Seti Tutt, a recent graduate of the university, was too weak as a wind adept to become anything amazing with his abilities. However, his sight was stolen and now has to learn how to see with his wind, ultimately landing him as a student at Prestige Academy where enemies abound.

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Like others are saying, there's something just fun and unique that draws you into this. I didn't think I'd be pulled in, and in fact, I had to fight a bit at the beginning to really enjoy it. After that, I don't know what changed? I just started going with the flow? It's fun.


I can't put my finger on it, but the story is so good, that if it was a book, I would read to the end, so good is it. So that being said the story is fantastic, the characters are good.

So please continue to write the story.laughing 


Best new story in a long time on RR

Great story. No real grammar issuses and really captivating. Looking forward to continue reading this


It was good while it lasted.

Im not one to judge someone about religion, but a God that demands you turn away from even your hobbies isnt a religion but a cult. And last i checked christianity didnt have a "if you write stories you're going to hell" clause.


Its things like this that make me glad im aethiest while also making me lose faith in humanity.


Great story, unique concept!

Amazingly well written with a unique concept! Characters are well fleshed out, plot is moving at a decent speed, and the world building is excellent. The only “problem” is that the reason for the MC becoming blind is basically just plot armor at this point (14 chapters in) but you get the distinct feeling that it will become more relevant and real later on. All in all, I can’t wait to read more! 


Updated August 13th—author just released a note which makes it pretty clear he’s dropping the story, I have to say I’m extremely confused as to the reason and deeply saddened that the community is losing a great story to a seemingly inane reason. I cannot in good conscience say that this story is worth reading if it’s not continued past the current point. 


Just addressing a few things in other reviews.

I am appalled by these low rating reviews. Seems like chapter 5 really annoyed them, and decided that not liking a certain part of the plot means everything else is garbage. 

I can't speak for the author but from I understood the MC always wanted to be the active type of character, acting hero-like, but he was never able to because of his limitations, so it stands to reason that when somebody with actual weight tells him it isn't impossible, contrary to what his own family has been telling him for years, he would side with them.

About the geas. Honestly I didn't want to to even discuss this as it is a spoiler, so please just read it, but if you are bothered by the senseless reviews I will try to assuade your worries. 

I can understand the hate for the nurse. You are not meant to like her(at first). The whole experience is portrayed as losing control of yourself and being at someone else's mercy completely and absolutely. The author does a good job of portraying that, so extra points for him, and then proceeds to have a moral debate of what the character should do. I think the reviewers miss the point that people are biased and change opinions easily, as is even shown. The MC has never encountered geas in-person before, and society has always told him geas can only be used for evil, so that is what he believed. After experiencing it, he understand where society's fear comes from, but acknoweledges that were it not for her doing it things would be a lot worse(and we learn later had she not done that things would be even more complicated). If you can't see the good in something just because of some bias then you are very short sighted, something our MC is not(unlike some people). 

The story has a focus on mind influencing and shaping, and to what extent its practice justifies its dangers, as well as its aftereffects. It is very present since several relevant powers have some relation to it(no spoilers).

I forgot to address the supposed backstabbing of his sister. I won't lie I was pretty sad(as was our MC literally right after he was a douche), but his actions make sense for someone his age and situation. It would be weird for a teenager to not lash out in a situation where everything he thought about himself is overturned, and the one chance he gets to make his dream come true seems obstructed(even if just for a split second) by his sister. It also isn't like they stay on bad terms, if they had continued reading they would know.

I didn't want to right this review because I suck at them and was waitng for someone better prepared to do it, but I just had to shed some light on some miscontrued reviews. I will eventually erase this review when more just ones are submitted as this one is more of a rant than anything.


Author Dropped Story to Join a Cult

This is not a joke. The author originally said he'd take a 2 week haitus to go to a church camp or something. When he came back, he said he found god, and that they asked him to give his everything for god. So he could not continue with the story.

It was a great story and would be 5 stars. But you should not spend any time reading it because you will only endup being disappointed that it will never be finished once you reach chapter 14. Things were really only just starting to heat up in the story.

It would be good if the author actually deleted this fiction and his account so new people wouldn't stumble into this story without knowing, get excited about finding a gem, then read up to chapter 14, only to be grealy disappointed at the abrupt cancellation.


Author quit because Jesus said his story is blasphemy. Wtf? 


God Works in Mysterious Ways

I would leave comments baout the good stuff, 'cause, honestly, it's a good story, but... Dude's gone to a God camp and found God, so he's never going to write anything again. So, uh. Yikes. Instant 0/10. 


Author dropped the story to join a cult.