Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted

by Sazer

Where a palace may be built up in the sky or below the surface, where those who praise the Moon may intervene with space or time itself, where shimaros bolt through forests and dragons roam free… where the heavens once bestowed their greatest blessings – such is the world of Krymenos.

But, as grand as it may sound, an inevitable turn of events has occurred, and its fate now rests in the hands of the most unlikely heroes – humans. They’re young, they’re inexperienced, not to mention vessels of hormones and emotional clamor, but… they do have the elements bending under their wills.

So, they might survive. They might embark on the most miraculous journey, they might achieve greatness – and they might just discover themselves in the process.

Author's Note:

1. Please don't skip the prologue, for the sake of your own understanding of the story.

2. No harem. Period.

3. It's basically a coming-of-age fantasy, so expect a lot of internal conflict, expect a slow build-up and growth and expect significant romance/friendship.

4. Chapters will be posted to RRL first, but you can also find them here on my official site, which features some artwork and character descriptions as well.

Rating: It should be suitable for most age-groups, save for mild swearing/violence and minimal suggestive themes.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I hope you enjoy reading this! :)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Lunation ago
Ch. 1: Greetings ago
Ch. 2: Revelations (Part 1) ago
Ch. 2: Revelations (Part 2) ago
Ch. 3: The Bond (Part 1) ago
Ch. 3: The Bond (Part 2) ago
Ch. 4: Ambush (Part 1) ago
Ch. 4: Ambush (Part 2) ago
Ch. 5: Closer ago
Ch. 6: Lost & Found ago
Ch. 7: Roots ago
Ch. 8: Genesis ago
Ch. 9: Training Commences (Part 1) ago
Ch. 9: Training Commences (Part 2) ago
Ch. 10: Ruler (Part 1) ago
Ch. 10: Ruler (Part 2) ago
Ch. 11: Advent ago
Ch. 12: The Scorpion & the Toad ago
Ch. 13: Within ago
Ch. 14: Laced ago
Ch. 15: Shifts ago
Ch. 16: Caught (Part 1) ago
Ch. 16: Caught (Part 2) ago
Ch. 17: Outdoor Enthusiasts (Part 1) ago
Ch. 17: Outdoor Enthusiasts (Part 2) ago
Ch. 18: Tales as Old as Time ago
Ch. 19: The Amphibians of Inona (Part 1) ago
Ch. 19: The Amphibians of Inona (Part 2) ago
Ch. 20: No Time for Downtime (Part 1) ago
Ch. 20: No Time for Downtime (Part 2) ago
Ch. 21: All in the Festival Spirit (Part 1) ago
Ch. 21: All in the Festival Spirit (Part 2) ago
Ch. 22: Head to Head (Part 1) ago
Ch. 22: Head to Head (Part 2) ago
Ch. 23: Murky Waters (Part 1) ago
Ch. 23: Murky Waters (Part 2) ago
Ch. 24: Convalescence (Part 1) ago
Ch. 24: Convalescence (Part 2) ago
Ch. 25: Wishes ago
Interlude: Reminiscence (Ver. Krymean) ago
Interlude: Reminiscence (Ver. Human) ago
Ch. 26: Uphill, Underground (Part 1) ago
Ch. 26: Uphill, Underground (Part 2) ago
Ch. 27: Grow (Part 1) ago
Ch. 27: Grow (Part 2) ago
Ch. 28: Solaces (Part 1) ago
Ch. 28: Solaces (Part 2) ago
Ch. 28: Solaces (Part 3) ago
Ch. 29: Settling Scores ago
Ch. 30: Cracking the Codes (Part 1) ago
Ch. 30: Cracking the Codes (Part 2) ago
Ch. 31: Delousing (Part 1) ago
Ch. 31: Delousing (Part 2) ago
Ch. 31: Delousing (Part 3) ago
Ch. 32: Curbed (Part 1) ago
Ch. 32: Curbed (Part 2) ago
Ch. 33: The Forest of Meiroth (Part 1) ago
Ch. 33: The Forest of Meiroth (Part 2) ago
Ch. 33: The Forest of Meiroth (Part 3) ago
Ch. 34: Miracle Cliffs (Part 1) ago
Ch. 34: Miracle Cliffs (Part 2) ago
Ch. 35: Goodbyes & Reunions ago
Ch. 36: Feathering (Part 1) ago
Ch. 36: Feathering (Part 2) ago
Ch. 37: Boiled Over ago
Ch. 38: The Halcyon ago

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A real pleasure to read

Story - The story is something you should really give a chance! And I meant it. There is an adventure, there is romance, there is a unique kind of friendship and there is well more than those. Which you must experience on your own. It is well worth the time to read it. The only thing that knocks it back a bit, though it can be considered a personal thing, is the slow build up. It just takes a bit longer to get into the meat of it.


