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Haha... hahaha...

I've done and did it...

I've killed... the person I loved.

My master.

My everything...




I feel a little empty inside now that I have actually killed him...


-No. I feel refreshed.

But, the pain weighing inside my hear-

You should mete out punishment to people who deserve it. That's how you've lived your life. 

Surely, you're not going to change just because of a simple man?

I... but...

This feels... wrong...

You're right. But you're too deep in at this point to call anything out.

You are a wrongful existence as well.

You should accept it.

Accept the deaths of men who betray you, because those who truly loves you, will belong to you only.

For eternity.

For eternity.



It took me a few minutes to collect my mind together again, as I began to justify my actions.

Killing my beloved was surely a strange thing to do, but as had said, it was probably not anymore if it came from someone as broken as me.


That's right. 

That's how it should be.

I shouldn't be too fussy about how I deal with my lovers.

Not now.

Or anytime in the prospective future.


...Now then, I'll deal with your dismembered body later Master~

I'll prioritize dealing with the other wretch who touched my man first~



When I had begun settling myself down emotionally, I started walking towards the Earth Sphere I had created from a skill scroll earlier.


It's time... for punishment~














"Oh dear me~ You sure run fast~ Now look what you've gotten yourself into~"



A sudden voice behind near the body of my master caught me off guard.


It was the voice of another woman.

And did she just say 'he'?!!! She came for Master?!

Was she another bitch who laid her hands on my White?!!!


You deserve to die, ten times over.


Prompted to turn back and see what kind of woman she was to have that kind of condescending tone towards my Master, I did so and saw the person.





No, ...


the thing.




At first glance, the exquisite armor she had on did seem like a person.

But as I began to look closer, portions of her skin were melted away, revealing the empty insides. This made her intact hair look like a wig.

From her hands, to her face, and the sides of her waist that wasn't completely covered with the beautiful armor adorned with various ornaments...

They were all melting away, disfiguring the woman before me.

...It was as if her entire being was made of a viscous substance.


And that kind of physical feature was only prominent in one kind of monster.



A slime.


Having such peculiar traits, I was having suspicions of her being a parasite.

But my skill is not picking it up, neither can I pick up the unique scent that comes from parasites...

So in the end, what is she?! Was she a unique slime monster?


I tried to use Status Check, but I could only read out her name.


Name Queen Slime
Level  42
Unused SP  
Magic Defense  
Passive Skills  
Active Skills  
Foreign Elements




No, her species...

It seemed like she had opted to conceal her status window... 

Level... 42... For a slime, even at the peak of its species as a Queen Slime, that was very unusual. Slimes usually stayed around the single digit range, and even the strongest slime ever recorded in the Adventurer's Guild was level 20...

And a monster like a Queen Slime should not have this kind of sentient knowledge, nor does it have the ability to speak either!!!

Without a Status Reveal to counter it, I can't identify anything else...!




Becoming a little more alert, I clutched the handle of the Sword of Bloodwell tightly and readied a stance.

"What... are you. What is a slime doing here, looking like a human and able to speak."



The slime woman ignored me, and bent her knees to inspect my Master who was lying on the ground on a puddle of blood and detached body parts.


Wait... blood?

There's no blood.






No, more importantly...



"Get the fuck away from him, you vile creature!!!"


I swung my sword vertically downwards at the crouching figure of the slime woman.




But it still remained unperturbed.


?! It's not dodging?!

Kuhhh!!! Dieeee!!!!




The sword connected, tearing the slime woman in two.






Was it dead already?





I was only relieved for a second.


The body that was split in half along with its armor, began to reconstruct itself.

In the few seconds while I was staring at this scene speechlessly, the slime woman had already pieced herself together.



But this time, her already disfigured skin had deteriorated even more.


... Right, just like a normal slime. I'll just cut here apart ag-



"You're pretty barbaric in contrast to how you look huh~ Did you do this to him too?"





Soma was about to continue her second wave of attacks, when the slime woman suddenly spoke those words.


She felt a strange disconnection to them, because the slime woman's mouth wasn't moving. Instead, the voice came from the back of her head.

How was she talking like this?


"Ah~ I'm right aren't I~ What are you to this gentleman here? Friend? Family? Lover?

Ahhh~ You reacted to 'lover', didn't you~

I see now, you're that kind of person huh~ It's pretty rare to see one.

possessive woman isn't popular you know~? That must probably be why he's running away from you~"


Not given a chance to speak amidst the bombardment of provocative words, Soma screamed out fiercely.




