"Oh, you're back?" Says Noe, the class representative, and she walks to the Soseki table

"yup, Kyouka is sleeping, and it feels awkward, so i decided to go back" replies Soseki, he's already changed his uniform to the gym uniform, it is now the 3rd period, Soseki continues his word "...hey, class rep, if you want to hear the story, why don't you come to the infirmary at lunch? there's no other people inside that place, so it should be fine"

Noe nods to him, and she goes back to her friend, Soseki itself starts to group up with other guys, the guy that he chooses is the one that makes the joke about his eye, he walks and greets him "yo"

The one that makes the joke, stand up and say "Sorry once again!" and bows his head, Soseki replies him "..geez, i already told you that's fine, it was immature of me either, being angry by that", the boy replies to him again "so you did mad!" and bows his head many times.

After the boy finishes apologizing, he starts to talk with Soseki "right! i believe you don't know my name yet, my name is Agari Anzo" a plain-looking boy, his only trademark is that his apple model hair, introduces himself and Soseki replies him with "ah, okay then Clown, what do you guys talking about?" Even though Anzo just introduces himself, Soseki continues to call him Clown, the rest of the guy also introduces themselves one by one, and the talk that they have is ideal woman

"Since Natsume coming from the city! there must be pretty girl right?" says Anzo , Soseki replies him with "pretty huh, well if you say so, i guess there's many, pretty or not it's only matter of preference though, personally i think the girls in this class are okay", Anzo and the other two guy, get worked up by his word, and start to gives the rank of the girl inside their class, Soseki smile wryly and gives some of his opinions.

All of sudden Anzo asks him a Question "hey, is there some tips to catch lady attention? you know, city tips or something like that?" Soseki hearing this replies "eh? don't know, i mean you can't generalized all woman is the same right? every woman has their own preference" the other two guy give a boo at his boring question, Soseki gives a troubled face, and time pass while they talk like this, the 4th period is over, and now is lunch

before he able to leaves his seat, Noe already grabs his hand and pull him outside, Ogai can be seen waiting in front of the door either, they go to the canteen first, the canteen looks like a deserted place, there's only a vending machine and a lady that sell bread, he buys some bread and they continue to go to the infirmary

When they open the infirmary door, a maid can be seen walking outside, she nods to the three of them, and starts walking outside again, they walk in and find that Izumi already awakes, her uniform is clean, and she's eating alone inside the infirmary, her face isn't as pale as before. Soseki sees this replies with "oh.. you already eat, i bought some bread for you, but i guess that food should be better" , she replies him with a word of "sorry"

The other two greet her, she just replies with a small nod, before they're able to sit, Noe says "oh, Takumi-sensei isn't here, well now, Ex-Pla-In" she shifts her gaze to the Soseki and Ogai, Soseki sighs and start opening his bread and say "to cut this short, we got spirited away, and come back" after he says this, he starts to eat his bread

"nonono! ya see Noe! rite now the three of us can use persona!!" Ogai continues Soseki word, without explaining what is persona and other things, this makes Noe more confused than before, she shifts her gazes to Izumi

Izumi smile wryly, she puts her chopstick down and explains everything that they've been through, Noe listening to her story like children that hear a fairy tale, nodding her head back and forth and fall into the silent mode

Out of nowhere, Izumi continues her word "..Soseki-kun can i have some of that?" and she points toward Soseki bread, he replies with "Finish your lunch first, I'll give one later, what do you want?", Izumi replies back "melon"

Ogai retort at their action "don't flirt around ya two!! seriously! that really comes out of nowhere!"

Noe starts to speak and say "wait, how about that creature? what will happen if that creature keeps hugging Hito neck?" they are talking about Hito, the student that sits in front of Izumi.

Soseki replies her "i don't know, well if thinking about the worst case scenario, it is death, and the creature is already gone from his neck", and he opens another bread from its package, hearing a word death, Ogai and Noe reacted

"DEATH!??" says Ogai

"wait! , aren't that bad? shouldn't you guys try to help him?" says Noe

"you two don't hear me at all right? the creature is gone, and i don't see it the whole day either" says Soseki

"b....but Soseki-kun, there's a chance it comes back right? you know.... something like our persona, maybe it just surpressed or something like that" says Izumi

While Noe tries to persuade them doing extermination, on her word

Izumi, giving her opinion and says " the problem is we don't know how to enter someone dream,"

Soseki adding her word "and we don't know either defeating shadow in someone dreams related or not to the creature that hugging that boy's neck"

"but! can you guys at least do something?" Noe replies to those two, Soseki sighs and opens his book, trying to search is there something new written in it, and it is blank

"hm?" Soseki says this, while he tries to pick something that drops from his book, he picks it up and shows to the others

"oh.. it is quill pen from before" says Soseki

Izumi follows his word, opens her book and find "oh.. there's Ink pen dropping down too, but how?" and start to gaze into the ink pen

"huh!? what are ya two wondering about? it just slipped through inside the book right?" Ogai says this, Soseki replies to him "...i don't think something this big can be slipped inside without us noticing, and why don't you check yours?"

Ogai tries to search and find nothing inside his book

Noe on the other hand still looks worried and seems restless

Izumi finishes her lunch and starts to talk " Ito-san, you might now believe it since it comes from my mouth, but we'll try to do something about this, please, believe me" after saying this, her gaze changes into the melon bread

Soseki replies her word " we? ...... geez, you're really planning to go into his dream?" he sighs and continuing his word ".....can't be helped" and gives Izumi the melon bread

"just wait for tonight, I'll give you two the info tomorrow, ah give me your contact, and class rep, i have a feeling that situation will be chaotic or the four of us will get sent into the mental hospital, so please, try to keep this secret" says Soseki

Noe nods to his word, Izumi decides to go back into the class, and the day ends.


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