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A few folks have asked. So, here is the explanation. Yes. The updates are a little shorter than previous updates. This is because I will be updating more often. I planned to do some writing today, but with my mother down at the beach it was hard to concentrate.

Don't want to go into it, but she's on a portable oxygen concentrator. So, I worry when she's a couple of hours away in a truck that occasionally decides it doesn't want to start. She got back safely, though. :)

Anyway, I tried to write. couldn't get focused. Turned to art. yesterday, I did something that made some folks super happy. I made a new book cover for volume 2. It is closer to my original desired book cover. My old potato did its best it could not render anything close to this scene. The new one did great. Anyway. Perhaps not the best cover in the history of time, but everyone who has seen it has agreed that it is a serious improvement over the old one.

If you already own Blackthorne volume 2 { Buy it here on Amazon otherwise} You can go update the ebook file through kindle. Nothing else changed, other than amazon being cheap bastards. They dropped the 352 pages to 350. No content change at all... yet, two less pages. Who knew?

As for art. The new book cover first:

Now for the art of the day. This may be a bit of a spoiler but.. I have been working on Blackthorne's official look a bit. Probably should tone down the bloom filter, and may need to make his armor less shiny for the sake of visibility. lol. Still. It's a good start. Took a long time today to get him close to right.

Branwen swiped her wickedly sharp claws down at him. Even though he was aware of her movements, the speed and ferocity of the attack were impossible to ignore. He narrowly slipped sideways to avoid the first strike from the right but found himself on the receiving end of another strike from the left. He claws lashed across his chest tearing a shallow gouge in his flesh.

Like a wild beast, she continued to lash out at him. Blackthorne dodged and twisted around the attacks but found no openings to exploit. Her movements were tight. Precise. He was certain that his stats were higher, but her skill at fighting hand-to-hand was clearly higher than his own.

The worst part of it for him was the fact that he could sense little from her. He could not feel her thoughts to any great extent, unless that thought was a pure desire to tear him apart. He did feel that much from her.

“Stop playing with him!” snapped Dallen.

Branwen never changed her attack rhythm. She was completely devoted to the defeat of her enemy.

Blackthorne was at a loss. He could not get much of a read from her. Initially, he wanted to see if taking out her owner would cause her to stop her attack. He could barely get anything from her, however. Whether it was her race, an item, her stats, or even a skill he could not say. Even so, while she could not stop his attempt to see into her, she could deny him the ability to find anything useful.

There was no helping the situation. She was a slave sent to attack him at the behest of her master, true, but nothing good would come of him refusing to fight back.

He hopped straight upward to avoid a powerful leg sweep then immediately realized the trap. The world seemingly went into slow motion as she transferred the kinetic energy of her leg sweep into a powerful spinning uppercut.

A blow of incredible strength and ferocity, Blackthorne would be feeling it for days. Rather, he should have felt it. Instead the only thing that Branwen’s fist connected with was a mass of pure darkness.

“Wha—?” asked Dallen even as that darkness streamed toward him with great speed.

Branwen looked on dumbfounded for a split-second then realized what had happened. She took off after the incorporeal cloud, but it was too late. Blackthorne completely engulfed her master.

A lashing wave of pure terror washed over the man. Dallen shrieked in a high-pitched manner and fell to the ground. He clawed at his face and rolled around on the ground as the existential nightmare assaulted every facet of his being.

Blackthorne fully intended to use the same trick that he’d used against Girtablilu. However, Branwen had other ideas. She slapped her hands together then thrust their heels forward in a way that opened her palms. A torrent of flame shot from her hands and engulfed the dark mass.

Pain! Blackthorne’s agonized shout rocked the room. The dragon fire scorched his very essence. In his current form, he could not resist that power and it even did extra damage!

He quickly flew to the other side of her master and revealed his shrieking form. Forced to relinquish her flames due to her master’s proximity, she instead chose to run toward her opponent.

Blackthorne reformed into his human shape then frowned at her. He did not have enough time to counter her movements. Once again, he was forced onto the defensive.

This was a true battle of monsters. He knew in that moment that he had no choice. He had to treat her like the enemy combatant that she was, even if it meant the worst for her. Otherwise, she would take him down and then it would be all over for him.

