Clear Binding

by Yuiki

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Martial Arts Supernatural
A magical world filled with fantasies and mysteries , the story is about the
Valerian Continent is a land of mortals that has many magician , warriors , hunter , alchemist and so on.

The continent is so vast that it has not been completely mapped since there is a big threat
that roam in the unexplored part of the continent that may posses ancient treasures.

These so called threat are known as Predators , they are small in number but each of them possess enormous danger to humanity.

The origin is unknown because the predators themselves do not come from this world.

Neo a young boy who dream about vanquishing the beast and predators that roam around the continent to bring peace, that was little boy Neo dream.

The slight problem is that Neo does not posses any magic affinity , how will he become a hero that bring peace to his continent?!
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Book2Chapter 3 ago
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I see you also move it here

A easy going guy for dying 3 times already, but being 8 years old and always surrounded by people looking for his attention, may explain something.

I just would love to see him control and understand his power, or just that he could make a pact (simbiosis maybe) if his power is alive. I hate a OP chaotic and unpredictable power that a MC just dont care for it, and ignore every other way of getting stronger by other means.

Will be following

  • Overall Score

Great story might be some words that is wrong spelled but the story make up for it.

  • Overall Score

its really enjoyable story but  a lot of  weird thing


you say that the continent is HUGE but he go from south kingdom to north kingdom in 1 day? really?


and city is not part of the kingdom?


do you even know what the hell is kingdom?


or did the kingdom only a city state?


but really? even the principality of athena in the old greeks command the city around it 

sparta and macedonia is the same ( before conquest of alexander) so i really dont know what the hell is kingdom in your story

  • Overall Score

The grammar... is bad... welll it is understandable to say the least...  but wheeeeeww

  • Overall Score

Hip hip horraw for the author , I can't keep myself from gigeling and make stance noise such  keee ahhhh so cute !! !hehe Thanks Yukki your the best

  • Overall Score

first, your grammar is need a profreader

and second...the plot first i dont was oke but after a few chapters you really twisted it...

  • Overall Score

Good story, I like it

I like the MC, he is pretty cool.  I can't wait for more.

  • Overall Score

 This is a very good read with a very unique story, i'm looking forward to seeing what direction you are going to take this.

  • Overall Score

Heavy child porn.. it got a nice vibe at first.. but the plot grow worser..