"What do you think they are saying Killua niisan?" Alluka asked. Having waited several minutes for her father and grandfather to return, she was starting to get anxious.
"They're probably debating on what to do with him," Killua said while pointing at Arthur. "To be honest, I think that they should get rid of him. He shouldn't have even been here to begin with."
"Killua niisan, you shouldn't say such mean things about Arthur san. If you don't stop being so mean, I won't play with you anymore. Besides, if Arthur san stays, we can have another person to play with which means that we can play even more than before!" Alluka exclaimed with sparkling excitement in her eyes.
"Fine, I won't be mean to Arthur anymore, but that doesn't mean that I trust or forgive him," Killua grumbled, dissatisfied with the situation.
"Killua san, you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. If you always do, you won't be fit to become an assassin or anything else for that matter." Arthur stated nonchalantly.
"Is that so? What gives you the right to tell me that? You are a nobody. If you want to tell me not to judge someone like that, then you should prove yourself to me in combat. After all, I only respect those who are my equal." Killua told Arthur, clearly upset about all that had happened.
Arthur was not provoked and replied, "Killua san, I can tell that you're upset and if you need to take it out on me, then fine, but you shouldn't look down on someone just because you think you're stronger."
Killua, baffled by the boy's reaction, grumbled some more before Silva and Zeno made their way back into the guest room.
Silva looked at Arthur and told him "Arthur, after a brief meeting between my father, we have decided to let you stay here at the mansion until you can get yourself situated, but we have some conditions for letting you stay here. First, you must keep Alluka and Killua company. Second, you must report to bed by nightfall, and third, you will listen to us as though we were your own family. In other words, we will treat you like our kid and we expect you to treat us like family. Do you understand and agree to those conditions?"
"Yes Silva sama, I wholeheartedly agree to those conditions. Thanks so much for letting me stay in your home, I won't let you down." Arthur replied in a respectful tone, full of both confidence and glee.
"Well then, now that we have decided upon everything, why don't you go and prepare yourself for dinner," Zeno told Arthur before calling for Goton. When Goton arrived, he asked what he was needed for, to which Zeno replied "We need you to escort our new guest and prepare some clothes so that he can be at least presentable at dinner."
"Yes, Master, respected guest, follow me to your new quarters," Goton called while walking towards Arthur's new room. Arthur followed him and they walked for a few minutes before arriving at his room. "welcome to your new room, feel free to call a maid or butler if you need anything."
Arthur gazed at the room in utter amazement. The room's walls were beige and the floor, a dark, walnut colored wood. The bed was easily king sized with gray sheets and white pillows, the blankets were black matching the draping curtains. Arthur saw two doors, he assumed that one was a bathroom while the other was the closet. Arthur moved the curtains aside to peer out the window. The window had a view of the playground and a forest.
Arthur was completely stunned at the beauty and impressiveness of everything he was seeing, the look of amazement plastered onto his face.
"Now if you will excuse me, sir, I have to go fetch you some clothes for dinner."
Arthur snapped back to reality and he realized what had just occurred, his face turned slightly red with embarrassment.
"Of course Goton san, you may go. Also, you can just call me Arthur, calling me Sir and respected guest make me feel uncomfortable." Arthur replied having broken his stupor, embarrassment still evident on his face.
Goton left and Arthur returned to the window to take a moment and think. 'So this is really happening. At first, I thought that it was all just a dream and even after all that, I'm still not 100% sure that this is real, but if this is real, if this is my new life, then I need a plan. I need to decide what I am going to do in this life and I need to be sure of it'. Suddenly, Arthur heard a noise. They were light footsteps... he quickly turned around only to see Alluka smiling brightly at him. Alluka proceeded to speak.
"Hey Arthur san, I just wanted to say hi and I am glad that you are going to stay and play with Killua niisan and I. You know, it can get really boring with just two people. I also wanted to say that you shouldn't worry about Killua niisan, he was just upset and worried about me. He didn't mean any harm. Well, I should get going, you need to get ready after all. Bye Arthur san."
"Ok Alluka chan, thanks for saying hi and telling me all of that. See you at dinner." Arthur replied
After Alluka left, Arthur closed the door and walked into the bathroom.
He was greeted by a huge, white bathtub with water jets and a tv on the wall. To the right of the tub was a shower big enough for 2 adults with room to spare. To his left, he saw a copper sink with a granite top on its sides. By the door next to him, was a closet filled with bathrobes, towels and extra supplies. Arthur took off his clothes, which he then realized were a black, long sleeve shirt, gray pants, and black underwear. He then realized that he was wearing an emerald necklace that had a silver chain.
He knew that this had to be the work of the system. Arthur touched the emerald with his hand while thinking of the system when suddenly, a popup box appeared abruptly in front of his vision.

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