First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who read up until this point! I am absolutely astounded by how much attention this story gained. I'm still used to receiving 5-10 followers on a chapter's release lol.

This story meant a lot to me since it was one of those stories I had since the 8th grade (chuunibyou, anyone?), and I'm sure many readers have their own story that they think others would one day enjoy. My story slowly changed and altered as I grew, which made it all the more close to my heart as a result.

With that being said...I have news.

This past weekend I was at one of those church camps (I'm sure some of you might know the experience lol) and encountered God and Jesus once again, who had asked me to give everything up to follow them. It hurts me to say this, since having my story enjoyed was a phenomenal thing to me (and we haven't even reached the good parts, yet!), but I will no longer be continuing this story or any story.

I had planned to just delete the story from existence but was moved to inform everyone of the reason. It took me days of reaching this conclusion since I was fighting back so hard and wanted to compromise, but no compromises were to be had. Ultimately, I decided this route since I am not ashamed of the gospel, which has the power to save to anyone who believes.

Thank you everyone!


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Bio: I work full time at a bank and write during free time on the weekdays.

Aeromancer is the first time I've ever let the public read a story I've come up with. Please leave a comment if you enjoy it!

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