Must Protect The Saintess' Chastity! (BL)

by isecai

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

"How about I make them gay instead..?"

~ Warning: YAOI, harem, and MC is top/seme. ~

Arata Yoshida gets reincarnated as Alovera, a half elf who just regained all his past memories. Moreover, he recognizes this world as a carbon copy of the universe from the adult (ero) otome game that his past twin sister was obsessed in, "The Saintess' Prayer Ascends The Sky"...

The way to return to his past world is closely tied to the ending of the original otome game, and if he wants to go back there, he must ensure that the game's MC, the saintess, stays chaste until the world end cataclysm.

With only half-baked knowledge of the game's love interests, Arata has to hinder their progress with the saintess until the game ending arrives!


As the teaser suggested, it contains orientation play, where there are characters whose sexual orientation will be changed in the course of the story. 

If you don't like the aforementioned warning, please refrain from reading. This is purely for the enjoyment of the writer and readers who like those themes, which may cause unrealistic situations/outcomes. 

Any suggestion/recommendation other than the warned content will be appreciated! ^^ 

This title is crossposted to wattpad (+ tapas and wordpress?) under the same username.

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Minutiae Idiosyncrasy

A great read, surprised by the quality.

There are rarely stories such as this, on RRL where they are of equal or greater quality to the Top 20, and somehow aren't popular. I fear that the majority of people on RRL do not take interest in stories containing love within the sexes, not including the large amount of males who read Girl X Girl stories for the *Cough* 'Enjoyment'. This story is quite an interesting one, and I cannot wait for you to further the amount of chapters, and more importantly ENJOY writing this story. I have read this story once again, this time on your Wattpad account, and will continue to read as it looks more aesthetically pleasing on that site. I hope you enjoy writing stories. Thankfully, you took the time to write this, as the amount of non-hetero based stories that aren't made for men to enjoy girl on girl on here can be counted on both hands. you seem to not have created Gay-ish characters, and have instead created characters who happen to be Gay-ish, there is a difference.

Thank you for this delightful story, and I wish you the best regards.


Pretty good read as of ch.9. Love how different it is from the normal content on the site, but still has the fantasy and adventure aspects that it’s known for. Great pacing so far with no insta love. Exited to learn more about the MC and meet more characters 😊


Must protect the saintess Chasisty bl

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: The King of Rozenier

I like especially the mc who still has the strong will to look for the gate to go home and even wanting to protect the saintess Chastity.its very interesting.pls update more chapters 🤩 plsssss it's been long this wonderful story has been updated,try😭😄


TLDR; this one's quite a bit of fun :)

Style: never been too sure how to describe someone's style - its just one of those things that are true to the individual - but nevertheless it doesn't get on my nerves at all, so I can say it's good.

Story: there isn't much to comment on, but what there is so far seems fairly well structured.

Grammar: they don't really detract youfrom the experience so you don't notice it too much, but the mistakes are definitely there if you take the time to look for them. They're small ones like missing the 'h' from 'the', likely due to speed typing or something of the sort

Character: the author has managed, so far, to somewhat accurately portray the difficulties there would be in identity in a reincarnated person, which can be difficult to do. So props for that!

Overall, it's a fun, interesting and unique experience, and I hope they continue.