by MUD

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

All their life they have waited for their heroes, waiting to be liberated from their shackles. They survived on the hope of new dawn until that very hope twisted them, made them somewhat less than humans. Their words became their curse, chaining them to their masters for 8000 years. They are called Nameless.

This is the story of hope, of treachery and of sacrifice.

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An author in making.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arash - Light Rune ago
Arash - Little Brother ago
Arash - Something Foolish ago
Firuz - Prison ago
Arash - Three Parts Fool ago
Arash - Song of Stones ago
Firuz - Pillar in the Sky ago
Arash - Sound of Silence ago
Arash - Shame ago
Arash - Bastard ago
Arash - Proper Man ago
Arash - Rune Masters ago
Firuz - Strange Boy ago
Firuz - Feels Good ago
Firuz - Dazed ago
Arash - Loosing control ago
Firuz - Price of Freedom ago
Arash - Blue Mist ago
Arash - Melody of Pain ago
Firuz - Like Ashes ago
Firuz - They are coming ago
Arash - Giant in the Sky ago
Arash - Right Eye ago
Arash - Blessed ago
Arash - A lesson ago
Arash - Survival ago
Arash - White Mist ago
Arash - Won't Let ago
Arash - Scared ago
Arash - You Little Fool ago
Arash - Reason ago
Arash - Strength Rune ago
Arash - Predicament ago
Arash - Your Dear Nephew! ago
Arash - Beacon of Hope ago
Arash - Golden Leech ago
Arash - The price to pay ago
Arash - Piercing Wail ago
Firuz - A New World ago
Firuz - Zama ago
Firuz - Vicious Cycle ago
Firuz - Gold Specks ago
Arash - Stuck! ago
Arash - Wet Coughs ago
Arash - Golden Spears ago
Arash - Dread ago
Arash - Fighting Back ago
Arash - Madness ago

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Stands out on royalroadl. This is a proper novel. super high quality and I reccomend everybody to reed this!!!