Characters - There are a lot of leading characters, who are really well done and who are eager to take the lead as the main protagonist. What makes them really stand out is the chemistry the author creates between them. Now, I did mention the slow build up, in a way it is really needed to introduce the reader to who is who. You can love them, you can hate them, but these group of people cannot be ignored and will keep you entertained. 


Grammar - It's really good. Enough said.


Style - The author has a really interesting style of writing. THere is clear indication who's PoV the reader is reading. It starts a bit light-hearted and in the beginning the style could remind you of a coming of age type of novel, however after a few chapters in, you find yourself reading paragraph after paragraph and you have no idea when it all changed. When did this become so good to read and why am I at the latest chapter? The only problem it has is, you guessed it right, the first few chapters. They can feel trying to read because there is so much going on in them. There is too much that needs to be established and there are a lot of people fighting for the spotlight in the same chapter.


Overall - You as a reader might be wondering, what's with this generic review?! And I can tell you straight of the bat: It has to be this way. "Impulsive - Descendants of the Gifted" needs to be experienced, not talked about. There isn't much to tell you, without spoiling the experience. It is a pleasure to sit down with and let go of reality so that you can be sucked into it!


Different, Catchy & Entertaining.

*6 chapters had been released at the time of this review, so this might contain spoilers up to that point.*

In a sentence, amidst the many intense, gore-tinged, violence heavy fantasies, this story is a breath of fresh air. Zac, is that you? (Sorry, bad joke.) Discussing it in terms of the categories listed:

There are certainly some fresh elements to the plot and the author has very aptly insisted that the prologue not be missed, as it provides an opening necessary for the story's base genre, which is fantasy and seems to be tying in well with the latest chapter, 6.

The next couple of chapters are very character-driven and may come off as 'light' to readers used to plot-driven stories. However, considering there are multiple lead characters, I can applaud the writer for establishing and developing each of them in a unique and refined way before jumping into the action, which we first get a glimpse of in chapter 4. Plus, the writing is neat and the dialogue is sharp and snappy, so it manages to keep you interested and entertained throughout.

If you're here solely for the fantasy though, you might have to wait a little because even though the characters use their powers (which are element based, if you're a fan of that) and make references, it is only as of the latest chapter that we have entered the new world.

What really struck me about this story was this nostalgic, old school vibe it gave off. You remember those cool cartoons you watched as a kid? Xialoin Showdown, Jackie Chan Adventures, X-men Evo... it shares a similar vibe. There is also this Shonen element to it, but that might just be because of the impression I got from the illustrations on the cover.

Coming back to the characters, this story has one of the most different, lovable bunch of protagonists I've read about, who seemed to have been designed with a conscious attempt to keep them 3-dimensional. You have a strong-minded female jock, a funny yet insecure artist, a playmaker who sucks at driving and curses in Italian, a book club geek who also happens to be a cheerleader and of course, a musician who already seems to be heading down the 'jerk with a heart of gold' road. I'm ashamed that I like him.

I'd also like to give the writer props for setting some really interesting relationships between them and I'd be ecstatic if the platonic friendship established between two of them manages to stay that way till the end. On the other hand, there is plenty of ship tease for a different pair and it sort of makes me think it's the kind that might've caused a shitstorm on tumblr had this been a popular TV show or something - in case it becomes one in the future, I want to be remembered as someone who shipped it before it became cool. (Take notes, author!)

The author writes in third person omniscient, which I'm not usually a fan off but they are pulling it off well so far. Again, it helps when you want to develop multiple characters. The syntax and grammar is great and it's good to read a story you don't have to mentally correct in terms of language as you read.

Something the author can work on is describing the character's surrounding a little better. While the easy comprehension might strike the fancy of light novel readers, I would have enjoyed a little more detail and scene set-up.

Overall, I think the story definitely deserves a shot. It may or may not be your cup of tea, but hey, you could at least give the writer props for all the work they're putting in with the art and videos. 

I hope this review was helpful to all those who read it.


Great characters, unique world-building!

I'm updating my review to include the latest chapters on the author's request.

The story seems to be about 50% adventure/fantasy and 50% romance/friendship. I personally enjoy the combo and if you do too, you will like this story! I agree with some of the things Mishap420 has written in his/her review, including the old school vibe but it reminds me a bit of Naruto with the focus on bonds. The recent chapters have introduced more of the fantasy world and I think the magic and politics is pretty new. Also some martial arts.

