The Ruins of Rimnir

by authormills

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Contemporary Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead School Life Virtual Reality

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It's hard being the poor kid at a rich suburban school, and Darren Karofski knows that all too well. He's ostracized, alone, and wants nothing more than to help out his struggling family.

And he has finally found a way.

The Ruins of Rimnir, an advanced, technical marvel of a game which allows players to trade game currency for real world dollars, is the teen's answer. Darren has a plan: go into the game, work hard, and reap the rewards.

But it all changes when Darren is the first to find a rare, elite World Perk. And now, everyone is after him.


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  • Overall Score

 The synopsis of the story is one of the best I have seen throughout this website.

I am waiting for more chapters to read and will change my rating off of how good the story is, in my opinion.

  • Overall Score

Superb story and character development

I have to agree with FROSTPRISM that the synopsis of this story is really well worded. Just the synopsis is enough to get people hooked on the story.
As for the concept of the story, frankly speaking who doesn't want a game where ingame currency can be converted into real world money?
The character and the story building is supereb. The gammar is one of the best seen among the novels usually in Royal Road.

The story is just in its started stages but if it goes in this direction then we can hope for a top quality story.


(Will update review after more chapters are updated)

Blood Lords Rpg
  • Overall Score

The idea of a "Ready Player One," with the game being a fantasy game opposed to an 80's smoothie of pop culture, in my opinion is a better premise for a narrative. I can deff see this book going somewhere! Very cool.

  • Overall Score

Good execution of terrible plot, the plot in it's entirety is either illogical (how the VR system works with a controller and the bully), cliche or just plain boring.