Seti Tutt, a recent graduate of the university, was too weak as a wind adept to become anything amazing with his abilities. However, his sight was stolen and now has to learn how to see with his wind, ultimately landing him as a student at Prestige Academy where enemies abound.

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I'll ignore the message

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This here is some good stuff, regardless of the fact that the author was hit by gods light. It has a good characterisation and a more than decent set of powers to show off. Not every day you get to see a air-mage in any real capacity after all. And I still love how others feared it, regardless of its supposed weaker ability.

All in all a good fiction and plot. 4.5/5 from me


Don't bother reading the author won't finish the story and might even delete it


very high hopes for this story......just to be dropped for nothing.


"This story is dead."

"No, it was killed."

"Who did it?"

"Jesus, Jesus did it....."


The author dropped the book and joined a cult, I'm being serious here. Dropping it alone warrants half a star, I wish I could give this negative stars right about now.


Another victim of cult brainwashing...crycry



People here are freaking out. We are not entitled to anything. The story so far has been uniquely ejoyable so far, and is a great story. The fact that the author did not finish it does not detract from the fact that it is a great story.

While I find OP's situation deeply disturbing and hope he is not being taken advantage of, we should not rate the work he has done any lower because we disagree with his decision to stop writing. 

The sense of entitlement is a little frusturating. Compared to 99% of the content on this site this story is a gem. 


A fantastic beginning

Contains some mild spoilers especially for chapter 1, the spoilers don't go beyond a couple chapters.


The first chapter was pretty good. The chapter started off with an odd conversation that involved how weak the  protagonist Seti was, a tier 1 adept. By the end of the chapter, we have a weak and now further crippled protagonist. Obviously, it would be rather be anticlimactic if his handicap was immediately removed so I was intrigued by how these hurdles would be overcome. A couple chapters later, I have some concerns. Overall the story is good, but there seems to be things that occur that seem to be a bit too... convenient. Plot armor, if you will. By chapter 7, though, a lot of these concerns are explained away. The best part is that they make sense. At this point there still some mysteries, and still some oddly convenient things that occurred that aren't quite explained, but those are major plot points and it wouldn't be a fun story otherwise. At this point my concerns are addressed, and I have garnered enough faith in the author that these things I previously thought of as plotholes or irrational will in time no longer be. By chapter 14, more things occur. More explanations. More build up. It's fantastic. He's started school! A new beginning. There's a web of expectations, a shit ton of dynamics, so much suspense. A zero to hero story, although it might just be a zero to something, we don't know. Everything seems to weave into each other. Clearly things are thought out already by beginning to end.

The author has announced recently that he no longer has plans to write. The announcement is concerning. If anyone knows the writer personally I wish that they make sure he is okay. I hope the author comes back and finishes the story. At 100k words it was only just the beginning.

I hope he finds happiness, just as many of us did when reading his story.


Life was good. There were fourteen chapters, all of great quality. And then, bible camp happened. Not to bash his faith, but he stopped writing. A fourteen chapter story doesnt need to leave future readers on this cliffhanger, so it will go into the halls of my memories, and the exile of the electronic void. If he picks it back up again, be sure that ima review this review.


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