He began to fight back in that moment. She launched a series of attacks, but the moment before she would have hit him, he shifted into shadow form. Before she could recover, he reformed slightly to her left then punched her where her kidneys should be located. One could never tell with a different species, humanoid or not.

Branwen grunted as his unrestrained strength impacted her body with enough force to send her staggering to the side, but she said nothing else. Her eyes seemed to glow slightly, however that was the extent of her admission of pain.

Blackthorne did not need his draconic sight to see that Branwen was accustomed to pain. Given what her owner had claimed, he had even reformed her body to meet his needs. Nothing about her belonged solely to her.

She unleashed a powerful shout that caused Blackthorne to stagger backwards himself. Her aura was embedded in her voice, and their proximity had increased the potency of both tools.

Instinctively, he clutched at his ears. That was all that it took. One instinctive movement to defend his sense of hearing.

Branwen slammed her elbow into his chest to stagger him further then swept his legs out from under him with a powerful kick to his shins. On the way down, she twisted around and grab his head then went with his momentum. She rammed his face into the stone tile of the court room floor with enough force to send a spiderweb of cracks racing out from the point of impact.

No emotion evident in her gaze, she took him by the hair and raised his head up once more. She slammed his face down again. Any normal man would have been broken completely by the force of her blows. They did rattle Blackthorne for a moment, but his ability for self-recovery was the stuff of legend.

The third time she attempted to slam his face into the ground, her fingers clasped only darkness. Immediately, she hopped back and slapped her hands together. This time, however, it was she who failed to defend against the sudden reversal of fate.

He reformed just before she could use her dragon fire and chopped down on her arms with his right arm while grabbing her face. Multi-tasking to the extreme, he simultaneously called out, “Imperious Burn!”

His fire spell could do no damage to someone of her caliber, but there was more to the spell than damage. Fire produced more than heat, it also made light. He unleashed all of that burning light directly against her eyes.

She finally showed a sign of distress as her feminine shrieked rocked the arena. Blackthorne, swept her legs from under her and copied her earlier move. He rammed her face repeatedly into the ground with stone cracking force.

In this battle of monsters, however, such things were damaging but not lethal. She too had a great ability to recover. She also had one ability that Blackthorne had not counted on. Dragon fire erupted from every part of her body.

Scorched and in pain, he was forced back by those potent flames. However, the fire did not die away.

Branwen rose to her feet then turned to him slowly. The fire that wreathed her body shifted. Though she could not turn into a dragon, the flames took on the form of wings and flaming claws. In many ways the effect resembled what happened during his awakening.

She began to walk toward him with powerful steps that radiated deadly intent. The stone beneath her feet began to singe and then to crack with each step she took forward.

Blackthorne eyed her critically, blood sliding down from his nose and the corners of his eyes. “Fine…” he said, as his eyes began to glow brightly. She wanted to play with fire. He would show her just how much it burned.

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FlavorTown ago

honestly find this fight ridiculous. no solid point but just the overall feel, i could spend 2 paragraphs writing it out but i won't.

    pinzig ago

    I would say that the bothersome point is that he'd rather leave the scumbag slaver alive so that he can toture him to death for 'justice', and beatdown the slavedragongirl, instead of just offing the scumbag and saving the girl. Seriously, why is that guy still alive?

      Scottf14 ago

      He literally tried to go after the slaver first, and she literally set him on fire. He has to take one down to take the other down.

      pinzig ago

      Sure, but his chosen method of attack was to torture him in the black cloud. A quick slash, an instant kill, would have sufficed, but he went for the drawn out kill.... which got interrupted.

      Just cut his throat, or snap his neck. Dead is dead. It's because he went for the torture-kill instead of the quick finish that he got interrupted.


      A lashing wave of pure terror washed over the man. Dallen shrieked in a high-pitched manner and fell to the ground. He clawed at his face and rolled around on the ground as the existential nightmare assaulted every facet of his being.

      Blackthorne fully intended to use the same trick that he’d used against Girtablilu. "

      A cut throat or other form of instant kill would already have him dead and the slave freed, instead he went for tricky -- and she's going to pay for it.

      pinzig ago

      Today's chap addressed this, thanks!

Grimmheir ago

I have to ask, were you by any chance thinking of rufio when you styled scott's hair?

