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Powers are determined by geographic birth locations, and only the rich and powerful are permitted access to prized sites. SC is the first person born in space.

The punishment for unauthorized births is death. Out of fear, SC keeps his strange abilities as his darkest secret. He pretends to be nothing more than a mere Regular while his peers develop unique powers, varying from controlling lightning to producing diamond hard skin. But when his mother is kidnapped by an unknown organization, SC has no choice but to act.

SC ventures into a school of talented students to learn to fight, where he must learn to master his powers without revealing their true nature. But soon he realizes that the school is more than it appears and that it may hold the secret to his missing mother. To rescue her, he will have to reveal powers never before seen in all of history.

Written by award winning author Leonard Petracci.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Space ago
Chapter 2: Secrets ago
Chapter 3: Perch ago
Chapter 4: Essie ago
Chapter 5: Knocks ago
Chapter 6: Shadow ago
Chapter 7: Dinner ago
Chapter 8: Hunter ago
Chapter 9: Streets ago
Chapter 10: Truth ago
Chapter 11: Closed Books ago
Chapter 12: Test ago
Chapter 13: Bait ago
Chapter 14: Cuffs ago
Chapter 15: Contained ago
Chapter 16: Lucio ago
Chapter 17: Assembly ago
Chapter 18: Tests ago
Chapter 19: Telekinetic ago
Chapter 20: Emote ago
Chapter 21: Average ago
Chapter 22: Conditioning ago
Chapter 23: Most Powerful ago
Chapter 24: Unknown Power ago
Chapter 25: Individual Training ago
Chapter 26: Flamethrower ago
Chapter 27: Secrets ago
Chapter 28: Power Theory ago
Chapter 29: Molded ago
Chapter 30: Limits ago
Chapter 31: Submissions ago
Chapter 32: Double Trouble ago
Chapter 33: Whispers ago
Chapter 34: Trapped ago
Chapter 35: Awake ago
Chapter 36: Loophole ago
Chapter 37: Bargain ago
Chapter 38: Hollywood ago
Chapter 39: Weakness ago
Chapter 40: Arena ago
Chapter 41: Duel One ago
Chapter 42: Slugger ago
Chapter 43: Foul Ball ago
Chapter 44: Out ago
Chapter 45: Fino ago
Chapter 46: Heat Wave ago
Chapter 47: Stage Center ago
Chapter 48: Focus ago
Chapter 49: Obey ago
Chapter 50: Bottom ago
Chapter 51: Accent ago
Chapter 52: Plans ago
Chapter 53: Snap ago
Chapter 54: Free Fall ago
Chapter 55: Firecracker ago
Chapter 56: Hot Sweat ago
Chapter 57: Jailbreak ago
Chapter 58: Mimic ago
Chapter 59: To Rip and to Shred ago
Chapter 60: In the Name of Efficiency ago
Chapter 61: Momentive ago
Chapter 62: Stolen Time ago
Chapter 63: Late ago
Chapter 64: Doublers ago
Chapter 65: Darian ago
Chapter 66: All In ago
Chapter 67: Bottoms ago
Chapter 68: Halfway ago
Chapter 69: Lola ago
Chapter 70: Stomping Ground ago
Chapter 71: Jump ago
Chapter 72: Catch ago
Chapter 73: Wendy Waddles ago
Chapters 74: Good Girls and Boys ago
Chapter 75: Ignite ago
Chapter 76: Chase ago
Chapter 77: Spark ago
Chapter 78: Chaos ago
Chapter 79: Lost and Found ago
Chapter 80: Snuffer ago
Chapter 81: Rehabilitation ago
Chapter 82: Mistake ago
Chapter 83: Teleport ago
Chapter 84: Pain ago
Chapter 85: Elevation ago
Chapter 86: Choice ago
Chapter 87: Stand Down ago
Chapter 88: Treason ago
Chapter 89: Test ago
Chapter 90: Socks ago
Chapter 91: Brick ago
Chapter 92: News ago
Chapter 93: Hunt's End ago
Chapter 94: Close ago
Book 2, Chapter 1: Inspection ago
Book 2, Chapter 2: Coffee ago
Book 2, Chapter 3: Ninth ago
Book 2, Chapter 4: The Norris ago
Book 2 Chapter 5: Drugs (Also, NEW COVER ART sneak peek) ago
Book 2, Chapter 6: Caught ago
Book 2, Chapter 7: Library ago
Book 2, Chapter 8: Sniff ago
Book 2, Chapter 9: Festival ago
Book 2, Chapter 10: Stuck ago
Book 2, Chapter 11: Cannon ago
Book 2, Chapter 12: Shadow ago
Book 2, Chapter 13 ago
Book 2, Chapter 14 ago
Book 2, Chapter 15: Bloodhound ago
Book 2, Chapter 16: Cloaked ago
Book 2, Chapter 17: Donny ago
Book 2, Chapter 18: Deadweight ago
Book 2, Chapter 19: History ago
Book 2, Chapter 20: Frankensteins ago
Book 2, Chapter 21: Ancient Power ago
Book 2, Chapter 22: Metronome ago
Book 2, Chapter 23: Flypaper ago
Book 2 Interlude: Forgotten Pages, The Prequel ago
Book 2, Chapter 24: Larissa ago
Book 2, Chapter 25: Halt ago
Book 2, Chapter 26: Muck ago
Book 2, Chapter 27: Games ago
Book 2, Chapter 28: Out ago
Book 2, Chapter 29: Traps ago
Book 2, Chapter 30: The Other Side ago
Book 2, Chapter 31: Transient ago
Book 2, Chapter 32: Schematics ago
Book 2, Chapter 33: Portal ago
Book 2, Chapter 34: Shopping ago
Book 2, Chapter 35: Best Steal ago
Book 2, Chapter 36: Hell ago
Chapter 37: Chess ago
Chapter 38: Amazon ago
Chapter 39: Cliff ago
Chapter 40: Glide ago
Chapter 41: Hybrid ago
Chapter 42: Affluence ago
Chapter 43: Vibrant ago
Chapter 44: Royalty ago
Chapter 45: Guides ago
Chapter 46: Flee ago