Like I wrote previously, the characters are quite good and I like how we regularly get a peak in each of their minds and their interactions are fun to read. I think there is at least one character that each person could relate to. The writing style is different but I think it flows well and it's easy to get involved in the scenes. The grammar is very good and I didn't find any spelling mistakes.

So bottom line, I think this story is getting better and better with time and is worth a read. Keep it up, author! :)

l nimbus

What i point out in this review, i don't say i malice or to beliitle you as a writer, instead, as a fellow author, i want to see you improve and become successful. So, lets get started.


First off, i liked the story, while it took a bit for me to get into it, ( action freak here ), i could see why all the fans of the genre would like it.  

You have a cast of unique charcaters, each with their own personality and past. ( Zac is a dick for the sake of being a dick, though. )

Yout Grammar is up and above Par for RRL, but does suffer a wee bit from run on sentances. An easy thing to fix.

The style, while not MY favorite, gets the job done. 

And finally, the overall story itslef. there's a damn good opening, and it's slowly deveolping itslef, leaving me wanting more. 


So, Kudos. You've done a good job so far, and i hope to read more of this in the future. 


I’m not big on long reviews so I’ll just agree with like 90% of what the other reviews are telling you and read this book it’s very well written engaging and the chapters are just long enough to leave you wanting more


The YA genre, I feel, has always been a bit oversaturated and full of the same tropes. Good-looking, cool protagonists who are either prodigies or chosen ones with little definable effort. Villains who are either never able to go the distance with their villainy or simply fall into either black or white categories, and even magic systems that either get too complicated or not complicated enough.

But this particular story, Impulsive: Descendants of the Gifted, is a good example of handing often-seen tropes in a charming, accessible and very readable way.

Getting the bad off my chest first, let me start off by saying the story doesn’t have the greatest start. It’s a bit generic, somewhat melodramatic, and the anime-inspired vibes are everywhere.

That being said, there’s enough charm in the writing that once you get past the first few paragraphs, you find yourself wanting to know at least a little bit more about the characters. Then as you finish and move on, a little bit more, and then a little bit more, and so on. That, I think, is the first mark of a good story.

To summarise without spoilers, the story revolves around five teenagers named Sam, Zac, Dylan, Eddy and Rebecca. They lead mostly average school lives, until one day the inadvertantly reveal to each other that they each possess control over one of the five elements; fire, wind, earth, lightning and water. What follows is the revelation that these five children are among a chosen few, destined to save the world of Krymenos from great evil. Mentored by the time-altering wizard Xene, they’re transported to this new fantasy world in effort to stave off the coming disaster.

As far as adventure stories go, especially where magic is involved, I wouldn’t necessairly say Impulsive does anything particularly different or crazy unique.

Not that’s not bad per say. The story isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, and I think that’s part of its strengths. It presents a good story with aspects you might have seen before, but just because it’s familiar doesn’t take away from its merits. There’s definitely a great sense of camaraderie and fun within the main group, with lots of love-hate vibes abound between characters like Zac and Samantha. You find yourself thinking "ugh" and then realize it’s actually entertaining.

I had some minor gripes with Zac in particular at first, since he has some character traits some may find disagreeable where writing is concerned. He fits into his own mold as time goes on, however, and ends up becoming a lot more likable because of it. As for the rest of the main five, everyone has clearly definable traits, but effort is put in to keep them fresh. Everyone will have their preference of course, but the characters are most importantly relatable enough that I imagine each person will find at least one they can invest with.

What I especially appreciate is the author’s attention to combat detail; you never feel like they bulldoze past their opposition, in fact, they’re often struggling against it. It’s a breath of fresh air considering the genre and type of story.

So onto my final verdict: is this is a story worth checking out?

Honestly, I think so. It is a very young-adult-type tale with its anime influences, but I think this story is one of those rare examples that works. It embraces this tone and the writing. Later on in this story, locales and characters become really fleshed out as the story embraces its fantasy roots.

Ultimately it’s up to the reader to judge, but I would say this is probably one of the most accessible, easy to read, and just plain fun stories I’ve checked out in recent memory. Not perfect by any means, but it’s something a lot of people can enjoy, and while that may turn off some, at least I know for sure that the author hit the mark they were going for.

Final score: 4.5/5

Thomas Loud

Check It Out on an Impulse, Stay Without a Thought

Impulsive-DOTG is a fantasy tale that focuses less on its fantastic nature and more on its main characters and how they handle each other and the new world they've been thrust into. And it does this in a spectacular fashion.

