Rise of the Lord

by Thunder Surfer

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Ruling Class Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Gerald, born a Viscount's son, spent most of his life since he was six as an enemy Duke's 'ward', nothing short of a hostage. Until a shocking letter arrived requesting that he be sent back to inherit his father's territory and title.

Now he has to return and rule the ruin that is his family's lands. Bandits roam and enemies leer. Conspiracies brew and wars rage. Meanwhile, Gerald has to rise with his house from the ashes.


Schedule: Updates 4 times a week--> Monday-Thursday.


Maps: Tellus Viscounty - Asura Continent


Additional tags: Kingdom Building - Strategy - War - Army Building - Minor Wuxia Elements.

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Thunder Surfer

Thunder Surfer

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The much needed Kingdom building novel

So far the story is very interesting. The pacing of the story is excellent and the characters are interesting. Mc is smart and wise, never to take rash decisions(Uptil now). Since it is quite early, Characters personalities are yet to be moulded. But overall, I think it has a potential to become a great read.

P.S I like Kingdom building novels so I might be partial to them.

  • Overall Score

Reminds me of Servant of the Empire by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurtz.  Same sort of house fallen on dark times, holding on by the whiles of a clever but inexperienced lord who was thrust into the ruling position due to the untimely death of his father and brother.

Definitely recomend the read.

Diodato Adinolfi
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Too few chapters to say if it'll be a good or bad novel, but for the moment it's great, and hopefully it'll continue this way. I don't want to say nothing in particular but I advice you to read and give a try, the plot it's very plain for the moment but well build, there are emotions with sense and not random just to move forward with the plot, very good charachters. Briefly this novel has a lot of potential, waiting for its boom.

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I've read the first 27 chapters, the protagonist is still dealing with the bandit infestation of his territory at this point so the story hasn't progressed very far yet, but what I have seen so far is definitely impressive.

The grammar is good, the style is no-nonsense and to the point, very few wasted paragraphs (so you won't have to skim through half the text like some of the stories around here, I've gotten really good at skimming from reading webnovels lol, but in this one I've rarely had a reason to do so)

We follow the story of a young viscount who takes over an impoverished territory with bandit clans ruling more of his lands than not, and cousins vying for his seat as a viscount, plotting behind his back. He just gets plopped straight in the thick of political and real battles. Unlike many other kingdom building/management novels, the elements of the story, that is strategy, kingdom management and politics, and even action, are very nicely balanced so you won't get overloaded with any one aspect. You don't get chapters upon chapters of the same battle, you don't get chapters upon chapters of political debate or detailed reports on how the mc spends every coin in his treasury and earns it all back. You just get a nice balanced bit of everything comfortably spread out so that you won't get sick of any one thing before the next one takes over.

It's a really good story, with noticably good characters as well, definitely a worthwhile read for just about anyone.

There are some minor wuxia elements, with some special 'warriors' that are stronger than the average soldier and they have a grading system from 'warrior' to 'battle saint' or something, but so far it's pretty much just been people who are slightly stronger, sturdier, and faster and recover quicker than the average man, it's not over the top enough to bother anyone who is not into that (I'm not into that myself actually) and there has been no mention of magic, so it's a mostly realistic medieval fantasy. For reference the setting seems similar to Berserk before and during the band of the hawk parts of that story (aka before the demons became a thing) but the story itself of course is quite different.

  • Overall Score

Actual kingdom building

The story focuses on actual kingdom building. No magical interface that builds things for you, if you were stuck in the Middle Ages or sometime with bandits around your town and not enough gold in your treasury, how would you handle it? Due to the unique focus it's quite an interesting series so far. Potentially some mystical elements in the future.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Grammar is fine, I don't have any issues with the dialogue or story structure. It is a bit odd for the protagonist to be so educated at this point in time, but an easily fixable issue. The power dynamics between the houses and royalty seem odd to me and could perhaps be developed a bit further. 

  • Overall Score

Currently read up to chapter 15 and I can confirm that this novel shows great promise. If the current quality is upheld throughout the rest of the story it will soon become one of my favourite novels on Royalroadl. 

Keeo up the good work, hope this one gets finished because im really enjoying it :)

  • Overall Score

This story is a very well written one, I have been hopping to find a good kingdom building novel for some time and this one really satisfy me.

The story make sence with nothing forced, the MC is charismatic and feels like a real person.

The main motivation of the MC so far is to get enought strenght in his territory so he can safe his little sister from marring the pig son of the count. 

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I wasnt clear what I was getting into with a kingdom building story. It's not normally my cup of tea when it comes to reading. My early advice regarding this story is give it time. It is a slow build, but worth the wait if you put in the time as the author assembles all the pieces and maneuvers the characters.

The one flaw I felt in the story was that the characters felt a little flat and it felt like there was very little that distinguished one character from another from a personality perspective. I would like to see a stronger range of emotion from the characters and really make those emotions stand out a little more.

Otherwise it is a solid story that feels like it is just finding it's legs and building steam to what could be something great.

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Well written fiction. The MC is not overpowered, uses brains to solve his problems. MC is the underdog in the fight, but in his case the brains are lot more important then pure physical strength or magical.

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a wonder full story so far and I enjoyed every chapter .

if it contınues lıke thıs, then count me as a supporter.

and my personal thanks o the author for the story.