Fortunis Mortis ago

More importantly, the fight feels forced. I mean seriously. I get that he's (the author) trying to be suspenseful but it feels more like Blackthorne is being a dumbass. He's a dragon. Dragons don't bow to anything. He's bandied words a bit then instead of laying a dragon smackdown he literally blows smoke up everyone's asses. Had he gone full dragon immediately he could have taken slavery boys head clean off immediately.

I've never understood writers propensity to drag out scenes for dramatic effect. It's unrealistic. "Oh, I'm being attacked. Let me use my weakest powers then scale up dramatically till eventually, I win."

No, you drop a nuke on their ass, and if that doesn't work, you drop 5 more and maybe a small moon or two.

Sorry for the rant. Don't get me wrong in love the story. But this chap makes me want to bitchslap a dragon.

    Scottf14 ago

    If he did that, in full view of everyone, without even TRYING to do things the legal way he would be doing several things.

    1: Breaking with who he is chosing to become. He is a force aligned with the concept of law and justice. It influences him. He did not expect the judge to be corrupt. Yet, that is what happened.

    2. Seen as the absolute criminal in this situation, and not someone defending himself against coercive actions by corrupt people in charge. If he just decided to straight up murder people because he knew it was 'right' then where would that leave him? He'd be a murderer and no amount of 'I saw his soul was all dirty and icky, so I killed him' would save his image.

    3. Killing himself, and getting people he cares about hurt or re-enslaved in the process. Even if some random town in the middle of nowhere can't produce people to challenge him, this slaver literally brought someone who could. Blackthorne is just a big fish in a little pond. The rest of the ocean still has sharks.

      Fortunis Mortis ago

      I get that, but he's seen into their minds and he knows he can get the proof required to show they were corrupt assholes. What more does he need? Once he shows people he was in the right justice is served.

      I guess my take on it is once the fight starts rules go out the window. It doesn't matter WHY the fight started.

      Take the whole justice dragon thing into account and his outright refusal to do anything these assclowns want and it's already escalated past the point of no return. They even already threatened him with calling in the king unless I'm miss remembering that part.

      You're the author, so I guess you know best how to portray your own character and like I said I love the story so far. This is just my two cents on this particular scene.

      mogamepro ago

      I'll just add that even if he knows where to get the proof, it would have to wait until after things are settled here if he killed them. And by that point the people's minds would be made up and even with evidence it can be incredibly difficult to change people's minds about him. Killing the slaver and/or judge before proving to the people they're criminals and while there were still more peaceful alternatives would just make people think Blackthrone is a madman, psycho, monster, or whatever you want to call it.

      Scottf14 ago

      Things will become clearer soon. Your point is entirely understandable. Part of some of this is the nature of shorter uploads. There's 2-3 more parts to this chapter. The next part will be released here in a few minutes. It'll add as many questions as it does answers, really.

The 1st progenitor ago

Gotta admit I strongly disagree about most of these comments, although I can see where they are coming from at least, the way I read this chapter was he tried to get the slaver once, and switched focus to the more dangerous of the pair, Scott showed that she was dangerous enough that she could easily hurt him, even if he was at least on guard, and focusing on the slaver could lead to defeat, so I feel that while the fight might have seemed slightly off, (I can’t quite pinpoint the exact reason, but possibly at this point the dragon lady seems understandably lacky like.) this was still a chapter I enjoyed, especially knowing that the proper fight, and possibly fleshing out the dragon lady into a “real” character.

    mogamepro ago

    I agree. While attacking in his shadow form at least seems like a slower attack than physically attacking, we don't know how strong the slaver is or how long it would've taken Blackthorne to kill him in shadow form. He was only able to attack for a couple seconds or so. Currently, its only an idea that killing the slaver could free her and stop the fight but we don't know for sure. So leaving himself potentially vulnerable to her attacks to kill the slaver is a bad idea.

    While I hope Blackthorne is able to subdue her without severe permanent injury, I find it realistic enough that it might not happen that way.

    I do wonder how she, and the others, would react if he had transformed into his dragon form.

Gelcube ago

So...COOL! Thanks for this chapter! My inner chuuni is squealing. LOL

coldman ago

cant wait for the next chapter

aerowx ago

And he didn't shift to draconic form because...?

Xenower ago

Hmm... I assume Sonya is enjoying the show with a bag of popcorn?

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