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  • Overall Score

The Story's just so boring, i have no reason to be invested in this story, it's so bland and boring.

I honestly don't care about the Main Character

I feel no tie to any of the characters in the story, the main character hasn't done anything interesting with his power...he hasn't adapted, grown or changed...

If anything he stagnated 

It's just so gosh darn boring 


  • Overall Score
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So... I liked the concept of this story up until the MC’s 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Now I hate it. Still a good story, but it is just an overly used theme and I’ve read way too many stories like it. If you haven’t been jaded to that theme yet then you will probably be able to stomach more chapters than I could. 

Outside of my personal gripe, the story has an innovative plot, decent characters, and plausible motivations. The only really frustrating thing is a lack of measurable growth after 60+ chapters. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I've read until chapter 40.

Story and style are okay, but it doesn't really draw you in either and could use at least some jokes in my opinion. Grammar is good though.  Characters are a bit flat and sometimes weird and I can't seem to care about the MC, he's just an average joe with a strong power. Not particularly kind, funny, smart, courageous or just anything, as average as can be. I do like some of the side characters though.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great Premise Squandered

This story has a great premise. The idea behind the world and story is excellent, and had the potential to craft an intruiging magic system  and solid plot.

Unfortunately, all of that was squandered by poor writing. The worst offender is the characters, specifically the main character. He's boring, makes stupid decisions, and its just not fun to read. 

  • Overall Score

Looked promising, but at a certain point i just had to drop it. Change the tag btw this aint no school life, this is brain wash facility where they train obidient dogs fuck that noise. 

  • Overall Score

kid is moderately intelligent.  makes poor decisions. but the sample i see here is about 2 1/2 to 3 stars.  

Mikhail Arkash
  • Overall Score

Good level of writing, interesting read

 I found this author stories to be refreshing and interesting. The magic system is very well thought, the characters fun, there is a lot of potential here. Yes, some things are maybe not as fully developed, but as a writer, it is on a very good level and can be at some point in the big writers league. 

Gnome Dewplum
  • Overall Score

Book one done and right on to the next.

Just finished book one and there was a request to review, but i'd rather keep reading so I'll keep it short.  Nicely novel take on a world with super powers. Somewhat OP MC with room to grow.  I dunno, it's good. I'm gonna read more right now.

  • Overall Score

I'm a follower on Reddit, and love it, so have some stars.

Check it out on Reddit, there are a lot more chapters there. SC has a very unique and interesting magic system, and the story is quite enjoyable.

Just give it a try.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great book, try the Audiobook

I listened to this book on Audible and really did enjoy it. It is not my absolute favorite and has some rather quirky bits to it but it is absolutely worth the listen or read!


The story itself and the world he has built is unique and very pleasant to read. The idea of the government trying to control the powerful is a good parallel to the world we live in and adds an air of menace to the MC's life.

I find that the MC is a bit too unbelieveable at times, and some of his decisions are just a bit too strange. Not to mention that he manages to accomplish his goals in one city, when the government, anti-government etc. would span an entire country, continent and space.

In either case strongly recommend.