Going into a bit more depth, I'll start with style. Impulse is told mostly from the third-person perspective of the five separate main characters: Sam, Dylan, Zac, Rebecca, and Eddy. The word choice used is excellent at divulging the thoughts of all five of these characters and of the side characters that sometimes hold the perspective. The words used also help to create a clear and concise image of the setting and events that occur throughout the story.

When speaking about grammar, all I can really say is that I've noticed no issues at all while reading.

Moving onto the story, my first comments has to be that its general concept isn't too original. Five teenagers who know each other to varying degrees are brought together through their own mutual strangeness before being whisked away to a new world to save it from an evil wizard. Luckily enough for Impulsive, its writer knows how to breathe life into this story and make it not only entertaining but different when compared to its contemporaries. The world that the five protagonists are sent to is Krymenos which has clearly had a lot of time and effort put into its inhabitants and land. Then there is the magic which I find myself rather liking, due to the two principles available being lunar and solar and the different effects that one can get from these classes. And barring a massive info dump right after the five gifted arrived to Krymenos, all lot of this is expressed seamlessly. All of this takes a sorta back seat to the characters themselves and how they react to this world and the problems that it can issue to them. One spot of issue I do find with the story is that the big bad hasn't really done enough on screen to really warrant any reaction from me as of now.

And finally, I get to the characters. The main cast can come off a bit tropey but still manage to be not only realistic but rather entertaining at the same time. I personally don't care too much for relatability, but I find that the main cast can be that as well. Their entertainment factor is only increased once their dynamics with each come into play since they are teenagers and that means that snarkiness and attitude is ripe between them. This is especially true with Zac and Sam. The group's main mentor Xene is also an interesting character who I have a vested interest in. Most of the side character's don't come off as particularly rememberable, but they can be entertaining and tend to serve whatever purpose they have well. There are two characters I will have to withhold judgment on until further notice and that would be Trakan and Fin. These two are to work as antagonists but haven't given any real sense of character that is more than being power hungry.

With all of that said, I would have to recommend a read of Impulsive- Descendants of the Gifted to anyone looking for a great coming of age tale and a fantasy story that doesn't lean to heavy on its fantasy.


Lets get all the praise out of the way first.

Style: This story is wonderfully written. It flows superbly more often than not, chapters zip on by. That being said, its not a fast paced story. Its rather on the other side of the spectrum. While it flows well, its quite the slow trod. I personally enjoy slow build ups so this is a plus in my eyes. It also features a tasty amount of perspective switches. I love this. One pair of eyes is never enough. I adore stories where I can view the world through different lenses. 

Characters: On the subject of different lenses, there are a fair few here. Unlike the usual one to three, there are five main characaters here with healthy amounts of screentime each (what is the novel equivalent? Pagetime?). They are, for the most part, well fleshed out with distinct personalities. Sometimes its overly done. If there personalities were drawn on a venn diagram, the portions that overlapped would be unrealistically small. In my opinion at least. Aside from that nitpick, they're well done and generally likable. The interactions between them are a particular highlight (there's more romance here than you'd assume from the syn). There are some side characters that accompany the main 5 as well, but theres not much to say about them. 

Grammar: I've been reading a lot of badly translated asian novels recently so I'm currently immune to bad grammar. If its present here, I wouldn't know. 


Story: This 100% a personal gripe, but the story feels incredbly inorganic. Its like things are placed exactly in a certain way so they occur in a certain order and characters can do certain things. Now obviously that is the case, this is a hand-crafted story after all, but I don't like it when I can feel it. It's probably my biggest pet peeve as a reader. I hate when things feel contrived just because a story needs to unfold in a particular way. Things like five kids learning they have magic powers and not one of them thought to make a youtube channel. I joke, but only partially. I find it incredibly hard to believe kids in the 21st century would awaken to powers and just think they're weird. There are several other moments like this, where charcaters do or think things that make sense for the plot but seem ridiculous to me. It hampers my enjoyment. That all begin said, I'll reiterate that its 100% a persoal gripe. I'm also not finished catching up so this opinion might change. 

Overall I'd defintely give this a recommendation. 


Awesome And interesting

I read it and i found it interesting i look forward to what will happen next =) keep it up


Decently written, buttttt.

The first things that I like about it. It feels like a decent read but it didn't grip me. With a book it either grips me or it did and this one didn't

It does get some good praise from commenters and I think that it shouldn't be glanced over. I couldn't get into but it doesn't mean that it's bad.

One of the things that got me was that there was a lot of characters that get introduced too early on and the shifting perspectives didn't really do it for me.