The Wielder of Chains-Chronicles of a Patchwork World

by bkwrm196

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Set centuries after the advent of the System, modern society has collapsed, our cities destroyed by the monsters that now dwell within their ruins. In the early days of the system there were many heroes and villains, but their time has passed and a new society has been built on what they left behind. We follow a young man as he journeys through this hostile world in the hopes of discovering what caused the system to suddenly appear in the first place.

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Top List #1500
Word Count (16)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Kyle and Fi (Old Version) ago
Classes and Companions (Old Version) ago
Gifts and Skills (Old Version) ago
Get outta town (Old Version) ago
Learning Experience(s) (Old Version) ago
Hitting his stride (Old Version) ago
It's a Dirty Job (Old Version) ago
Partying Up (Old Version) ago
Learning the Ropes (Old Version) ago
In the Zone (Old Version) ago
The Chase Begins (Old Version) ago
Chapter 12: Scaled Razorback (Old Version) ago
Chapter 13-Back to Farholt (Old Version) ago
Not a chapter ago
Chapter 1 (Rewrite)- Happy Days ago
Chapter 2 (rewrite)- Dark Nights ago
Chapter 3-Tough Love ago
Chapter 4- Hard Work Pays Off ago
An opportunity awaits ago
An unexpected development ago
Chapter 7- Grudges go both ways ago
Chapter 8- The Little Monsters ago
Chapter 9- Raising the Stakes ago
Chapter 10-Will Made Manifest ago
Chapter 11- The Pursuit ago
Chapter 12- Showdown in the Forest ago
Chapter 13- The Meaning Behind a Name ago
Chapter 14- Aftermath ago
Chapter 15- Work Experience ago
Chapter 16- Ambush ago
Chapter 17- On the Level ago
Chapter 18- Divine Beast ago
Chapter 19- Together ago
Chapter 20- Jerald vs the Boss ago
Chapter 21- Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 22- While You Were Gone ago
Chapter 23- Eve of Departure ago
Chapter 24- The Dungeon Town ago
Chapter 25- The Adventurers School ago
Chapter 26- Finding his place ago
Chapter 27- The First Lesson ago
Chapter 28- Unassailable ago
Chapter 29- The Oddballs ago
Chapter 30- The Test (Part 1) ago
Chapter 31- The Test (Part 2) ago
Chapter 32- The Test (Part 3) ago
Chapter 33- The Test (Part 4) ago
Chapter 34- The Test (Part 5) ago
Chapter 35- Ambushing the ambushers ago
Chapter 36- Trap Sprung ago
Chapter 37- Reaping the rewards ago
Chapter 38- Teaming Up ago
Chapter 39- The Siege of Greenhearth ago
Chapter 40- Return ago
Chapter 41- Teamwork ago
Chapter 42- At the end of their rope ago
Chapter 43 ago
Chapter 44 ago
Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46 ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51 ago
Chapter 52 ago
Chapter 53 ago
Chapter 54 ago
Chapter 55 ago
Chapter 56 ago
Chapter 57 ago
Chapter 58 ago
Chapter 59 ago
Chapter 60 ago
Chapter 61 ago
Chapter 62 ago
Chapter 63 ago
Chapter 64 ago
Chapter 65 ago
Chapter 66 ago
Chapter 67 ago
Chapter 68 ago
Chapter 69 ago
Chapter 70 ago

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A little good, a little bad

So to give a preface my review,  I found/read/cought up in this fiction right before he added the (Old Version) to the old chaps, so I read them.

The auther decided to completely rewrite the fiction about two months ago, and I do agree with some off the reasons listed, the better grammer/spelling and writing skills displayed in the new one have been nice.  But I believe the auther made a mistake completely rewriting the story anew.

(I'm sure there are people who will disagree with me and my reasons for this but I'm writing this and if you disagree you should review it too)

The original story was in my opinion better.  It had a cool background ground being built and the way skills and progression worked were fairly unique.  I liked the instinctual way the skills worked and how classes functioned.

I also liked the way magic was hinted at working better. (Althought there was not enough of it shown to tell for sure)

The newer one is better written, but so far the characters and overall story have been more "meh" then the original.

The way classes work hasn't been explained enough to tell the differnce yet, so I wont critique that. (Or if it has been I missed it)

The way skills work where you unlock sub-skills for them as you progress is still interesting, but I think the original was better in the way you unlocked skills and had to be smart about which ones you purchased after unlocking them.

(The auther said he thought it was limiting the mc, but I disagree)

I also think the aetherial human thing should have been left out, as while he does use magic, the most usefull things for him world be the phisical stats. Although I do have to admit, the racial skill he unlocked for that is pretty cool

Now I do have to say that some of the problems/complaints I listed could be remedied as the rewrite gets farther along, I still don't think the new one would be as good. Now don't get me wrong, the old one could have used some work, but instead of rewriting it, I think it would have been better to work on ironing out the problems and maybe adding a few chapters within it then completely rewriting it.

I DO think that their both good stories, I just think the older one was better.


A good journey begins

I've been with this story since the original version and seeing the differences between the two, I am glad that he rewrote it. Even though the background for Kyle seemed more interesting when it was traumatic, the new approach is very interesting because now he isn't trying to do everything mostly on his own. The new way the System works has improved as well because it was going to fill up in no time leaving Kyle stuck at a paltry amount of skills for too long. 

though this new story isn't updated as frequently as I, or even the author, would like, it is shaping up to be a very strong read, because the MC isn't trying to be a hero, nor is he an another or even vigilante. He is simply the son of two famous ex-adventures, following in their footsteps. He has good morals and a fun personality. 

The journey with Kyle may just be getting started, but it is shaping up to be a good one.