Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]



Book 1 Milindo & The Holy City: Chapter 4: Mental Shock and God's Killer


While very shoddy and clearly crafted by someone with little-to-no experience, Lone was proud of his two teepees. Both he and Sophie crawled inside of one and passed their first night on this strange new world.

Lone awoke to a peculiar feeling. His chest was exceptionally heavy. Surely the coconut from yesterday hadn't made him gain sixty or seventy kilograms, now had it?

Opening his eyes and looking down, Lone quickly found the culprit. Sophie was laying on top of him with a few of his tails wrapped up in her arms. 'The poor kid... She must miss her parents, right?'

Lone carefully pushed the girl off of him and freed his tails before he left the teepee and made his way onto the beach. He stretched and watched the rising sun. "I should test my skills. After all, there might be some situations where I need to know how to use them, so I may as well learn now."

Having said that, Lone cleared a little bit of space and decided to test his Creation Magic skill first. From its description, he could create anything that existed in this world with his mana points so long as he could imagine it.

"I guess a knife? Hmm, then again, I'm probably going to have to start hunting for meat soon too. Protein is important in a normal person's diet after all, so maybe a bow or a spear?" Lone wondered aloud.

He recalled how bad he was at shooting with a bow and arrow as a child when he got the chance to practice archery during a school trip, so he decided to try a spear first.

"What are spears even made of? A wooden shaft and a metal tip I suppose. I know more about spear types and where or when they came from, not how they were made..." Lone complained.

He closed his eyes and pictured a very simple spear. He had decided to use the common beginner's spear from the online game that he had played for the better part of the last five years.


Item does not exist on Altros, however, there is an innumerable amount like it. 5,000 MP has been consumed to compensate for the difference.

The host has a great understanding of the item but does not know anything regarding its construction. 1,000 base MP cost. 500 additional MP has been consumed to compensate for the lack of knowledge.

6,500 total MP has been consumed to create the item: [Beginner's Spear].


A wooden spear with a long and sharp head fell to the sand in front of Lone. Similarly, Lone also collapsed onto the ground. He clutched his head and screamed in pain.


Warning! The host has consumed more MP than they possess. Bracket of extra consumption: 0-5,000MP. MP has been sealed for 1-hour.


The host has developed the passive skill: Mental Pain Resistance.


Passive Skill: Mental Pain Resistance

A skill that helps protect the host's mind.

Reduces the effects suffered from overusing MP by 5%. All mental pains will be weakened by 5%.

Cost: N/A
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


Lone could barely read the messages that flickered in front of his eyes before he passed out from the suffering he was trying to endure. Quite clearly, at only beginner level-one, this wasn't a very useful skill.

"Mmm?" Lone raised his body and held his still throbbing head. 

He looked around and saw half of a coconut next to him with its water still inside. Lone looked around and saw Sophie nibbling away at her own half.

Lone carefully picked up the coconut and sat next to the small girl. "You got this for me?"

"... Yeah..." Sophie replied shyly.

"Thank you," Lone said and he then began drinking the somewhat sweet liquid inside of the fruit. He looked at the ocean and asked the girl a question that some people might have thought was insensitive, given the circumstances. "Do you miss your parents?"

Sophie looked shocked for a moment but she quickly realised that Lone was simply worried about her. "No... They both died almost a thousand years ago..."

"I see..." Lone took a bite out of his coconut and almost spat it out immediately. "Wait! What?! A thousand years ago?!"

Sophie nodded her head and tried her best to not get frightened by Lone's yelling. Seeing how uncomfortable he was making her, Lone realised his mistake. "Sorry for shouting... Just... what do you mean by 'a thousand years ago'? You can't be any older than nine or ten."

Sophie smiled bitterly as if she was remembering a painful memory. "I'm immortal... Or at least, I should be. I think that ability of mine got sealed when we came here..."

'She's full of shit, right? Did she go nuts when we came here?' Lone didn't reply out loud. He suddenly recalled something that the young girl had said when they had first met in that weird black space. "What did you mean by 'my dimension'? You said that before we came here, didn't you?"

"Mmm... I don't want to talk about it, but I'll tell you if you let me squeeze one of your tails." Sophie very clearly had her priorities set in order.

Lone moved one of the fluffy limbs as carefully as he could onto Sophie's lap. He still wasn't very used to these new additions to his body, so it moved very awkwardly. The young girl grabbed it and hugged the soft and furry limb with both of her arms.

"I was just a normal girl, but one day I found out I couldn't age anymore and I also couldn't die... A man who called himself 'God' forced a lot of men to hunt me for about two-hundred years... what were they called again... Knights Tem... Tem... Tem something," Sophie explained with a very sad tone to her voice.

Lone's eyes almost popped out of his head after hearing that. 'The Knights Templar?! What?! So the holy crusades... they were all to find this one girl? More importantly, she escaped them for two full centuries? That's insane... There's no way that's true.' He recalled the fact that he had been launched into an apparently 'new world' with tails and fox ears by an asshat of a god. Suddenly, Sophie's claims didn't sound so stupid now.

Were it any other person in any other situation, Lone would have completely ignored them. However, this girl had quite clearly teleported in front of him, and from what he could tell, that was a subconscious action and it wasn't a skill that she had just learnt in a couple of days. More and more reasons to believe her were springing up.

Sophie smiled sweetly and wiped away the tears that were building up in her eyes. "They eventually caught me and locked me up for a long, long time. After that, I got revenge on God and killed him before living in his home, a pocket dimension that sat above Earth."

"You... you killed God?" Lone was more than shocked. Did this girl really kill the deity that so many people worshipped and prayed to every day? Her rising credibility was beginning to diminish.

"Mmm... I don't want to talk about this anymore..." Sophie was very close to bursting out into a fit of sobbing. These were very painful memories for her and she had struggled to tell them to Lone, a stranger who had shown nothing but kindness to her from the moment they had first met.

"Thank you for telling me," Lone said softly. 'Let's take her words with a grain of salt. Maybe a few grains. I'll believe her. No reason not to, but if she really did kill God... Why is she so timid and childish? Best not to ask. I don't want to set her off accidentally. We were sent here together for a reason I'd wager. No point adding friction where it's not needed. Not yet at least.'

Just as Sophie was about to reply, a loud and ghastly shriek echoed out from the forest behind them. Lone whirled his head around and after narrowing his eyes, he could see a large brown-furred boar charging right at them.

Sophie screamed and froze in fear while Lone started to sweat. 'That thing's fucking huge! It must weight at least four-hundred kilos! Fuck! Why is it coming towards us?! One hit from those tusks and we're dead meat!'

Lone quickly stood up and grabbed Sophie. He ran to the side and barely avoided the boar as it tore through the spot they were just in. Like a car that had put the handbrake on, the wild animal ground to a halt and changed its direction.

"Shit! It's out for blood!" Lone exclaimed in fear.

He frantically looked around for something that could help in this situation and his eyes fell on the spear he had created before passing out. "Ahhh, damn it! Fine! I have no choice!"

Lone sprinted to the weapon that was laid next to the two teepees while still carrying Sophie. As soon as he grabbed the spear with his free hand, a gust of hot wind brushed past him and he could feel a searing pain from his side.

The enraged boar had ripped a large chunk of his flesh out as it trampled over and destroyed the two makeshift sleeping spaces. "Ahhhhhhhh!" Lone cried out in agony. 'I worked hard on those, you fat fucking pig!'

The boar swivelled around and stomped its hoof into the ground before it puffed out a bunch of air from its nostrils. Lone was in trouble. If he couldn't kill this beast, both he and the young girl, Sophie, would die here today.

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