Cleaning Up The Future

Cleaning Up The Future

by 23DN4L

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore



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Being transported 16 years into a dystopian future wasn’t included in the job description for the janitorial staff at ExplorerTech Industries, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Sia.

Her objective? Escape the country.


Outmaneuver animals with various mutations
Learn to control the unusual device that’s lodged inside of her head
Processing chances of survival:…..Error……

“I’m doomed.”

A Science Fantasy novel that takes the reader along on a rocky adventure through New Cinalia, where traveling alone always leads to disaster.

Public Perception is the first book in the Cleaning Up The Future Series.

Cover produced by Blique

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great Apocalypse sci-fi thriller

This has been a really interesting start, great grammar and pacing, with vivid characters.

5 stars because it's just too early to do a real rating, but the potential is very much there.

While some concepts seem familiar already, the apocalypse, the "system", being transported in time and/or space, this has a much more realistic and scientific spin to it. I didn't even notice those points as the usual templates, very well executed.

The grammar is great, can't say anything bad about it. The flow of the writing is also nice to read and the author is doing a good job at creating tension. 

The characters that have been introduced until now seem fleshed out and real. I am quite confident that they will stay true to that in their actions to come and that the author will manage realistic character development. Time will tell.

I just hope that the level of writing will hold up to the beginning, which has been very fun to read.

Of course this review is not too in depth, because there has been only a few chapters, but I'll try to update it and do a more detailed one later.