BASE Status: Online [An Unlikely Hero's Journey]

by EEngberts

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead LitRPG Magic Virtual Reality

2042-04-02 The Next Generation VRMMORPG will be released: Helheim Fallen!
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Willow's life hasn't been easy. She was diagnosed as autistic at a young age and she's been on the 'enough to survive' track for all her life. The only place she feels normal is when she plays VRMMORPGs on the BASE platform with her guild and close friends.
That is, until her best friend Violet gets a beta-invite for the new VRMMORPG Helheim Fallen and suddenly disappears.
Now, Willow has to follow the clues Violet left behind to find her and save her. Willow has to face her biggest fears and struggles and accidentally stumbles into a dark side of the BASE platform that she never realised existed.
Can she save Violet before more people go missing?

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