by Norlum

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A girl searching for someone. A boy who lost his memories. A man from another world. A woman trying to prove her worth. Follow along as this unlikely group of people join forces to help each other accomplish their own goals in this non-epic fantasy adventure.

Fair Warning: This fiction contains many of the well-known light novel tropes, though I try to give them my own spin. If you’re tired of them by now, you might want to keep away. There are no demon lords however, nor any end-of-the-world cataclysm situation that only the MC can solve. This story is more about different people coming together and helping each other out to achieve their own goals and objectives.

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Word Count (11)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Prologue ago
Chapter 2 – Entering the Forest ago
Chapter 3 – Encounter ago
Chapter 4 – Curiosity ago
Chapter 5 – Follower ago
Chapter 6 – Trouble ago
Chapter 7 – Eliot, NO! ago
Chapter 8 – On the Road ago
Chapter 9 – Entering Starfall ago
Chapter 10 – Gathering Information ago
Chapter 11 – Teleported ago
Side-Chapter 1 – Missing ago
Chapter 12 – A New Encounter and a New Trouble ago
Chapter 13 – On the Run ago
Chapter 14 – Hiding (1) ago
Chapter 15 – Hiding (2) ago
Chapter 16 – Gear Retrieval Operation ago
Chapter 17 – Rodney & Barnabas ago
Side-Chapter 2 – Barnabas’ Notes ago
Chapter 18 – Escape Plan (1) ago
Chapter 19 – Escape Plan (2) ago
Chapter 20 – Escape Plan (3) ago
Chapter 21 – Escape Plan (4) ago
Chapter 22 – Escape Plan (5) ago
Side-Chapter 3 – Fate Makes Fools of Men ago
Chapter 23 – Forced March ago
Chapter 24 – Kelna Village ago
Chapter 25 – Incoming Crisis ago
Chapter 26 – Preparing an Ambush ago
Chapter 27 – Killing Bandits ago
Chapter 28 – Reason for Hatred ago
Chapter 29 – Peaceful Times (1) ago
Chapter 30 – Peaceful Times (2) ago
Side-Chapter 4 – Fang Chu ago
Chapter 31 – Preparations for Departure ago
Chapter 32 – Departure ago
Chapter 33 – On the Road Again ago
Chapter 34 – Avenging the Dead ago
Chapter 35 – Kalafrana (1) ago
Chapter 36 – Kalafrana (2) ago
Chapter 37 – Kalafrana (3) ago
Chapter 38 – Kalafrana (4) ago
Chapter 39 – Kalafrana (5) ago
Chapter 40 – Kalafrana (6) ago
Chapter 41 – Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth ago
Chapter 42 – Tolus ago
Chapter 43 – Tumma Forest (1) ago
Chapter 44 – Tumma Forest (2) ago
Chapter 45 – Tumma Forest (3) ago
Chapter 46 – A Lady from the East (1) ago
Chapter 47 – A Lady from the East (2) ago
Chapter 48 – Mausoleum (1) ago
Chapter 49 – Mausoleum (2) ago
Chapter 50 – Mausoleum (3) ago
Chapter 51 – Mausoleum (4) ago
Chapter 52 – Mausoleum (5) ago
Chapter 53 – Mausoleum (6) ago
Chapter 54 – Mausoleum (7) ago
Chapter 55 – Mausoleum (8) ago
Chapter 56 – Mausoleum (9) ago
Chapter 57 – Mausoleum (10) ago
Chapter 58 – Mausoleum (11) ago
Chapter 59 – Training ago
Side-Chapter 5 – The World Outside ago
Chapter 60 – A Long Time Later ago
Chapter 61 – A Day of Happiness ago
Chapter 62 – Transformation ago
Chapter 63 – Powering Up ago
Chapter 64 – A Clue, Finally! ago
Chapter 65 – Negotiations ago
Chapter 66 – A Small Revenge (1) ago
Chapter 67 – A Small Revenge (2) ago
Chapter 68 – A Late Visit ago
Chapter 69 – Otto Clemens (1) ago
Chapter 70 – Otto Clemens (2) ago
Chapter 71 – Duskwood (1) ago
Chapter 72 – Duskwood (2) ago
Chapter 73 – Duskwood (3) ago
Chapter 74 – Duskwood (4) ago
Chapter 75 – Duskwood (5) ago
Chapter 76 – Father & Daughter (1) ago
Chapter 77 – Father & Daughter (2) ago
Chapter 78 – Father & Daughter (3) ago
Chapter 79 – Father & Daughter (4) ago
Chapter 80 – One Man(’s) Revolution (1) ago
Chapter 81 – One Man(’s) Revolution (2) ago
Chapter 82 – One Man(’s) Revolution (3) ago
A look back & update ago