As if striking a nerve, Soma dashed forward to cut the slime apart.



As with the first time, the slime woman did not react.

She just accepted the attack while crouched down.





Every time the slime woman was cut down, she just reformed herself again.

But she was becoming more and more blemished in appearance with each 'death'. Soma just kept cutting the slime body down with rage.




...Until Soma suddenly picked up monsters approaching her back with her Presence Awareness LV7.


When she stopped momentarily in her flurry of attacks against the slime woman and turned around, she saw a few skeletons creeping behind her.


"?! Blade Whirlwind!"


Although she was surprised, it only took a single Area-of-Effect spell for her to dispatch the 6 skeleton monsters with her high strength and weapon superiority. No weapon could oust the power from a legendary demon blade after all.


But the issue was what the skeletons were.

Her habit of using Status Check to know everything in battle revealed something in the status windows of those monsters.


 This was one of the skeleton's status. It was almost identical to the others.

Name Necromancer's Elite Skeleton (Yuna C'tholly)
Level 25
Unused SP Necromancy Restriction
Rank 3
Race  Undead
Gender Necromancy Restriction
Occupation Necromancy Restriction
Alignment Necromancy Restriction
Class Necromancy Restriction
Health 5,000
Mana 0
Strength 200
Dexterity 10
Luck 0
Intelligence 0
Defense 200
Magic Defense 200
Traits Necromancy Restriction
Titles Necromancy Restriction
Passive Skills Immortality
Active Skills Necromancy Restriction
Foreign Elements

Life through Necromancy


They had been summoned back to the realm of the living by a Necromancer, a powerful one at that, being capable of summoning elite skeletons

Also, having a name beside the tag of a skeleton...

They were probably the elves which had been sucked up thoroughly by her demon blade. The bows and swords they were using also looks very familiar...

...Immortality? ...They still appeared motionless though?!



Nevertheless, these summoned skeletons appearing at this timing,'s too much of a coincidence!


Quickly returning her attention to the slime woman, she noticed that she had been drinking a green liquid that was coming out of a pouch containing several flasks, that was in turn coming out of her slime hand.

She quickly lost her state of deterioration and became whole once more. When she did, her face returned to that of a beautiful woman; It was a ghastly pale face akin to a corpse, but it somehow fit her overall appearance of a 'cool beauty' very well.

So much so, that Soma was momentarily stunned at how the slime woman's actual appearance looked like.


When she was done drinking her own portion, the slime woman began to force-feed the same green liquid into the mouth of the unconscious White with her own.


Their lips met, and the slime woman was seemingly enjoying the sensation of White's, as her eyes narrowed slightly and her cheeks blushed a little.

It showed very clearly on her pale white skin.



Soma snapped out of it and became even more provoked at that action she had just witnessed.

But before she pulled any further moves, she noticed the legs and head of White reattaching themselves together slowly.


This strange phenomenon shocked Soma again, as she was pulled back into place. 





Licking her wet lips seductively, the slime woman muttered to herself.


"As expected, even elite skeletons can't stand a chance against you~ A level 87 Sword Mage."

"?! How do y-"

"Hmm... but I think I can take you on probably. You're pretty low on mana~ and my friends don't die either~ There are plenty of ways to beat you, but I guess I'll just force you to use your skills slowly like this~"

The slime woman ignored the approaching question and continuing talked to herself.



Soma quickly turned around at the slime woman's provocation, and looked at the broken bodies of the elite skeletons she had just taken down. 


As if on cue, they began to liquidify the broken parts and re-attach themselves slowly before Soma's eyes, as if they were replicating the physical ability of the slime woman




She had never seen something as bizarre as this the entire year she had spent as a very active adventurer at the top among her peers. She thought she had seen everything there is to this world, but that was not the case now.



Broken skeletons could no longer be controlled by necromancers, but-





These 6 elite skeletons could revive themselves under the command of the slime woman.


She recalled the passive skill of the skeletons again.



A cheat-like ability attached onto summons from a necromancer. 

...This is bad!!!







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Sleeping000 @Sleeping000 ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Well... at least there are drawbacks?Its not like they are something that just about no one can do either righ?So...yeah...still broken but not so much.


    Sinpathyy @Sinpathyy ago

    It'll be explained in the next few chapters, but it's implied here.

    She needs to drink something to return to her state, or she'll deteriorate very quickly from each 'death'.

    But just know, that she won't die even from that. It just inconveniences her during battles.

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