkBamboo

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Rebirth of The Undead King chronicles the journey of a young village boy who seeks revenge from the monarchy of his kingdom. His opportunity presents itself when he finds the remaining soul fragment of a fallen god, betrayed by his peers, with as much desire for revenge as him.

With the fallen god Amro as his teacher, Zaros will come to learn of the ways of the world. Once presented with the cruelty of society and the dark nature of humanity, will he choose to uphold his ideals? Or will he embrace the legacy of his benefactor?

Witness their story in a world filled with mages, knights and magical creatures as both of them reap whoever stands in the way of their revenge. Witness the birth of a new Overlord of Death.


Old Synopsis:

Greed is the nature of all living beings; the same could be said of death. 

There is life because there is death, and there is death because there is life. Every living being will come to die eventually. 

However, the god of Death didn't expect his own so soon after being betrayed by the other gods in their pursuit of immortality. As he embraced his own death, the desire for revenge made him activate his remaining phylactery; a fragment of his soul hidden in the mortal world of Gaia. 

What happens when a young man, persecuted by the King's troops embraces death? Well, death embraces him back. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
New announcement - Vol I and Vol 2 in RRL for the time being. ago
Prologue: The death of the undying. ago
Chapter 001: The fate of a town is to perish; the fate of a man is to live. ago
Chapter 002: Fated. ago
Chapter 003: A wolf’s last wish. ago
Chapter 004: Revenge’s first steps. ago
Chapter 005: Awakening to a new goal. ago
Chapter 006: Saying goodbye. ago
Chapter 007: A talented actor. ago
Chapter 008: Slums. ago
Chapter 009: To recruit or to be recruited? ago
Chapter 010: Taking over. ago
Chapter 011: Preparing for advancement (1) ago
Chapter 012: Preparing for advancement (2) ago
Chapter 013: A treacherous plan. ago
Chapter 014: Refusing the status quo. ago
Chapter 015: A call to arms. ago
Chapter 016: Retaliation (1) ago
Chapter 017: Retaliation (2) ago
Chapter 018: Retaliation (3) ago
Chapter 019: Jackpot. ago
Chapter 020: An unfortunate coincidence. ago
Chapter 021: Two bishops enter the board. ago
Chapter 022: Rival alliance. ago
Chapter 023: A cup of tea over a cup of poison. ago
Chapter 024: Tainted Alchemy. ago
Chapter 025: Broken perspectives. ago
Chapter 026: Hope. ago
Chapter 027: A puppet master’s performance. ago
Chapter 028: Target ago
Chapter 029: Break. ago
Chapter 030: Revelations. ago
Volume I Epilogue: Wanted. ago
Side story: The dusk of the gods. ago
Volume II Prologue: Journey. ago
Chapter 031: Ritual. ago
Chapter 032: Divination. ago
Chapter 033: Mission. ago
Chapter 034: Journey. ago
Chapter 035: Conflict of interest. ago
Chapter 036: Introductions. ago
Chapter 037: Politics. ago
Chapter 38: Found you. ago
Chapter 039: Try again. ago
Chapter 040: A show of strength. ago
Chapter 041: Volunteer. ago
Chapter 042: Goals. ago

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Volume 1 completed.


The world is well developed, with lots of plots and characters moving about in the background, and many more people making their moves unseen. The main characters are interesting and the magic system seems close to standard but with its own twist. 

The story makes liberal use of smaller time skips, moving past anything that seems uninteresting. (training, days where nothing happens, etc.)

The story is about political games being played around the MC. It focusses on the corruption, greed, and the more unsavory parts of human nature. The MC, as the only 'good guy' then proceeds to waltz through the opposition, or convince them with kindness. I find this interesting, yet I would also like to see more of the development of our MC. I do think that the start could have gone a bit slower. As he seems to have been rushed from his home village to the starter one.

For now, I recommend keeping an eye on this as it has potential and a large number of updates till it is caught up.

This review will be updated later.

Twice Gibbsed
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As of writing this I'm upto date [Chapter 38]

I'm really enjoying this novel. The story isnt a completely original concept, that doesnt stop me from really liking it. The author has a pretty good pace for the story i.e he doesnt get bogged down into the details - for instance he dosnt take 30 chapters to have the MC walk through a forest like other webnovels have [Truly thanks for that!].

The characters are enjoyable, I especially approve of the intro to Volume 2 and the developement within. The MC isnt omniscient and the problems he faces dont just disappear or get solved "cause hes the MC" actual work needs to be done.

I'm poroud to say that the grammar police in me hasnt found any issue with sentences or words.

  • Overall Score
  • Really good. I have nothing more to say. :|

Im awaiting volume 2 eagerly

  • Overall Score

What happens when a god falls and joins his soul with a random no talent child ? We'll find out. 

I've been bingeing this book the past week and just caught up today. The world has been built pretty well with interesting characters and places along with a developed magic system that follows more along the lines of body cultivation so far. I'll definitely be following this as chapters come out. 

  • Overall Score
You have a great story ill give you that ill give you 3.5 stars because of the misleading tag.