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Lonely Owl
  • Overall Score

The premise of the story is that it’s about a boy who fell off a cliff one day and gained some huge kind of power painting him as if he’s the MC. I got through about 30ish chapters before I realized it isn’t and he’s just the side character to an unlikable girl and some transmigrated wimp. The so called MC never even gets screen time or a POV change at all and we know virtually nothing about him and his thought process. This is a story about a girl randomly finding some weird kid in the wild who isn’t really that important to the story at all and the author shouldn’t have mislead the readers in the first place. I was skeptical at first because this story had mixed reviews but sounded great but now I understand. This story needs to be completely reworked if you’re going to keep passing it off as a story about the boy (Eliot). Why not just make a real synopsis? You might not get as many viewers but they won’t leave because they expected a totally different story. Also maybe write an actual story line next time and plan out what you want to happen because this one barely makes any sense. Seriously what is this supposed to be? 

Edit: The author has changed the synopsis to follow the actual story. Good on you however there are still problems that need to be fixed some of which we talked privately about. Since the main issue I had with the story is fixed however I decided to update my rating. 

  • Overall Score

I think this is a story about a handful of people randomly wandering around. None of them are very deep and basically a cliche of every other fantasy out there. It isn't good, it isn't bad,  it just exists. Gave it a 3 since I have no idea if there is even a plot or real story here. My guess is that the author just writes a chapter and doesn't think much at all about what has gone on before. Is the story about Ben? Is it about Eliot, who can't even spell his own name. Is it Liza the revenge bound half elf that doesn't develop at all in the whole story. Maybe it's about Fu Chan or whatever her name was. See? I have no idea.

  • Overall Score

Why? Some relatively minor spoilers

This is my first review that is going to be anything besides positive. After reading 10 chapters of story that is good enough, all of the expectations you’ve built up are subverted. Without any justifiable reason. I went on to read another 3 chapters in hopes that things would turn around before dropping this story. 

I stay updated with ELLC, so I can tolerate and even enjoy the subversion of expections and weird things. ELLC begins doing this immediately, with the synopsis and very first chapter. 

I just don’t understand why the author did this. There were previously established things which could’ve caused conflict. So resorting for something so cheap, looking for conflict, doesn’t make sense. Same with proving how powerful Eliot is. It’s clear that he is one of the most powerful beings in existence. So, something so petty doesn’t prove anything new. It only reinforces what we already know. 


“My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.”

  • Overall Score

interesting story,got both weak and strong lead chracter in the story.looking forward to ben development.the most important point is you dont get bored reading this story.

  • Overall Score

This story seems like a melting pot of clichés, spiced with an amount of "lucky coincidences" that put The Count of Monte Cristo to shame.

Lost kid falling to extreme power, check. 

Mythical beast companion, check. 

Hapless adventurer girl to provide a social connection, check - with an extra helping of a revenge plotline. 

Bratty noble kid, check - though I didn't continue long enough to see how he was handled, beyond his introduction. 

Sagely guild master, probably check, at least alluded to. 

Gary Stue of a summoned hero, check. 

Extreme coincidences to bring them all together in implausible ways, check.

Lack of proper flow and sketchy grammar, check.

Conclusion: at least it isn't litrpg. Not that litrpg is a bad thing, in itself, but it would have been the cherry on top of this slightly burnt cake that already has all sorts of random stuff sticking out of it. 

  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler

while this is not good enough to be my favorite. it's still good enough for me to give four stars. also, there's not many bad point about this novel. not as far as I remember. I like it. please continue releasing chapters.