Arthur touched the emerald with his hand, thinking of the system, when suddenly a popup box appeared abruptly in front of his vision.
[Initiating Host Support System]
"Welcome, new host. I am your personal Support System, designated with the task of giving you your missions and allowing you access to the main system and its functions. I am also here to help you live as long as possible." said a sweet, cute voice.
Arthur, surprised by the voice, stayed silent for a minute.
"What functions can I access?" Arthur finally asked the system
"Host can access the Status Menu, Skills Menu, Storage, System Shop, and System Help." replied the support system
After seeing his options, Arthur thought, 'What is the System Help for? The system transcends life and death, why would the system need to be fixed? Or does it mean that if I don't understand something, I can ask it a question. But wait, couldn't I just directly ask the support system? Whatever, I will test it out later.' Arthur paused for a moment, 'I wonder what qualifies as a skill too, does everything qualify as a skill or do I need to learn or buy skills from the system. Whatever, I'll explore the system, that usually seems to answer any questions that someone has when playing a game.'
"Open the Status Menu." Arthur told the system
"Opening Status Menu."
[Status Menu]
Name: Arthur Kurogami
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Citizen
Money (Jenny): 0
Title: Guest of the Zoldycks
Age: 10
Talent: Large Nen Reserves
Nen Affinity: Conjuration, Manipulation
"System, open the Shop." Arthur told the system
"Opening System Shop."
[System Shop]
Categories: Weapons, Accessories, Skills, Talent, Bloodline, Misc
'Well now I get to understand what qualifies as a skill at least.' Arthur thought before telling the system, "System open the skills category."
[Skills Shop]
Nen skills, Weapon Skills, Body Skills, Regular Skills, Misc
"System, what is the difference between regular and misc skills?" Arthur decided to ask
"A regular skill is something like math or knowledge of science and different languages. A misc skill is something that either fits into all categories or no categories."
"Ok. Can you open the Nen skills section?"
"Of course, Host."
"Opening Nen Skills Shop."
[Nen Skills Shop]
Basics, Characters, Original
"System, how does the original section work?"
"It creates Nen skills based on different ideas that a user has. For instance, if a user has the idea for a nen skill used to teleport to certain locations, the system will register that skill, assuming that it's a usable nen skill. The reason for this is so that system users can help the next visitor of the world. There will be an original section for every world exclusive skill section in the shop."
"System, open the Skills Menu."
"Of course, Host"
[Skills Menu]
Skills: 0
'Well that's a disappointment, but at least I know how to get a skill.' Arthur thought to himself before asking the system, "System, do I get a beginner package? Usually you get a beginner package in this type of game."
Arthur was hoping to get something from the shop for free.
"Host does indeed get a beginner package for the first world, would you like to open it?" the system replied. Its voice was extremely pleasant to Arthur's ears.
Arthur affirmed his choice, "Yes, I would like to open the package."
"Opening 'Beginner Package'."
[Beginner Package]
Random Skill
1,000,000 Jenny
1,000 System Points
After seeing the beginner package, Arthur felt like an idiot. How could he have forgotten about system points. "System, how many system points do I have now and tell me all the ways to gain system points."
"Host currently has 1,000 system points. There are multiple ways to gain system points. Host can complete system missions, participate in a key event in a world, or create an original technique. You can also point out a flaw in the system and you'll be rewarded with something significant, not just system points."
While thinking of what else that he could do to earn system points, Arthur was interrupted by a knocking on the door.
"Who is it?" Arthur asked
"Its Gotoh, I just wanted to tell you that I placed some clothes in your closet. Also, I will be back in 25 minutes to take you to the dining hall, so you should hurry with your shower." Gotoh said before disappearing. Arthur heard footsteps leaving the room, so he knew that Gotoh had left. It was time he should just take his shower and get ready anyways.
"System, how do I dismiss the window?" arthur asked
"You can dismiss and call upon the system by thinking of it while wearing the emerald necklace. You can also talk to me at any time in your mind." said the support system
Arthur once again felt stupid for not realizing something so simple. Arthur then willed for the system interface to disappear from his sight.
Arthur stepped into the shower that he had left running the entire time before proceeded to wash his jet black hair, shampooing it, and finally using the conditioner. He noticed that his hair was longer, softer, and straighter than it was in his first life. After he finished washing his hair he used the body wash to clean the rest of his body. As he did so he took note of the differences between now and in his first life. In his first life, at 10, he was about 136 cm, but now he was about 150 cm. He was also much more well built and his skin was whiter and softer. His muscles were also much more developed than a regular 10 year old's.
As he was wondering why such changes were made to his body, he realized that it was probably because of the system and the world that he chose to be in. After all, in Hunter x Hunter, there were so many potentially lethal things in this world and he needed to be in peak mental and physical condition if he wanted to survive.
After the initial shock of everything that had happened to him since he died, Arthur finally relaxed enough to think carefully, 'I may have lived a somewhat boring life before, but with a chance like this I am going to live life however I want. Of course though, I am not going to do anything too suicidal. I don't want to die and live in the void forever.'
Arthur finished his shower after 15 minutes of washing and thinking. He stepped out of the shower and turned it off, getting a towel and drying himself off.
Arthur left the bathroom and looked inside of the closet to see the clothes that Gotoh had left for him. He had decided on a gray dress shirt and black dress pants. His shoes were also black in color and his socks were white. Arthur had chosen such clothes because he had wanted to show respect to the Zoldycks for letting him stay as their guest. Immediately after getting dressed he opened the door only to see Gotoh standing in front of him.
"Let's go Arthur sama, they're are expecting you." Goton said.
"Ok, lead the way." Arthur told Gotoh
Gotoh gestured for Arthur to follow him and they walked towards the dining hall.

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