Blood of an Inhuman Hitman (Rewrite)

by IReadBooksForALiving

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Romance Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead School Life Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

In need of a synopsis.

Quick rundown, however, would be that this contains supernatural creatures, assassins and a boy who was turned into a vampire.

P.s. I'm aware that this is full of cliches and that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely my kind. So, please, I'm really begging here, don't tell me that it's full of cliches, I  A L R E A D Y  know.

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Tasty, tasty junk food for the brain.

In the synopsis, IReadBooksForALiving warns about how the story has a large number of cliches. He isn't wrong, but I would argue that it's a selling point rather than a flaw.

IReadBooksForALiving has written/is writing a lot of stories on royal road. They tend to get dropped and they tend to have a similar theme with their stories and main characters. However; he has been constantly improving as a writer and polished his favorite cliches in a way that makes them a lot more palatable to us readers.

His stories have a straightforward attitude about the plot and simple approach to characters. It encourages the reader to just sit back and enjoy the show, which almost always involves a good looking, physically fit guy with a cool (and slightly edgy) name getting a superpower and training himself to become stronger.

It's a guilty pleasure in the same way potato chips are. It's addicting, and definitely not healthy if you're eating nothing but that kind of thing. But in the end, it's way too easy to eat the entire bag in one sitting and still want more.

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it is amazing i love both the first version and this one

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Not for most people.

The author warns in the description that this fiction isn't for everyone due to the abindance of cliches. That is a drastic understatement. He should have said it's not for most people. Or that it's only for a very narrow and specific type of reader.

Good stories can be heavily laden with tropes and cliches. A story does not need to break new ground to be worth reading. But normally, such innovate on these cliches, or somehow use/execute/present them in novel or original ways to make them interesting or unique.

There have only been a handful of chapters released, but so far all I see here is laziness. The author appears to use cliches as a crutch or shorthand in lieu of imagination and thoughtfulness. As of the writing of this review, he couldn't even be bothered with writing a proper synopsis telling prospective readers what the story is about.

Save yourself the time and goosebumps. Its cringey and derivative. Only people that seek to have those reactions to what they're reading, and enjoy authors that relish in producing such works need apply.